Andrew Schlafly, Idiot

Yes, I know, you’re all thinking, “So what’s new?” but it is gratifying when Conservapedia founder and self-proclaimed home-school teacher, Andrew Schlafly opens his mouth and displays his complete and utter ignorance for all to see. If he’s not begging some State’s Supreme Court to ignore their constitution because of a “heartfelt” letter George Washington wrote to a family member, then he’s banging on about global warming… or the lack thereof.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere about Andy’s penchant for writing off global warming fears as “liberal claptrap” – his new pet phrase since “Godspeed” and “You’re clueless” went out of fashion. His basic spiel is to say something along the lines of “Ooh, there’s a massive snowstorm in the Midwest today. So much for the liberal claptrap of global warming.”

Now, it’s understandible that Andy has to follow in Mama S’s conservative footsteps, but you’d think he man would have an inkling of how this thing he doesn’t believe in works. After all, he does have an engineering degree from Princeton. Now, the easiest way to describe all this would be as follows:

Warmer weather = warmer seas = more evaporation = more water vapour in air = blown inland by air currents = if it’s hot, you get floods (Queensland); if it’s cold, you get increased snowfall (US & Europe).

Now, before all you techy types start writing me long messages, employing irony, that is the very, very simplified version. I’m trying to phrase it in terms the Conservapedia administrators will understand… although I’ll probably have to resort to pictures for a few of them.

Anyway, long story short, Andy posted yet another “It’s cold, so global warming isn’t happening” story. A soon-to-be-banned user enquired politely is Andy wasn’t confusing “weather” with “climate.” Ok, so he also called Andy’s right-wing hate blog a blog, so he deserved everything coming to him.

This involved local swabbie with anger issues, Brian Macdonald, swaggering over in true Karajou style, blocking the user and instead of addressing the issue, decodes to speak to the dead:

While you’re banned as the troll/vandal you are – and since you like reading blogs – I suggest you try reading this one:

Once again ignoring that Climategate was blown all out of proportion by right-wing fuckheads like Brian. Don’t worry, I’m sure Brian doesn’t mind me calling him a fuckhead (although “forecastle’s bitch” might make him blow a fuse), seeing as he concluded our last little chat by saying that he’d be laughing in heaven, while I burnt in hell. What a nice fuckhead he is.

Not to be outdone, Andy also feels the need to speak to the dead and it’s with his quote that I’ll close off. Because really, you can only let such rank stupidity speak for itself:

“PhineasR”, snowfall is correlated with cold weather, and much snowfall is a counterexample to the liberal claim of dangerous global warming.  Here we observe events and data with an open mind

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4 Responses to Andrew Schlafly, Idiot

  1. EddyP says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to post about a place that experienced record high temperatures and use it as evidence for global warming. Japan was pretty toasty when I went over the summer.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Never mind Japan, it’s pretty damn toasty down here. Not to mention our wettest summer in years.

  2. The ghost of GaryJ says:

    Professor Smeg Ed came in and made exactly that point with the admonition that we should be “scientific” about this, and he’s not the only one.

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