Stop the Presses!! Andrew Schlafly Reads Me!!

Wow!! Following on from my post about Andy and his little Bible quiz, I nipped on to CP and posted my answers, for which Andy gave me “about 50%”. Imagine my surprise when I dropped by CP today, and saw this message added (He even links here!):

The person who provided the above answers admits elsewhere that, just as I suggested above, he actually looked up the answers: “And yes, of course I looked up the answers ….”[1] Scoring only about 50% after looking up the answers is awfully pathetic.

His conclusion? “Don’t you dare tell me that you or anybody else on Conservapedia knows them off the top of your head.” Ignorance loves company. Yes, atheists who claim to be learned and well-read are abysmally ignorant about the most influential book ever, and are determined to remain that way. Unless they open their minds and open a Bible, they’ll be just as uninformed twenty years from now.

What I love about it is not just the fact that he replied, but the fact that the sanctimonious git has completely missed the point. “Yes, atheists who claim to be learned and well-read are abysmally ignorant about the most influential book ever, and are determined to remain that way.”

Andy, I’m going to say this very slowly, so you’ll understand… firstly it’s only an “influential book” to people who believe it to be so. Atheists (and Jews and Muslims and Mormons and Moonies… hey! Maybe your two cultist admins – Ed Poor and Dean Slade – should take the quiz!) don’t see it as the be-all-and-end-all that you do.

Secondly, questions about circulation and comparisons with best seller lists have nothing to with – as you say – “opening your mind and opening a Bible.” That is why I say most people cannot answer your silly questions. Most atheists could debate you under the table when it comes to Biblical content… although you do require a deposit before people debate you don’t you? Face it, this is just another little weasel exercise on your part to claim knowledge that you do not have.

I say again – don’t you tell me that you (never mind anybody else) knew those answers off the top of your head. Or are they made up figures, like most of the other number you love to throw around. Either way, you still fail.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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5 Responses to Stop the Presses!! Andrew Schlafly Reads Me!!

  1. Dantius says:

    I thought that Mormons and Moonies still held the bible in regard, just not as much as the Book of Mormon or Sun Myung Moon?

  2. Suspected Replicant says:

    Note that he responded to THAT post and not the one where you take him to task for bitch-slapping a young girl around over her homework answers. He really is a vicious sod isn’t he?

  3. Pi says:

    What I find funny is you looked up the answers and he said that you got about half of them wrong. I suspect that he is actually wrong on a couple of points (I suspect the first English bible one being one of them) and he is marking people based on his own incorrect knowledge.

  4. Dave says:

    Even ignoring the absurd premise that non-Christians would have any reason to amass Bible trivia, I can corroborate, as a practicing Christian, that most Christians wouldn’t know the answers to many of the questions asked. (They’re more like Jeopardy! trivia than like the kinds of things you learn just by doing normal Christian stuff.) Someone could read their Bible every day and attend church every week and be earnestly dedicated to God and have no idea how many copies of the Bible are sold each year, the most common word in the Bible, and historical questions 8-10. The rest is trivia that you’d know if the pastor mentioned it or if you read the intros and footnotes in your study Bible. (The question about who wrote most of the books in the Bible is the only one I would expect people to get overwhelmingly, and they might not get that one if they use a Bible with few notes and mentioning that kind of thing isn’t part of their pastor’s style, or simply if they’re a relatively young Christian.)

    The question about the number of pages in the new testament is demented, since it obviously depends on -the physical size of your Bible-. (The Bible closest at hand has 375, but it’s a heavily annotated study Bible.)

    It’s generally agreed that Luke wrote Acts – it’s certainly the answer that’s repeated to laypeople – but there’s a lot of active debate about who wrote Acts (and who wrote Luke, even), so it’s an odd question to ask for a factual answer to. Then again, I would assume that Andy thinks Luke wrote Acts because it’s what he’s heard the most, and if he knows there’s a debate at all, he’s probably incapable of accepting that there’s any chance that what he thinks might be wrong, so the “right” answer is probably just “Luke”. Andy probably considers this to be an indisputable fact, since it’s what he believes.

    Question nine is the most egregious in my mind. I don’t think most people would even know what it’s referring to. (I assume that it’s a fact that Andy ran across a day or two before putting together the quiz or something. On the other hand, he is a social studies “teacher”.)

    Lastly, I would disagree that atheists (especially in countries where Christianity is the dominant religion) don’t or shouldn’t find the Bible influential, because it clearly is. Even if they don’t subscribe to what it says, it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the most influential (collections of) books every written. That said, the quiz totally misses the point; in an effort to be “hard”, it asks about a bunch of trivia that almost nobody has a reason to care much about, rather than about things that actually make the Bible influential.

  5. cpmonitor says:

    Thanks for the comments everybody. In reply:
    1. Maybe the Moonies do (I plead ignorance on that, but I’m pretty sure Rev Moon has come up with his own version, along with the Holy Handkerchief), but the Mormons have their own Book of Mormon (handed down on gold sheets or something – not 100% sure if they use the Bible too)
    2. Would we expect anything else from Schlafly? After all, if he reacts to it, then it happened, even if Terry does deep burn everything.
    3. I admit the Acts/Paul was a guess and I bombed out on the gospels question (oh and the 10 million is worldwide, not US), but otherwise I think my Google-ing pretty much answered the questions. Andy would probably argue that Old English isn’t English… no Latin, or something.
    4. Thanks for your comments Dave. You make a salient point – most of the questions Schlafly asks have absolutely nothing to do with “opening a Bible” – and you’re right, that question comparing the Bible to best sellers is bizarre. I suppose, as one who has read the Bible, that it is influential, but I suppose it comes down to just how much influence you let it exert on yourself.

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