Control freaks

The wonderful and clever people over at Conservapedia: An Illustrated Guide have done sterling work plotting the gradual demise of Conservapedia and their graphs are a wonderful illustration of how edits are falling, as well as a pretty clear indication of Terry Koeckritz’s attempts to block the entire planet from editing there.

Inspired by their efforts, I thought I’d click on CP’s “Statistics” page and have a look at a couple of numbers myself. It made for interesting reading, especially when compared to several other wikis. For example (as at 09/09/2009):

Active Users (who have edited in the past 7 days):

  • Conservapedia: 72
  • Rationalwiki: 105
  • Wikipedia (the wiki Andrew Schalfly says is “doomed to fail”): 148,009
  • A Storehouse of Knowledge: 34 (not bad for a 3 month old wiki)

So the “Conservative Wikipedia” has less active editors than the site that monitors their craziness. And Schlafly thinks that in five years he’ll be bigger than Wikipedia, given that WP has 3 million pages, to Schlafly’s 31,000? Ha! Not if Terry Koeckritz and John Patti carry on blocking everything that breathes.

However, there’s another interesting aspect to that number of 72 active editors. Under “statistics” there are also 34 administrators, although in fairness, only about 16 are active. (The 34 includes Andy’s 2 kids – Andrew Jr – CollegeRepublican – was sysopped 2 minutes after joining and has made a grand total of 2 edits. Young Phyliss, however, had to wait around for almost 3 years to get there.)

So, there’s basically 1 admin for every 4.5 editors – which would be an ideal ratio in a learning environment (Wikipedia’s is 1:87) if – and that’s a big if – they were there to nurture, encourage and guide editors. Which, of course, they’re not. Admins serve only as Andy’s little storm-troopers, who wield the ban-hammer first and ask questions later, if ever. Their only function is to prevent Andy from having to defend the bullshit statements he makes.

Here’s another quick example of useless they are at actually administering the wiki that Andy has entrusted to them:

  • Merge candidates: 210
  • Articles for Deletion (which has the laughable comment “should be reviewed ASAP”): 30
  • Articles with un-sourced statements (something you’d think important on a “trustworthy encyclopaedia): 253.

In terms of numbers, those might not look large, but when 1% of an encyclopaedia’s entries have queries, well… people start to ask questions. Of course, Terry says that it’s all just a liberal plot to discredit conservatives. But then again, he would say that, because the alternative would involve him having to do some work. Other than cyber stalking and harassing editors, that is.

But back to the admins. So, there’s essentially one block-happy, egotistical goon for every 4 editors. No wonder CP has such a happy editing vibe going on. In addition, there’s another 7 “normal’ editors with blocking rights. Where it gets scary, is that there are 11 admins with the intrusive checkuser (which can look up IP addresses and which gives Terry Koeckritz most of his jollies.) By contrast, WP with its 150,000 editors has 39 – and you only get there through a strenuous process, not at the whim of Andy Schlafly. Go figure.

The final bit – and proof positive that CP really is becoming a Ministry of Truth, so to speak is that they have 8 admins now with the “Oversight” capability – you know, the one that makes edits “vanish” on a wiki, thus allowing Andy and his goons to be even more effecting in censoring anything that doesn’t conform to the World According to Andrew Schlafly.

Control freaks? Yes. Paranoid? Very. Idiots? Beyond question.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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