This’ll end in tears…

Oh dear. User StephenE has been pretty useful on Conservapedia. He’s spent most of his time beetling around, being a good wikignome and correcting many, many spelling and grammatical errors (of which there are MANY) on CP. Does he get thanked for his efforts?

No, of course not. You see, he made the mistake of getting frustrated with all the crap he was coming across and started to express his frustration in his edit comments, such as “VERBS! Sentences need VERBS! Subjects are nice, too.” and more succinctly “Groan”. Obviously the Powers That Be (in that case John Patti and Terry Koeckritz) can’t have that so it’s double team time.

Remember, all Stephen has done is try and improve Conservapedia, for which he gets this from Johnny X-Ray, under the heading “Liberal Correction Comments”:

Can you stop with all the correction comments? If you insist on adding United States Founding fathers, I will have to block you and I have already mentioned it before. It is either American Founding Fathers or America’s Founding Fathers or founding fathers of America. In the future, you would be best to read Essay:Liberal Behavior on Conservapedia. You are guilty of #15 and #20. (Oh that essay is a winner. Expect a post on that any day now. I love how essays are suddenly dictating policy over there.)

Fortunately (or unfortunately for him), Stephen has a backbone and responds,

And you are guilty of poor wiki-behavior in that I have spent quite a bit of time working on articles in dire need of good editing and the least you can do is thank me instead of berating me. Perhaps I was mistaken on the accepted nomenclature re: the Founding Fathers (but at least I know to capitalize the term), and if that was the only problem with your articles you might have more of an argument.

Lovely, but such comments can’t go unpunished, so here comes Terry, who ends off his screed with the delightful, “Insulting Jpatt isn’t going to be a winning strategy, you know….I mean you do know that, right?” Yes folks, Conservapedia admins ARE God over there, thou shalt not question, thou shalt cower in fear and suck their proffered cocks be grateful they haven’t blocked you yet.

Still, I have to admit, I love Stephen, if only for this – possibly his last – reply, “Perhaps, sir: but neither is a belligerent attitude toward editors”

Amazingly, as I conclude, he still hasn’t been blocked and the conversation sent to the memory hole (which is why I have this copy here), but there’s also been no activity for the last 23 minutes since his last comment, so maybe something’s fallen over there again. However, I bet he won’t be there by this time tomorrow, unless Terry and Johnny plan on disrupting cosmic harmony and ending the world pre-rapture by not blocking him.

UPDATE: I just have to admire what an incredible arsehole TK is. Here’s his reply in full (oh, note the invitation to take things off-line again, where he likes to operate, as there are no witnesses.) The bit I’ve highlighted overloaded my irony meter.

Well, can you contain yourself, or should I block you for a day, to at least stop you from moving this to the point of no return? You can feel free to avail yourself of my expert (second only to Professor Ed Poor’s!) and free mediation services…simply drop me a line via email, or IM, both of which are given on my user page.

Terry wouldn’t know mediation (or most other 4 syllable words for that matter) if it came up and kicked him in the nuts. For all his whining about “I’ve unblocked the most editors… yada yada yada”, I’ve yet to see one that he’s unblocked and reversed the sneaky IP range block too.

Yes, this is what a good mediator Terry Koeckritz is, they lying shit. Stephen continues to show some balls and calls Terry out on his insistence on taking things behind the scenes.

I will tone down the edit comments. As for e-mail/IM, one thing which appeals to me about the wiki format is its openness; conversations occurring “off the record” strike me as antithetical to that fundamental idea, so I’ll pass on the invite–anything I want to say, I’ll say here. Finally, if you really feel the need to block me for punitive reasons, so be it, though I would invite you to look at my edit history and find one instance where I made an edit that did not, in intent if not action, seek to improve the content of this project.

To which Terry predictable reply is to lie like the cheap bastard he is, “There is absolutely nothing about a wiki that mandates public conversations about all things, so your statement is false and made up out of whole cloth. Even Wikipedia, implementing Flagged Revisions, knows that! What a silly postulation! Gods speed to you.” and then impose a 5 year block for “Entering into dispute with Administrator, rejecting dispute resolution“… WHAT FUCKING DISPUTE RESOLUTION TERRY, YOU INSIDIOUS TROLL? An offer to take things off-line is not “dispute resolution”. And then the lying skunk adds “Retired” to Stephen’s user page, even though Terry did the “retiring”.

And Conservapedia wonders why they have less than 100 editors… if Andy ever wants to know, he should just look at Terry and John’s block logs.

Update 3: “Professor” Ed Poor goes about reverting Stephen’s corrections, replacing “an Australian political party” with “a political party in Australia”, stripping info (but what else would you expect from Ed) from Pentatonic Scale and the less said about this edit, the better. Way to “Professor”.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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7 Responses to This’ll end in tears…

  1. Nutty Roux says:

    U r siekik.

  2. Former CPer says:

    Stevie is a goner now. Deleted userpage and everything. Uncle Ed is undoing all of the “Founding Father” edits.

  3. cpmonitor says:

    This is a perfect example of Terry’s (and seemingly John’s – but I think he’s just reached that batshit insane “there’s liberals everywhere!” stage) ongoing attempts to drive everybody away from CP. Something to which Andy is blind.

  4. cpmonitor says:

    @Nutty – I keep reading that as “sieklik” (sickly) which has me wondering if you know something I don’t 🙂

  5. Sid says:

    And then Ed reverted several of Stephen’s mainspace edits. Check his contribs, it’s hard to miss at the moment.

  6. Dreaded Walrus says:

    Good work Psy, and I hate to be That Guy, but perhaps come up with some kind of consistency regarding emphasis in quotes and your own comments in quotes? Because right now the first quote in this post has bold + brackets for your comment on it, and then the third quote uses bold for emphasis of a specific bit (which for added confusion also includes brackets at one point).

    Perhaps use square brackets + italics for in-quote comments?

    Otherwise KUTGW. I stumbled across this blog a few weeks back and went back and read all the old posts too. 🙂

  7. cpmonitor says:

    No please, by all means be That Guy… I can only make this better based on comments/suggestions I receive (ah, if only Andy could do the same!), so please point out my errors and mistakes (and yes, I do have a terrible habit of asiding to myself when I write – need to highlight those clearly)

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