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Watching Terry Koeckritz in Action

I have to admit, watching Terry Koeckritz in full flow is truly a thing of beauty. He really is a master of deflecting any criticism of himself, and manages to make it look as if the person questioning him is … Continue reading

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Homosexual Obsession? Part 1

Whilst Ken Demyer is on a one-crazy-man mission to make Conservapedia look even more ridiculous, I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a wander around another of Ken’s (and possibly other CP sysops’)  abiding interests: Homosexuality. And where better … Continue reading

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Ed Poor – Sanctimonious, Disingenuous, Dishonest Idiot

(Yes, I know I called him a Sanctimonious, Disingenuous, Dishonest Asswipe before, but Terry Koeckritz was getting all Harpic about it and was threatening handbags at dawn, so I toned it down a little.) And those are his good qualities. … Continue reading

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Fields Medal Update

Well, the news just in is that a woman didn’t win the Fields Medal, which will no doubt have Andrew Schalfly crowing that “conservative values” triumphed in the end. Oh, but the “communist-trained” Vietnamese guy did… except for the fact … Continue reading

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Misogyny, Racism & Insanity in One Easy Step

Andrew Schlafly really needs to think before he speaks. These days all he seems to do is dig himself deeper in a hole. Ever since he went batshit insane over his former boss at the Harvard Law Review becoming President … Continue reading

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Proof We Can’t Make This Up

Sometimes Conservapedia is just so wonderfully funny and broken that there is absolutely no need for me to make something up about them. Erm… not that I do anyway, of course! Today’s exhibit could well have been the result of … Continue reading

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A Picture Paints a 1000 Words

Or so they say. In that case, allow me to let the picture below answer the questions “Is Ken Demyer seriously deranged?”;  “Is this the kind of writing an encyclopaedia purporting to be “trustworthy” wants its readers to see?” and … Continue reading

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