Curiouser and curiouser

Curious things have been happening lately.

A while back, WCMTU received some information regarding the sexual inclinations of one of Conservapedia’s senior administrators. Now, ordinarily I couldn’t care two stuffs about which way somebody swings. (In fact, I think sex between 2 people is a wonderful thing. Between 5, it’s fantastic!) However, is it pretty much clear from trying to read the turgid mess that forms their many, many articles on the subject of homosexuality, that they see it pretty much as an abomination and that God is not very happy with you. Even Ed poor is on record as quoting his Moonie cult leader calling homosexuals “dung-eating dogs,” without batting an eyelid.

So, now I was curious… as well as cautious. Given the openly anti-homosexual feelings of all the administration group, especially Andrew Schlafly and Ken Demyer, it was hardly likely that whoever this person was had openly declared his homosexuality. Which made his (no, that;s not a clue, there are only men left on Conservapedia) motives for staying on in that environment all the more interesting to me.

Secondly, given that amongst the sysops there lurks such devious characters as Terry Hurlbut – he of Digg Patriots infamy – it was possibly an attempt to catch me out, instigate libel charges, and shut this blog down.

So let me be very clear – I am not going to name names. Any associations you make from the information that follows are entirely yours and I couldn’t possibly comment on them. Also, it isn’t fair to out somebody publicly, no matter just how disagreeable they are. So, I’m not going to. I’m merely going to report the facts as I see them.

So, where to begin?

Well the first teaser was an advert placed on the Adam4Adam dating site. However, I was informed that neither the photo, nor the name, nor even the age quoted on the advert were of the person concerned. So how he explained those away when meeting his dates is a mystery. However, I was informed that if I followed the user name, I would find many accounts, using the same pictures. This I did, and stuck gold; first at, then at Myspace, before coming across the Yahoo group, Gaymarines. Here, a search for a slightly different user-name, brought up the following three ads:

Now, of particular importance is the third ad; the “Looking for tough and nasty Dudes 18 to 25 ONLY” one. I’ve reproduced it below, for one special reason.

When you clicked on the circled user-name (ipleaseu_99), it took you to a Yahoo member’s page, giving the full name of the individual concerned. Moreover, the account was created on 07/01/1999. So we’re not talking a recent attempt at a set-up here.

Armed with this info, I decided to approach the sysop in question, and asked if there was any truth to the allegations. However, besides a thinly veiled warning that blackmail is illegal, there was silence. Even after I had to explain that asking for clarity on a matter does not constitute blackmail. So, I let matters be.

Imagine my surprise, when I returned to Gaymarines and searched for the ipleaseU_99 user-name again, to find the following:

That’s right! The third ad, with the incriminating link has mysteriously vanished. Curiouser and curiouser. Of course, I can understand the guilty party wanting to cover their tracks, but it is amusing that by doing so, they have confirmed my every suspicion.

Of course, nothing will come of this. Andrew Schlafly would never dare admit that he’d let a nasty homosexual slip into his holy of holies, but hopefully there might be a few questions asked behind the scenes. It should also be clear from the dates of the ads that this is not something recent, but that far pre-dates his time as a Conservapedia senior administrator.

And now, all of a sudden, the reasons behind his behaviour on Conservapedia, become a little bit more apparent. Oh yes, I do have a screen-shot of that member page, just in case it should have mysteriously vanished. With a poof.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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20 Responses to Curiouser and curiouser

  1. Tuff 'N Nasty Dude (hung/top) says:

    Message 1749 is still there, it just appears that this person with a very familiar name disassociated the account referenced SO THAT IT NO LONGER SHOWS HIS REAL FUCKING NAME WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE LINK. But I’ve still got screenshots too because I’m a tuff ‘n nasty dude with a major ‘tude. I’ve been told I’m hot and I know it. So yeah, I’m cocky, aggressive, and know I’m a god who should be worshiped. I’m looking for a “total bottom executive” (oh the lies you tell to feel better about having no education, feeling marginalized your whole life, making very little money, and hating yourself for being gay: so so sad) to spoil and serve me. Hit me back, ____.



  2. Depressionman says:

    This is tasteless speculation. You should get a job at The Daily Mail.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Actually, I wouldn’t call three independent sources, plus the actions as illustrated speculation. It might seem as such, because I didn’t go the Daily Mail route and name and shame. I stand by everything written here.

  3. Tommy Kocklover says:

    This makes the team killing ultratroll’s mission clear. Too bad the schlock fly won’t come to his senses, but then again Andy might be a gay, liberal parodist too.

  4. Well I'll be says:

    Turns out [name removed] didn’t remove his homosexual pickup site profile at all. Search Google for “ipleaseu_99” [link removed] and it comes right up [link removed]. NOW make screen shots.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Thanks for that, Wib. I hope you’ll forgive me editing your comment to remove the incriminating stuff. However, updated screen shots have been taken.

  5. Will Blass says:

    It all makes sense now….

  6. A.I. says:

    He is such a strange man. Why pretend to be anti-gay, super-religious and conservative when in actuality he is the opposite – (he lists himself as “agnostic”, and “social drug user” in his profiles). PsyGremlin, you should be a private detective! What else have you uncovered? Enquiring minds want to know. :p

    • cpmonitor says:

      I can’t begin to claim credit for all of this. There are people out there who have been keeping tabs on this individual since his days on another site. In fact, it was his profile on that site that provided the first big clue. The rest was just a matter of joining the dots, as Rob Smith would say.

