Lies, Damn Lies and Terry Koeckritz

Ok, I’m going to risk falling foul of Godwin’s Law in my opening sentence, but it was Hitler who said something along the lines of if a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth. However, I think he was referring to lies told to other people. In the case of Conservapedia administrator Terry Koeckritz, however, he appears to believe that no matter how big the lie he tells, and no matter that he’s been found out, he will keep on bleating about how right he is, and how the nasty “liberals” (i.e. everybody who’s seen through his lies) are ganging up on him – a tactic used to great effect by well-known Conservapedia parodist Bugler. Terry is clearly following in his shoes. In fact, looking at just how delusional Terry is at times, one gets the feeling that not only does he build castles in the sky, he moves in and then charges himself rent.

So, let’s illustrate an example here. Just before Christmas (23 December to be precise), Terry uploaded a pretty picture, which he used to decorate his fellow sysops’ talk-pages with a Merry Christmas message (ordinary editors – if there are any left who aren’t parodists that is – are clearly not worthy of Terry’s attention, unless he’s blocking them). Nothing wrong there, even if the image was copyrighted – Conservapedia has no qualms about ignoring copyright, or falsely claiming “fair use” as a cover for their infringements. “Professor” RJ Jensen is a good example of this, claiming “fair use for commentary or parody” but then uses the pictures for neither purpose.

However, our Terry went one step further, claiming that the image he uploaded was “self-made”, (here’s a screencap, because he later deleted the image, although not for the reasons you’d think). when a 2-second Google search clearly shows that this is not the case. He barely even changed the filename. Needless to say, several people commented on this. Now whether or not they were genuine CP editors, or people who signed up to point out his lies is irrelevant. The fact remains they pointed out a blatant lie (and copyright infringement) by a Conservapedia administrator. What was Terry’s reaction? Blush a bit, say “Oops, you caught me” and delete the offending image. Yeah, right. No, instead he runs around blocking those who pointed out his deceit (excerpt from Terry’s block-log for the day. Just on that, I love his block reason “not interested in liberals pointing out where we are “wrong”. This is a conservative project” which basically means they’re happy to be wrong, until a conservative tells them they’re wrong.), reverting (and oversighting) people who raised the issue on his talkpage and eventually deleting the image’s talkpage, citing (falsely, of course) “Deliberate creation of false article; lying”. He could, however, have been speaking about his own actions, of course, but we doubt it.

However, that is all par for the course for a sociopath like Terry Koeckritz and his ilk on Conservapedia. Where it gets really weird, however, is when we move over to Wikipedia (the anti-Christ of the internet, according to Andrew Schlafly) where a discussion arises about whether or not the article on Conservapedia should include mention that administrators ignore, or feel they are above, the Conservapedia Commandments. Actually, it was Terry himself who said it. Imagine everybody’s surprise when Terry popped up, like a rotten apple, to defend Conservapedia. Well, actually all he did was use the same tired argument about RationalWiki being a vandal site. (For which he uses an article in the LA Times as a factual source, happily glossing over the fact that the same article makes CP out to be what it is – a bit of a joke.

Then he made this wonderful statement: “The Commandments guide every Conservapedia user, including Admins.” Ok, so let’s look at these commandments, shall we? Oops! What’s this I see in commandment number 1? “Do not copy from Wikipedia or elsewhere unless it was your original work.” Now, this can mean one of two things. Either admins on CP do ignore the commandments, in which case Terry lied (surprise, surprise!) or he genuinely believes he made that Christmas image he plagiarised. In which case, I think it’s time for this geriatric sociopath to be carted off to the happy farm.

Final point on this. I raised the points above both on Terry’s Wikipedia talkpage and on the Conservapedia talkpage. Instead of making use of the right of reply, he called the comments trolling, and claimed – in true Bugler style – “I’m not on trial here.” Also, the image was deleted, almost immediately after my Wikipedia comments. Even here, the untruthful little weasel couldn’t tell the truth, claiming “duplicated file” for the deletion reason.

All of which goes to show that you do get lies, damn lies and then you get Terry Koeckritz, who’s taken lying to a whole new level. And that, folks, we couldn’t make up.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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2 Responses to Lies, Damn Lies and Terry Koeckritz

  1. Pi says:

    Problem is unless you have sysop right you can never show this happened. Him and Ken are a bit like cats covering their shit, they think that unless you can see it on the surface, it didn’t happen.

    • cpmonitor says:

      True, that’s why capturebot is our friend, to prevent that lying sack of shit oversighting everything. Luckily, he can’t oversight the logs and I think the links provide enough evidence of his shenanigans.

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