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So everybody’s favourite swabbie and Conservapedia sysop, Karajou, has taken to the blogosphere. It’s always good to see Andy Schlafly and his hand-picked goons venture forth from the safety of Fortress Conservapedia (even if only out of morbid curiosity), and at least it’s a step up from former CP sysop DeanS’s blog, which you could only read if he gave you permission. Clearly Dean was a bit hazy on the concept of a blog.

Sadly, Karajou doesn’t offer us anything that we haven’t already seen on Conservapedia, or in the behind-the-scenes discussions, so helpfully leaked by the late Terry Koeckritz. Which is sad. I was hoping for such insights as just what a Defender of Conservative Values has for breakfast before going forth to smite internet vandals and reporting them to every authority under the sun (My guess is still 30 Texan plain and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20, until proven otherwise). Sadly no. We just get more of the same – incoherent rants about how liberals are to blame for all the ills of the world, interspersed with a creepy tale of him stalking an ex-co-worker.

However, it’s to his most recent post that I must turn my attention. In it, he rants about a discussion between a CP editor, Willminator (who has since suffered the fate of any other person who edits on CP – see my post below) and somebody calling himself Jeff Tavolieri. Now the really funny part of all this, is that Karajou believes that any part of the quoted e-mail, and the subsequent back-and-forth discussions, is real. A quick glance at a couple of choice sentences should make that quite evident.

Let this be a warning to you: I am pro-abortion. I do support population control. I do support letting the weak die (or even helping them die).

I will lie, revise history, cheat, steal and censor to further our goals.

Give it up and get out of America while you still can because nothing will stop us. Do you think you’re going to fight? Do you think we would have any problem using chemical warfare or weapons of mass destruction? Do you think we care if women and children get in the way?

Seriously, just how fucked in the head must you be, to take one ounce of the above as serious? However, Karajou is a very angry and bitter soul, and leaps at every opportunity to compensate for his massive inferiority complex by snarling at the world. In typical Karajou fashion, this involves him issuing a set of instructions to the person involved,

you’re going to get a hold of your local police department and file a report. You’re going to provide evidence that you did receive these threats, as well as provide your boss’s phone number to them as well, so they could corroborate the threat of firing. You’re going to explain to them how they were able to determine your private address, phone number, SSN, and other things after looking at a disposable email account which you now have and are replying to me with. You’re also going to explain to them – as well as a JUDGE – how you got a hold of “discussiongate,

which is nothing new. He does the same thing on Conservapedia, even demanding on one occasion, that an editor go to his local library, track down a certain book, and read the disputed citation back to Karajou. The above quote also highlights a weird, recurring tactic of Karajou’s – he seems convinced that if he hurls around enough insults, somebody at Rationalwiki is going to jump up and sue him. The basic premise behind this seems to be that once in court, Karajou’s lawyer could turn to the claimant and say, “A-ha! But you are a member of Rationalwiki, which has been declared a vandal site in the mainstream media!” (actually no it hasn’t, but it’s a misunderstanding of a media report that the idiots at CP cling to for dear life) thus rendering the claim null and void, and possibly having said claimant clapped in irons for his trouble.

You’d think that given as to how there hasn’t been a single response to any of his demands that action be taken against certain individuals, he’d begin to realise that nobody cares about him, Conservapedia, his silly little blog and his spittle-strewn rants. Certainly not enough to take action, and that goes double for dragging his ass into court.

However, Karajou is a well-balanced individual – he has a massive chip on both shoulders. By this point in his post, he’s worked himself up into a fine old lather and rolls out the same old tired rants and garbage. He claims those who speak up against him are cowards, and that Rationalwiki is a

place called a “trash heap” by one, and “inhabited by thugs” by another. They’re on record as using “cyber-terror tactics” in an effort to remove Conservapedia from the internet; they’re the ones who employ DDoS attacks, major and minor vandalism, links to porn and worse.

Wow. So according to him, two people have said bad things about Rationalwiki. Of course, he provides no proof of these accusations, other than his own delusions. Indeed, Google searches for the terms “trash heap Rationalwiki” and “inhabited by thugs Rationalwiki” bring up no results, in terms of somebody applying the phrase to Rationalwiki itself. There is no proof that Rationalwiki is behind any DDoS attack on CP. In fact, Karajou is himself on record as attributing vandal attacks to the group Anonymous. However, it’s his own raging paranoia, that causes him to attribute all the ills of his world to Rationalwiki. It’s probably also their fault that Conservapedia has no editors, not the sysops’ raging paranoia and itchy block-button fingers.

The “remove Conservapedia from the internet” is another frequent meme used by the sysops, as a means to fuel their own paranoia and inferiority complexes. I think you would find that most people have no problem with the idea of a conservative POV encyclopaedia. What most people have a problem with, is the fact that the rantings of one man, supported by a group of spineless toadies, is masquerading as that conservative encyclopaedia.

