Watching Terry Koeckritz in Action

I have to admit, watching Terry Koeckritz in full flow is truly a thing of beauty. He really is a master of deflecting any criticism of himself, and manages to make it look as if the person questioning him is a) picking on TK, who is the victim here and b) is somehow flouting the rules and making themselves more important than Andrew Schlafly – something the administrators are seemingly scared of doing. This is, of course, information, that Terry will willingly pass on to Andy, in an attempt to discredit yet another Conservapedia administrator.

Looking at the discussion below, it also becomes very clear just why Terry insists on private exchanges, because that way not only will nobody else see just what a low-down, lying piece of shit he is, but he can also bcc edited highlights to Andy. And believe me, if you’ve ever received an e-mail from this lying sack of shit, Andy has been bcc’d too.

So let’s sit back and watch Terry in full flow, as he tries to defend yet another range block. We’ll see everything from playing the victim, to appealing to Andy’s vanity, to out and out lying and eventually bitchiness and back tom playing the victim. It really is a thing of beauty to behold.

Now when Terry’s behaviour  is questioned, the first thing he does, is go on the defensive, making it appear as if his questioner  is making the most unreasonable demands of him. If they dare to make such an accusation is made on Conservapedia itself, TK will insist that all subsequent communications be via e-mail. Only here, and ideally with others watching, will he play the victim, whilst at the same time, making several counter statements; the sole purpose of which are to deflect attention away from the misdemeanour being questioned.

A good example of this occurs in the Zeuglodon Blues sysop space, where fellow sysop Jallen – herself an Australian – queries yet another IP range block issued by Terry. (see 60/a1ca811e785a46a4.html under the leaked documents, which have Terry Koeckritz’s name on top of them) Actually, this is a good example, because Terry really does spit bile best when dealing with members of the fairer sex.

Jallen: I do not see the point of this block, as TK has explained in the edit summary, it covers a TAFE (technical and further education) institute in a northern QLD city, Mackay. The 65,000 range width would block out prospective editors to the site for quite a substantial time (1 year). I suggest removing this block, and if necessary, reducing the length and the range.

TK: So, Justine… there some new policy, wherein this group passes judgment and approves blocks? Because an entity has a range, you are stating they use all the addresses? This is news to me. Would you care to explain? I am certain everyone here would like to understand you logic…. And please, also, explain who is clamoring there to edit CP, or how you figure they have even heard of it? All we have gotten from that area and its liberal colleges is vandals. But I do await your explanation.

Notice how cleverly Terry hasn’t answered the question? First he inquires by what authority (hint: she doesn’t need one) she’s daring to question his actions. Then he goes on the attack, firing off a number of questions in return. I especially love his “why would Australians want to edit CP anyway” comment. Still, he hasn’t reckoned with the tenacity of Jallen:

Jallen: Please do not counter my query with another question TK. I’m not passing my judgment or approving this block, I’m contesting it. Instead of breaking the rules by reversing your block without discussion, I think that I’ve taken the high path by presenting it to the group. Whenever an admin blocks someone in my area of the world (Australia), I like to check up on who and where has been blocked. From my quick investigation, I have found that the range block does not just cover the Mackay TAFE.

Ooh! Consider the gauntlet thrown. Will Terry man up? Or play the victim? No contest really – Terry whines like a little bitch.

TK: ‘You have already told me several times that you do not trust me. Fair enough, since only Andy’s trust is important to me. But kindly submit here, who else you have publicly questioned as you have done my recent block.” Otherwise, keep it private, or pick up the slack in helping us get rid of the vandals and parodists, instead of thinking of yourself as a self-appointed “monitor”. You are insulting in your arrogance.

By this point, TK is alluding to the fact that Jallen is accusing him in public – the “public” being the other six or seven sysops in the group. He seems to think it unfair, that she called him out in “public” and didn’t accuse any other sysops. Add to that the fact that she’s “already told me several times that you do not trust me” and a clever suck-up to Schlafly (“only Andy’s trust is important to me)” and he’s creating the impression that Jallen is ganging up on him.

But wait, there’s more.

TK then posts a result from the APNIC Whois Database, which appears to support his claim that the IP range in question is not a private network, but one of the Queensland Institute. However, he hasn’t reckoned with the tech-savvy Jallen.

Jallen: You’ve just shot yourself in the foot, TK. The query you present only illustrates from * – 512 IP’s* Sure, that may be the *Mackay Campus*, since that only covers a range of 203.25.140/23 and NOT the /16 range. Your block is of the /16 range which has blocked * to 65000 IPs.*

Then she makes the following request:

Jallen: I suggest unblocking the range and reducing it to 203.25.140/23

Now that seems like a perfectly reasonable request. Actually, remember that it’s a request she made, when you read Terry’s reply below:

TK: You undid my block? Without seeking Andy’s approval? That is against the rules, no? Are you above the rules, Justine?

