When is Parody not Parody?

The easy answer is “When it carries Andrew Schlafly’s stamp of approval.” Or any of the Fab Five (or is it Super Six) administrators of the encyclopaedia right-wing hate-blog that is Conservapedia. The most infamous example of this was the so-called “hit list” – a list of U.S. States with Democratic Senators, but Republican Governors. The implication appeared to be that should these Senators meet with an *ahem* untimely end, the Republican Governors would appoint Republican Senators.

Now this page remained on Conservapedia for some time and even achieved credibility by being edited by TWO Conservapedia administrators. It was only after Wonkette highlighted this page and the resulting internet shit-storm that broke out, that the article was deleted for containing “Inappropriate content.” The irony is that the administrator who deleted the article, DeanS, was also one of those who edited – and thus validated – this “inappropriate content.”

Of course, the more you read Conservapedia, the harder it becomes to distinguish parody from facts. I mean, once you’ve been past Andy’s (and his minions’) “Relativity is a liberal plot,” “Obama’s birth name is Barry Soetoro,” “Atheists don’t win the World Cup and don’t build hospitals,” “Belief in black holes could stop people reading the Bible,” “The Bible is too liberal, let me make my own;” you’re basically ready to accept the Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus as the real deal.

So, it’s really not hard to create parody on Conservapedia. The sign of a true master, however, is having your parody endorsed by Andrew Schlafly. Second place would be having one of the other sysops approve it. This excludes Terry Koeckritz, however, as allowing parody to stand is all part of his nefarious plot to undermine CP from within.

There’re a couple more examples I’d like to highlight.

The first is Conservapedia’s article on “Liberal obsession.” This cleverly worded article not only played on Andy’s trend of creating “Liberal {insert noun} ” articles, but also managed to highlight many of the absurd Conservapedia stances, by pretending to list them as items liberals obsess about. Examples include:

  • Obsession over celebrities or Hollywood (as evidenced by Andy’s fixation with “Hollywood values” and young starlets’ breast cancer woes)
  • Obsession on censorship of school prayer (this is Andy’s standard fall back line when losing an argument)
  • Obsessing over Global Warming
  • Obsession over the homosexual agenda

And so the list goes. I guess the logic here is that if it looks like Andy and sounds as crazy as Andy, it must be Andy.

Which brings me neatly to my second point. Now, as with most things, Andy has next to no knowledge of football (For the benefit of the uncivilised, I’m talking soccer) At some point during the year, Andy became dimly aware that something called the World Cup was taking place. Once he’d made sure he wasn’t getting confused with the World Series, he went on to pontificate that atheistic England could only draw with the USA, because God was on their side. Then he went on to say that Ghana beat the USA, thanks to the power of prayer. So it seems God changed sides – fickle bloke, this God fella. Needless to say, Andy’s World Cup commentary – as with most things Andy – went downhill from there.

Now I told you that story, to tell you this one. CP does have a “Soccer” article. There’s a few things you need to note about this. Firstly, courtesy of über-troll, Terry Koeckritz, is that soccer is a“‘socialist” sport. Thereafter, a user by the name of Danq added an entire section entitled “Soccer and socialism” in July 2010. It’s interesting to note that as of 17 December 2010, Danq hasn’t been blocked and may even be a sock of Terry Koeckritz (just sayin’!). Now I’m deliberately leaving the text until last, so you can see just what Andrew Schlafly has put his seal of approval on.

On the 16th December, somebody removed Danq’s content from the soccer article. Not long after, Schalfly reverted that user, with no comment in the edit summary. Shortly after that, Terry Kockritz blocked the editor for “Removal of valid content.” However, that action can be ignored, coming from the biggest troll on Conservapedia.

So, you might be asking yourself, by now, just what has Andrew Schlafly pout his seal of approval on this time? Well, here it is and hopefully you’ll realise after reading that as long as people like Schlafly are on CP, you don’t need parodists.

The nature and rules of soccer very much resemble socialism in many ways:

  • The “no hands” rule can be compared to socialist tax policies.
  • The “off-sides” rule prohibits using certain aggressive (“unfair”) tactics in the game.
  • The game forbids frequent stops, which can be compared to “carbon footprint” efforts to fight supposed global warming.
  • Soccer is very bureaucratic, and teams are very much tied to their countries.
  • The US is often treated unfairly by other nations in the game, one reason being soccer’s lack of popularity in the US – socialism always claimed to favor the absolute will of the majority rather than personal and economic freedom of the individual.
  • The World Cup trophy resembles socialist Hollywood’s Emmy Award.
  • In youth leagues, everyone gets a trophy for their efforts regardless of achievement, and there is no scoring in the game.
  • Even the World Cup encourages “achievement” by holding a third-place game for the two losers in the semifinals.
  • Union strikes, even during the playing season, are a major issue with soccer.
  • Riots caused by “hooligans” – fans of a team which lost a game – often include violent crimes, such as infringement on private property rights.



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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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6 Responses to When is Parody not Parody?

  1. totnesmartin says:

    That soccer list is amazing. I’d do a refutation of it if it didn’t basically refute itself with its absurdities. Just one little one, though: I don’t recall a soccer strike, but there was an American football strike in 1987, and there have been many baseball strikes in the US.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Weren’t the Serie A players threatening a strike this week? I certainly can’t recall the UK teams going on strike – although there were some rumblings when the Premiership was formed. But I could be wrong.

    • Pi says:

      Well the direction of things at the moment there might be a NFL players strike in 2011 and possibly no season. There was of course the 2004-05 NHL lockout (along with 1994-95 and 1992). The MBL 1994-95 strike. The NBA lockout in 1998-99 and another one looming. The list goes on. It seems to me that the USian sports are more “socialistic” according to at least one point.

  2. Robbert says:

    To be fair on them (not sure why I should, but there we are); this is actually one of the few entries on Conservapedia that are properly sourced to other articles, and those articles is where all the nutty stuff comes from. Read them, they’re even better than this. All footie matches invariably end 0-0, hadn’t you heard? It’s like that Liverpool v. Milan CL final never happened…

    But yeah, that union strike thing is hilarious.

  3. Fat Albert says:

    Nice Bill Cosby ref.

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