Conservative Compassion?

Here’s a quick little thought for you out there. Most of us, when a colleague suffers a loss, tend to rally around them and offer sympathy and support. One would think that this is a common human trait.

Not, however, on Conservapedia and certainly not where Terry Koeckritz is concerned. No, there they (and he) use it to score points in what is ultimately only the Internet, after all. (Although all conservatives seem to feel they are “under attack”; “surrounded” and “it’s time to fight back”. Hopefully, Obama will start rounding the treasonous little scumbags up and line them up against a wall, like the socialist dictator they claim he is. (I have names and addresses for his storm-troopers, when that happy day dawns).

But I digress.

After one of the sysops suffered from the unfortunate loss of his wife (and for which there was a larger outpouring of sympathy from Rationalwiki than there was from CP, surprise, surprise) some idiot, who really is lower than scum, posted a particularly nasty comment on said sysop’s talk-page. Normally, this could have been reverted (or even “over sighted’ away (see last post for info on that). But not dear old Terry Koeckritz.

Oh, no. What he goes and does is copy it to his user page (which he seems to think is some kind of conservative Mecca, where they can sit at Terry’s feet while he drips pearls of his wisdom into their gaping – or rather, slack-jawed, mouths) arbitrarily blaming it on Rationalwiki (whom he refers to as the vandal site). Of course, he has no proof of this other than the voices in his head (which must whisper constantly about the fact that they would never give him sysop rights when he was a member there). In Terry’s mind, there’s no EBaumsworld, 4chan and gawd knows what else; are all just front organisations for RW (all of which is, of course are headed up by the same 3 people). Terry might just be a little obsessive. He also ignores the fact that the RW’s themselves were equally disgusted by it, because it’s contrary to his paradigm. But our Terry has a point to prove so full steam ahead and damn the sensibilities of anybody else.

He also lies (the bit in the {{ }} brackets) quite openly about why he never “over-sighted” the original edit, saying “The only reason I didn’t oversight it was I discovered it too late, and the Rat’s were already talking about it.” However, that has not stopped him from over sighting everything else in sight, which RW pick up on. The interesting bit, however, is that he claims to have the original sysop’s permission to do that.

Now let’s look at this logically, shall we? I’ve just lost my wife of many years, and I’m quite happy to have a particularly nasty comment about her posted on the user-page of an unknown, loser admin of an unknown (show me a mainstream conservative site that references CP anybody) wiki, to point out an unproven fact about an even smaller (but slightly better known) wiki. And not just that, but on the user page, which… nobody is likely to even see, if they are just browsing (and laughing at) Conservapedia. Even if he did give permission… then eeeuuwwww. Way to honour your dead wife’s legacy, dude.

Actually, given how Terry’s mind works, I wouldn’t mind betting he was behind the original post to start with. Even more interesting is that after blocking the user, Terry, who normally dishes out /16 range blocks at the drop of a hat, only dishes out a tiny /22 – maybe he didn’t want to cut off his main account’s access to CP. Hey, it’s just a conspiracy theory – use it, don’t use it.

A final point – in Terry’s mind, people don’t change. He can even dismiss the sympathy of fellow humans (whoops – he doesn’t see “liberals” as human… nice Christian boy is our Terry), by saying, “One cannot say the most inhumane and vile things about a person hundreds of times, and publicly, then turn around and state they have sympathy for that person, or extend condolences. If you made policy criticism personal, you cannot go back. Trying to do so smacks as the worst kind of deceit.”In other words, if Terry doesn’t like, don’t go to him looking for comfort or sympathy – it just ain’t in his nature. Again, a shining example of a good, fundie Christian (or so he will have us believe!)

Which is all good, because, know this Terry – the day you, or a family member dies, I’m going to dance on your , or their, grave. After all, it’s only what you expect, right, and I wouldn’t want to let you down. A

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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