By this time, you can almost hear Jallen’s teeth grinding together, as Terry once again invokes the image of a displeased Schlafly.

Jallen: No, TK. I have not undone your block, I’m suggesting that you change it. Can you please change it to Please!

Now TK gets really sneaky – or in other words, acts like the deceitful scum-bucket he is. Somebody has dared speak up against him and must be punished. The best way to do that is to show that she is breaking the rules, without Andy’s permission – and of course, TK is just itching to run to Andy and tell him his side of the story.

TK: Hmmmm….I just re-blocked the same IP and range, and it took it. Explain that, please….

But once again, the deceitful one is caught out:

Jallen: The reason why the software took it is because you added the “anonymous users only”, which is effectively a different block.
The reason why I’m pressing this issue is because the range is far too large. You don’t need the /16 range, you only need the range as I pointed out earlier. If I don’t press the issue now and simply resolve it, I’ll likely forget and the 65000 IP’s will be blocked for a year.

I just don’t see how you’re being so reluctant in reversing (and *reducing the range*) of a block that a fellow admin has deemed unnecessary.

That was very clever of TK, he changed the blocking criteria, hoping nobody would notice. However, the evidence is plain for all to see, safely stored away in Conservapedia’s logs:

Now, is he gracious in defeat? Does the Pope admit to buggering altar boys?

TK: You are a being baselessly provocative, Justine. You are acting like a shrill banshee.

Um, no it would appear not. But he does reverse the block, to which Jallen responds,

Jallen: As I’ve been typing this, I’ve noticed on the recent changes that you’ve reversed each block. Thank you.
Now, if you’d like to specifically block the TAFE in Mackay, I’d suggest a block on Anyway, I’m glad that it has been resolved.

But TK isn’t finished yet, oh no. He’s seriously butt-hurt. So he manages to have a final dig, and illustrate that Jallen was deliberately trying to humiliate somebody she doesn’t like in public, instead of mailing him privately, where he could be his obnoxious self. Extra bonus point for the bitchy sarcasm just dripping off this post.

TK: No, little dear….sorry….all you had to do is have some respect, and do this privately. But since you dislike me, and sought to embarrass me, the next time I will not answer you whatsoever. You are not my better, or my boss, you are supposed to be a peer. Sorry you think it is your job to “review” me, and say things like “well you shot yourself in the foot” and the like. It betrays your mean and nasty nature.

Of course, having Terry Koeckritz complain about somebody being mean and nasty is too ironical for words. This complaint coming from a man who once wrote to a fellow Hot or Not sysop

What a stupid old cunt you are. I posted, you half-wit, before Tina, right after Jamie, that I was indeed willing to give it a try. I was gone all day, and come back to you flaming me and others in the poll forum. What a fucking cunt.

Of course, catching TK out at his deceitful games, naturally makes you “mean and nasty” in his book. You’re supposed to be like Andy and look the other way. Or like the remaining craven sysops, who are too shit scared to say anything. Don’t worry boys, I’ll speak up for you. Maybe one day it’ll pay off?

There is more, but it’s really just Terry having the liberal last word and continuing to moan about Jallen – rightfully – undermining his authority. What a pathetic little creature he is.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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5 Responses to Watching Terry Koeckritz in Action

  1. Emulator says:

    Psy, that’s an excellent and accurate analysis of TK, his behaviour and methods. We all know TK is the one with a mean and nasty nature, this shows how he employs his tactics. Kudos to you for spelling it out!

    • cpmonitor says:

      I must admit, I’m glad I found that, because it really does paint him in an accurate light. No wonder he keeps on wanting stuff to be done via private e-mail or IM.

  2. Will Blass says:

    Terry is a great manipulator. He has been damaging CP from the word go, and the Assfly is oblivious to the evidence. I wonder if Terry is a filthy liberal or maybe a libertarian, whatever…. but he’s not a conservative. He wants to keep CP what it is 4 years later: a fruitless project, stuck in the mud.

    • cpmonitor says:

      The ironic thing is that CP – through its own paranoia – has offered him the perfect play ground, so to speak. He can drive editors away at will, and the remaining sysops are too scared of him and Andy to actually say anything. It’s safe to say that he’s done more damage to CP than even Andy – with his bizarre utterances – could do.

  3. A.I. says:

    This is one of the best articles you’ve written. (all of them are good, this one is superior).

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