None so blind…

Oh yes, Happy Holidays, Merry New Year, Yippie Yule and all that jazz. Now on with the show.

As with all things conservative, Andrew Schlafly – and by default, his right-wing hate-blog Conservapedia – doesn’t just toe the party line, he adheres to it with an intensity that often borders on the insane. Actually, more often than not, he veers over the “insane” line, straight into “dangerous wingnut” territory. One such example – ignoring such things as the horror of the Bible replacing “with child” with “pregnant” and “pledged to” with “engaged to” – is the ongoing debate about global warming and climate change.

Firstly, the fact that it’s become such a politicised debate is a crying shame and one for which I sincerely hope world leaders (and the morons cheering them on) will be held accountable one day. There’s a very simple solution to all this: let’s say you impose all the emission restrictions and global warming is false. You’re still benefiting from having a cleaner environment.

Of course, Andy and his ilk believe that the Rapture is coming any day now, so they can rape and pillage all they like. After all, God set man to have dominion over everything, so it’s theirs to fuck up as they see fit. Seems God forgot to mention “responsibility” when he set things up. Thus they will squeal like the rodents they are when it comes to the whole debate about climate change. In this regard, Schlafly is not alone in latching onto the phrase “Global warming” – indeed he clings on with a tenacity that would make a bull terrier blush – happily ignoring the more inclusive term “Climate change.”

Of course, at the root of it is the simple fact that Schlafly – and by implication, his goons, who are to a man too craven to contradict him – doesn’t understand the difference between “climate” and “weather.” So as a public service, because I know Schlafly and his henchmen read this blog, here’s a simple definition of the two. I’m sorry, it doesn’t have pictures, so one of you will have to explain this to Ken Demyer please.

  • Climate: The meteorological conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and wind, that characteristically prevail in a particular region, as observed and measured over a number of years.
  • Weather: What’s happening outside your window at this moment in time.

Now, climate can affect weather, but weather cannot affect climate. And yes, colder weather can be as a result of warmer temperatures elsewhere. However, I don’t expect your minuscule intellects to grasp that subtle point, so I’ll carry on.

Here’s a list of Schlafly (and his hand-picked thugs) mocking the apparent contradictions to global warming, whilst proudly displaying their monumental collective ignorance. Any rational human being, would read the news articles and start thinking “What’s with all this strange weather?” but not Schlafly et al. Oh no, for them it’s all a sign that global warming is just another liberal plot – you know, like healthcare, black holes, the Theory of Relativity and, of course, the Bible.

Warning: All weather-related news headlines are printed as is from CP’s. I take no responsibility for any self inflicted injuries, due to an overload of stupidity.

  • Blizzard hits New Jersey, and the acting Governor declares a state of emergencyGlobal warming???
  • Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina declared states of emergency” as a massive snowstorm sweeps across States that are normally warmer.
  • Bethlehem shines as Europe freezes.”
  • Atlanta will see its “first white Christmas since the Chester Arthur administration” in 1882. Global warming???
  • Global warming? Many Europeans have been unable to get home for Christmas due to cold, severe weather. “Bitterly cold temperatures brought problems in Scandinavia” and “Britain’s aviation regulator said it had written to several airlines about the ‘unacceptable’ failure to properly feed and accommodate stranded passengers.”
  • The lamestream media is not reporting the deadly cold temperatures in the United States, but the press in other nations is not so distorted: “Tuesday Was Coldest Day In Costa Rica In The Last 15 Years,” and it is not even winter yet!
  • A massive snowstorm causes the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium dome to collapseThe NFL was a big supporter of global warming losers in the midterm elections.
  • The first full week of December was the coldest on record for the period from Dec. 3 through Dec. 10” in North Carolina.  How much harm will be caused by liberals falsely pretending that there is global warming?
  • The global warming scare was fun while it lasted, but the joke’s over …. As western Europe shivers to a halt and our energy bills soar through the roof, the time has come when we should all start to get seriously angry with our politicians for being carried away by all this claptrap.”
  • The global warming hoax is deadly, misleading government into being unprepared for a devastating dumping of 32 inches of snow on Buffalo, stranding motorists in the cold for as long as 24 hours.
  • As an unusually early snowfall covers Britain this weekend, new liberal claptrap emerges: pollution is slowing global warming! By the way, global temperatures are only a meagre 0.8 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.
  • Global warming??? Nearly a foot of snow “causes 400 crashes in Minn; 2 die in Wis.”
  • Remember all that talk from liberals about how the Earth is experiencing a rapid warming? The last twelve-months have been the coldest temperatures recorded over the past 12-years.
  • Get this from the liberal Science News: “Global Warming Could Cool Down Northern Temperatures in Winter.”  Translation: it’s getting cooler, so claim that is due to global warming too!

Actually I’ll end off on that last one, because nothing illustrates more clearly what an imbecile this Harvard and Princeton educated engineer and lawyer is. This prize moron will still be bleating “La-la-la I can’t hear you! There’s no global warming!” as the glaciers are coming through his front door.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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  1. P-Foster says:

    Harvard and Princeton, not Columbia.

  2. Will Blass says:

    We miss you Terry!!!

  3. Nah says:

    You should really give credit to Armstrong and Miller, given that you’ve happily ripped off some choice lines from this sketch:

    • cpmonitor says:

      I’ll take your word for it, seeing as I have no idea who these guys are. However, listening to the sketch, it sounds like they use the same conclusions any sane person would make. Oh, and my definition of climate isn’t the same as their. Still, thanks for a fun link.

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