      I also think that assigning any motive, such as a homosexual agenda, to his actions is to give him too much credit. He trashes on-line communities because that’s what he gets off on. It might also be a source for him to vent his frustration at being bottom in real life.

  7. Painfully obvious says:

    The nature of the comments here make it painfully obvious who the unnamed party is.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Like I said, I couldn’t possibly comment.

    • Well I'll be says:

      When I first saw this stuff I have to say it wasn’t the least bit surprising. It’s just what I always suspected from his online behavior. But, what’s more interesting to me than this person’s behavior in and of itself is why the religious bigots at Conservapedia continue to suffer his presence even after Andy Schlafly himself has caught this person telling huge whoppers and actively subverting Conservapedia from inside and out. How in the world this person managed to pull the wool over Andy Schlafly’s eyes so many times is beyond me. How he has been able to assuage the concerns of Karajou, Ed Poor, and Rob Smith, who all expressed real concerns about this person’s bona fides, is even farther outside my ability to comprehend. If Karajou is asking whether Conservative is KDBuffalo and making stupid pronouncements about how they can rein him in, why isn’t he pursuing the same kind of inquiry about someone against whom there is staggering evidence of bad faith. This guy has been caught lying about enough important shit to raise serious alarm bells. How and why are these fundies blind to what any sensible person can see plain as day?

      • Ned says:

        Well, Mr. Well I’ll be, I believe the reason that they are blind to this is because they’re a bunch of morons.

        • Well I'll be says:

          None of them except maybe Ken and Karajou is a real moron. None has give the least evidence that he’s actually capable of the kind of thought and verbal/written expression I would attribute to a person of higher than average intelligence, but they’re not stupid. I suspect Andy is a lot smarter than he seems, despite his utter and complete ability to debate even the simplest points or express complex ideas clearly. Everyone else seems to be at least on the low end of the average intelligence spectrum, with Karajou, Ken, JPatt and TK trending up from the low end of average and Ed Poor and RobS being somewhere in the middle. No. They’re not morons. Something else is wrong there, and I would say pretty obviously very very wrong if these guys keep hitching their wagons to the third rate child of a second rate political hack who seems to have learned little of value in his years of expensive education at the finest institutions. I wonder if Andy’s just so aloof and clueless to what going on, and strongly resistant to evidence shoved in his face, that he wouldn’t even be able to accommodate the mountain of evidence available without so much cognitive dissonance his brain melts. The others are the puzzle – those clowns have asked about this person directly, made comments directly impugning his bona fides, etc., yet nobody follows up or we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. The guy we’re talking about would have been thrown the heck out of Conservapedia and slinked back to his hole to disappear before reappearing somewhere else nobody cares about, if at all. Yet the questions hang out there. This person has a temper tantrum and calls his colleagues “unchristian” and whatnot. The whole controversy ends without so much as a whimper. I think that more likely than being morons is the CP admin are so Stockholmed by their twisted political ideologies and religious zealotry that they’re suffering a mass delusion
          (I know – there really aren’t enough of them for a “mass” anything) and a guy like the person we’re talking about can swoop right in and take advantage of their sluggish and poorly considered responses to reality. I really can’t think of anything that explains this better.

          • cpmonitor says:

            It’s something that’s been debated a great deal. What it ultimately boils down to is that Andy thinks he’s ok. Somehow, he managed to convince Andy that all his past actions were actually to the benefit of CP. How he did this, goodness knows. As far as the sysops go, only Ed really stands up for him, and his rationale is that he’s “good at blocking vandals.” Of course, these days “vandals” means “everybody,” but it’s too late now. It’s a fairly safe bet, from looking at SDG and TZB stuff, that Karajou, Rob and TerryH dislike him, and Ken only cares about his stuff anyway, but none of them will raise their voice, because Andy has spoken, and they don’t have the backbone to stand up to Andy, as it might jeopardise the only little bit of authority they’ll ever have.
            As for what hold he has over Andy, I can only assume it’s the same as people like Bugler and RodWeathers had – you say the right things, stroke Andy’s ego, and as long as you do that, you’ll do fine.

  8. A.I. says:

    well, if you read a few of the other topics, you may get a better idea. 😀

  9. A.I. says:

    shhh.. not supposed to name names.. Psy will have to edit that out. I don’t think ___ is too concerned, he will just deny it all, as he always does (pathological liar that he is) and say someone is framing him, “faking” screen shots (remember how he claimed his “wishlist” of “Boys Gone Wild” on Amazon was a hoax, right…) he will no doubt blame “RW vandals” even tho his accounts were created long ago, from 1999 to 2002… long before CP or RationalWiki came into existence.

  10. cpmonitor says:

    Ok guys, a couple of ground rules. No naming names, it doesn’t do any good. Sorry I deleted some comments, but it wasn’t possible to edit them safely.
    Ok, one ground rule.
    That said, I’m amazed at just how many people really dislike the individual they think this article is about.

    • meh says:

      Someone should go down to [info removed] old records and find out what his [info removed] injunction was for. Might be related 😉

  11. Centimeter says:

    Well, I suppose people don’t like the person who they think this article is about because the person who they think this article is about has a tendency to screw everyone and everything within a 50 kilometer radius while screaming “DEATH TO MY ENEMIES” from his perch at the wiki project in question.

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