Right, Andy doesn’t have a beef with Obama

HLV 1990 - Obama & Schlafly circled

HLR 1990 - Obama & Schlafly circled

I mentioned in the past that Andy Schlafly was on the Harvard Law Review at the same time that Barack Obama became its first black president. I’ve also mentioned that Andy also doesn’t seem to like Obama very much. Maybe Andy ran against him and lost (and we all know Andy can bear a grudge… just look at his reaction when Richard Lenski handed him his ass, nicely gift-wrapped), or maybe it’s because Obama is in the White House, several HLR staffers from that time are on his staff… and Andy’s teaching home-schoolers in a New Jersey church basement. His mum must be so proud.

All this meant, of course, was that Andy’s pet encyclopaedia blog could now spawn vicious articles about the then president elect (a trustworthy encyclopaedia, which opens its article on Barack Hussain Obama (because we must mention his “Muslim” name – at least they didn’t go the Coulter route and call him B. Hussain Obama) by saying “allegedly born in Honolulu” and then goes on to list his shortcomings long before getting to the biographical details. However, now that he’s in the White House and *gasp* doing a good job, Conservapedia has really gone overboard, as a glimpse at their latest main page will show – the “news” items, with their photo-shopped Obamas, especially. Of course, all Andy’s little trolls have jumped onto the bandwagon, especially Ohio’s favourite manchild, John Patti  – who is clearly incapable of having an original thought, as he swings from “Obama is Muslim”, to “I’m a teabagger”, to “I’m a Birther”, to “He’s a Commie… no, wait… he’s the Gestapo!” Basically, whatever fad comes along that is anti-Obama, little Johnny boy is leaping aboard. One good thing, is that Ken “I have a million socks on the ‘net” deMyer has also  abandoned his obsession with teh gay and leapt aboard Andy’s ship of morons, and we look forward to him bringing his own special kind of stupidity to the whole mess, thus further discrediting Andy and his blog… if that’s even possible.

I see Ken has actually delivered, with this heap of word salad, complete with quote mining and unrelated images. Now we can sit back and watch him add this all over the place, including the front page, in his feeble SEO attempts.

At a glance, one might think Obama might be worried about this far-right backlash, but you soon realise that it’s the idiots like Andy and CP, Coulter and her ilk and the loonies at WorldNetDaily (ooh boy… Chuck Norris writes opinion pieces for them… that’s gotta be gripping stuff) who are getting hysterical about this and they get laughed off by the remaining sane population.

Couple of cases in point, looking at Obama’s attempts to implement national healthcare… or socialised medicine as the idiots will have you believe. First, we have claims that “If Stephen Hawking was British, NHS would have killed him!” Well, he is British, and still very much alive and quite happy with the NHS, thank you very much. Then you have Sarah Palin calling the NHS “evil”… but really – it is Sarah Palin, after all. ’nuff said. What does Conservapedia do (besides citing fellow wing-nuts like WorldNutDaily and townhall.com as “reliable” sources)? They come up with Obamacare.

Yu vil hab heilth inschuranz!

Yu vil hab heilth inschuranz!

Hilarity ensues once you realise that they can’t decide just what Obamacare is supposed to be. The opening sentence refers to it as “Gestapo care”, thereby failing Godwin’s Law in what must be a record time. However, where it gets really loopy is in the photo-shopped caduceus alongside, they show the Soviet red flag/yellow star, together with a sickle. So, which is it, boys? Is your president a Nazi, or a Commie? Ideologically, he can’t be both, as much as you do want to pin every ill in the world on him.

What makes the whole thing especially stupid is the little picture of a pair of jackboots, with the Python-esque caption. Not only does such a thing perpetuate a silly stereotype, but also has no place whatsoever in something purporting to be a “trustworthy” encyclopaedia. But then again, Andy’s little blog has never aspired to being trustworthy and certainly not to being an encyclopaedia either.

And a little aside to Terry Koeckritz… I know I shouldn’t do this, but it is public info online anyway and frankly I don’t really give a shit about his sensibilities… don’t you think your mum’s financial worries and loss of property to a Republican government, would have been mitigated by national health care? Of course you do, you’re just playing Andy’s game so you can carry on playing your perverted little trolling game.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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8 Responses to Right, Andy doesn’t have a beef with Obama

  1. Toast says:

    Heh! What’s a “grude”? (sorry Psy, I now hwo tyops crepe ni)

  2. cpmonitor says:

    lol! No, thanks for proof-reading for me. I think it was Winnie the Pooh who said, “My spelling is good, but it wobbles and letters end up in the wrong places.” Winnie is my role model. (yes, I have a hunny fetish too).

  3. Pi says:

    If we are proof reading, it is DeMyer.

  4. cpmonitor says:


  5. Pi says:

    I still love that photo. I think what makes it funniest is they way Andy is on the outside at the back trying to lean in so he in not blocked by the guy in front. The whole photo is set up around Obama and Andy is standing on the fringe trying hard, doing whatever he can to be seen, hoping someone notices him. Says it all really.

  6. cpmonitor says:

    I prefer it to the other one (under “dramatis personae”), where Andy is also just about as far as he can get from Obama… although this time it’s Obama on the outside, looking in.
    I’m sure 90% of Andy’s beef with Obama comes from this time. I wonder if he did run for HLR pres and was defeated? I’ve tried looking for info on the 1990 election, but no joy.

    • Pi says:

      Unfortunately most things that involves Obama will be kept secure until after he is president. Then everything about him, seriously everything from his birth certificate to the letters cranks sent him, is taken from it normal place of storage and put into a library.

      This is what the birthers don’t get, it is normal not to be allowed to see the presidents college records or certificates relating to his life. You can seen them the day before and the day after he is president, but not while he is president.

      • Jim says:

        Well, you CAN see the President’s birth certificate. It’s been available on the Internet since *2007*.

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