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And so the cover-up begins

Honestly, I swear I’ll never understand just how the minds of those that run Conservapedia work. It’s fairly common knowledge that long-time administrator and de facto leader of Conservapedia, Terry Koeckritz, has passed on. Yet, besides a passing comment in … Continue reading

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Thanks, Conservaleaks

Those with more tech savvy than yours truly, have gone to the incredible effort of not only posting all the previously leaked Conservapedia discussions, but also cleaning them up, labelling them and collating them in alphabetical order, in an easy-to-browse … Continue reading

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He Who Laughs Last

I’ve sat here for ages thinking about how I’m going to word this, as there’s an awful lot that needs to be said and I don’t want to take up too much room saying it. It’s also a post I … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to go through the archives and remove all posts referring directly to the late Terry Koeckritz. After all, there’s no point in demonising the dead and I’m sure Andrew Schlafly and his remaining cohorts will provide plenty to … Continue reading

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End of an Era

Wow, that was quite a surprise this morning – logging on to find that everybody’s favourite internet troll, Terry Koeckritz, has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible, to coin a phrase. At least that should quell the … Continue reading

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Andrew Schlafly, Idiot

Yes, I know, you’re all thinking, “So what’s new?” but it is gratifying when Conservapedia founder and self-proclaimed home-school teacher, Andrew Schlafly opens his mouth and displays his complete and utter ignorance for all to see. If he’s not begging … Continue reading

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Pathetic Parables

This is a silly little thing really, but it does underscore the… well, I’m not sure really – gullibility, rank stupidity maybe? Or maybe the principle that is rife on Conservapedia – why let a few pesky facts get in … Continue reading

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