This is also the man on record as saying

I’m going to begin a campaign of ignoring RW.  I very rarely look at their silly website, and having looked at it for the last time today I am of the opinion that it’s just a little piece of nothing.

and yet almost immediately upon RW laying into the hideous design and colour combinations used on his blog, updated it’s appearance. One wonders how he knew to do that – coincidence?

Finally, Karajou seems to have no sense of irony, calling people cowards, whilst himself hiding behind the ban-hammer and oversight functions at Conservapedia, and closing comments on his own blog. The little mention “Only a member of this blog may post a comment” appears at the bottom of the page. Of course, even if comments were open, you could bet your ass that anything vaguely critical or questioning, would be deleted as “trolling.” Yes, Karajou’s skin is that thin, that any deviance from his point of view is verboten.

So, my final word on all this: Karajou, it is you who is the coward. Not only that, but you are a bare-faced liar as well. Now, let’s see if you have the balls to respond and defend your claims. Or will you carry on your craven bleating, from behind the secure walls of Conservapedia and your blog? I’m guessing the latter.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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15 Responses to Karajou – A Reply

  1. Pi says:

    Anyone how couldn’t see the intentional irony in JeffT’s letter is a fucking idiot. He has emailed it to every conservative commentator he could think off (not a long list either only the famous/mainstreamy) and none of them have reprinted or relayed it. It says everything they would like it to say, as a result reads like a conservative liberal-strawman. No one but Karajou and his childish fantasies would believe that email was sincere.

  2. Black Pelican says:

    Well well well… what a flammable guy.

  3. Rori Black says:

    Long time lurker here and at RW. Will you be doing a post on Doug Bamford of FB’s Conservapedia fame?

    • cpmonitor says:

      That’s a good point. I had several discussions with Doug on FB, most of them resulting in him going “la la la I can’t hear you,” before eventually giving up. I’m still not convinced that Doug isn’t a parodist, although his inane comments are probably worth writing about, especially as there isn’t much happening on CP these days.

      It’s probably also worth having a look at Terry Chuckarse’s Examiner blog.

  4. Norseman says:

    Excellent reading material! If you really were Kotomi/Jessica (I forget – damn medication!), I’d so kiss you! ❤ ❤ ❤

    If CP were a fortress of censorship and irony, Karajou's blog is an outpost. Much like Jinx's blog, he might as well challenge the world while remaining deaf-mute to any and all response.

    • cpmonitor says:

      lol, no need to kiss me, but if it helps, this is the girl Kotomi’s pics were based on.

  5. The ghost of GaryJ says:

    What’s next CPmojto?

    • cpmonitor says:

      Something that’s probably going to earn me a load of abuse, but I don’t care.

  6. Steve says:

    I want to help Conservapedia but Karajou seems to block anyone he doesn’t like, for no reason, even if the user did not vandalize. http://conservapedia.com/User_talk:Karajou. See these edits that show this clearly: http://conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk%3AKarajou&action=historysubmit&diff=866381&oldid=865006

    Why would someone like Karajou block editors who want to HELP?

    • cpmonitor says:

      I think I see where you made your mistake. “Helping” on CP involves shutting up, minding your own business and writing articles, at least until such time as one of the Subnormal Six happen to dislike something you’ve written or until Ed Poor asks you for your phone number and bra size… I mean a writing plan. Either way, then you’re finished.

      You have to understand that Karajou is the most pathetic of creatures – an Internet bully. His only bit of power lies in being an anonymous thug, hiding behind a ban-hammer on Conservapedia. Any questioning of his actions is an affront to what passes for his manhood and can not be tolerated.

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Conservapedia. Where even genuine (assuming you were a genuine editor) are not match for the raging insecurities of the sysops.

      • Steve says:

        I thought I did mind my own business and help articles. Perhaps CP is not as Godly an enterprise as I thought.

        • cpmonitor says:

          Unless Andrew Sclafly is your god, there’s nothing godly about CP.

          • Steve says:

            I posted on Andrew’s talk page, imploring to reinstate my account, but he deleted the entry and removed its history. I am completely flabbergasted. This is not a Christian community. Perhaps they are all just insane.

  7. Steve says:

    I posted on Andrew’s talk page, imploring to reinstate my account, but he deleted the entry and removed its history. I am completely flabbergasted. This is not a Christian community. Perhaps they are all just insane.

    • cpmonitor says:

      It’s got nothing to do with their religion – no matter how twisted that belief is – and everything to do with a bunch of insecure, paranoid men, too thin skinned to brook any questioning of their questionable actions.

      Maybe you should look at A Storehouse of Knowledge – the Biblical perspective encyclopaedia?

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