Ha! Ha! Ha!

As reported on RationalWiki:

Impotent Rage Department: With no proles left to abuse on CP, TK stokes an old grudge against the only sysop in recent history to stand up to his cretinism and bullying by replacing his signature for hers on the “welcome” message she left for some random user more than 21 months ago.”

I’ve documented more than enough evidence of just what a woman-hater Terry Koeckritz is, especially when having to deal with them on Conservapedia. Of course, it’s also fairly common knowledge that Terry’s aversion goes beyond the usual misogyny as displayed by Andrew Schalfly and Ed Poor, but this is not the place to talk about his little peccadilloes.

No, it’s safe to say that given Terry’s interactions with former sysop Jallen and long-time editor HSMom, it’s clear that he’s incapable of keeping a civil tongue about him, nor can he swallow his contempt for these breeders. However, there was one fair maiden for whom Terry reserved his most precious bile – JessicaT.

Maybe it was because she was a dirty foreigner, maybe it was because she was liked by the editors and tried to act fairly, maybe it was because she was actually adding encyclopaedic content, instead of foaming at the mouth over Obama. Most likely, however, it was because she – time and again – called him out on his lying, deceit and general bad behaviour; not to mention his tacit support for the parodists Bugler and RodWeathers. Here he constantly sided with them against Jessica and became – even by his usual standards – quite abusive in supporting those who were working to bring Conservapedia down.

One has to ask what his motives were for such vigorous support of two such blatant parodists. But this is neither the place nor the time, but as I know his fellow sysops are too cowardly to raise the question, we’ll leave it for the time being.

So, just how much does TK loathe JessicaT? Well, he’s not above forging posts (something he’s very good at accusing others of doing, to cover his scrawny ass) to remove any trace of her name.

Then again, for somebody used to living a lie as much as Terry is, I can see how having your lies constantly exposed would piss you off. But to bear a grudge for so long?

You really do hate women, don’t you Terry?

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