Hypocrite Part 2

I’ve mentioned long-time Conservapedia editor Hsmom before, most recently highlighting the abuse she suffered at the hands of the late, but not lamented, Terry Koeckritz, a senior administrator (i.e. hand-picked thug whose sole purpose is to ensure Andrew Schlafly’s bullshit becomes the One and Only True Word of Conservatism) on the site. This basically drove her away from Conservapedia for about 6 months, but she recently made her return.

Now, in a way I don’t blame her for returning. She genuinely cares about what CP could be – being a home schooling mom herself – and keeps trying to make it a better place. Of course, little does she realise that the ignorant madmen running the place have no time or space for CP to be anything other than a vehicle for their own massively inflated egos. After all, CP is the only place where any of them have an actual influence. She’s also been around since March 2007, which must make her easily the longest serving, non-administrator on CP. Actually, given her penchant for pointing out absurdities, or short-comings (such as citations for the “facts” added to some articles) it’s amazing she hasn’t been banned until the entropy death of the universe, like the rest of the thinking world.

Now let’s introduce our second player for this posting. Meet Brian Macdonald, aka Karajou, former swabbie turned Conservapedia thug and a man so bereft of intelligence that he debating style cannot go beyond calling people “cowards” and “liars” (whilst helpfully forgetting that both epitaphs apply to him in spades) and whose sole contribution to Conservapedia (besides blocking everything that moves and demanding that editors read their citations to him) has been wholesale copy/pasting of articles taken from US government sites – most of these are Navy ships and Civil War battles. Indeed, the man has neither the creativity, nor the pride in his work for the site he so faithfully defends, that he cannot even edit the articles himself; to put them in his own words, with citations, so to speak.

No, the most Karajou can handle is CTRL-C; CTRL-V. Probably moving his lips while he does so.

Now there’s a lot of words I can use to describe our favourite swabbie – lazy, dull, bully, thug, liar… but I’m going to stick to one I’ve used before – hypocrite. You might remember last time I used this, he managed to have this blog taken down, because I dared to imply he was a hypocrite for mocking overweight atheists, whilst having close family members who were seriously tubby themselves. Of course, he accused me of lying, that being the extent of his mental faculties, but given his reaction, it’s good to know I did hit a nerve.

So we return to my calling him a hypocrite… again. And here’s why:

Hsmom made the mistake of calling Karajou out on his plagiarism of the Civil War articles. Now two things to note here – Hsmom probably had no idea that Angry Bear (another of the many nicknames Macdonald has earned himself) was the author of said article. Secondly, nobody has been better at spinning the definition of plagiarism that Macdonald and his erstwhile partner in crime, Terry Koeckritz. According to them, “if it’s on a government website, then I can copy/paste it, because my tax money paid for whoever wrote that.” Screw attribution, or just using it as a source for an article you actually write yourself, it’s far easier just to paste the text in, then I can go back to doing what I do best – harassing editors who don’t agree with my “hate everything” worldview.

Now Hsmom quite rightly points out that the offending page (the first of many) has been copied without attribution from the National Parks website, thus making it plagiarism. She doesn’t point fingers, doesn’t accuse anybody, just points out that somebody on Conservapedia is being a dishonest, lazy fucker.

The problem is, is that the lazy fucker in question is Brian Macdonald. Clearly he has the page on his watch list, because it doesn’t take too long before he swaggers over to the talkpage. Now, does he admit that oops, he made a mistake and he’ll sort it out? Does he show any of the Christian remorse that Ed Poor seems to find so important when shitting other editors out? Not on your lift. We’re talking about a man with a chip on both shoulders and an ego that’s inversely proportional to his intellect. You can almost imagine him pounding his chest, spittle splattering on his monitor, as he types, “And you’re not improving it and others like it, why?”

That is so typically Conservapedia. “Shut up, don’t complain, just work on fixing my fuck-ups, unpaid, unappreciated volunteer editor, and if I don’t like what you’ve done, your ass is blocked.” Absolutely no sense of responsibility. Or shame. Or respect. So much for Schlafly’s chivalry. I think the worst part is not so much his reaction to being called on his plagiarism, but rather the fact that he has no qualms with simply copy/pasting information to a site of which he is a senior administrator. So much for pride in your work.

So, taking all the above into account, why am I calling Brian Macdonald a hypocrite (again)?

Well, because we can turn to a conversation our friend had with Hsmom back in 2008, precisely on the subject of plagiarism. It’s worth noting a few a Macdonald’s statements:

  • I agree with you that plagiarism is morally wrong, but I’ve also noticed you placed a lot of similar lines in articles that you’ve identified as plagiarism without even telling us where they came from at all. If it is plagiarism, show us the source so it can be removed. (This she did in her posts to the Civil War pages)
  • If you see something that is plagiarised, and it’s clear that it is, immediately remove it. Go to the talk page, explain what you did and provide the source where it came from.

I’m guessing our swabbie friend either has a short memory, or he forgot to add a little rider to those comments, namely “Unless it’s something that my lazy-ass self has copy/pasted to Conservapedia.”

Either way, hypocrite. Not to mention boor, thug and ignoramus.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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9 Responses to Hypocrite Part 2

  1. MDB says:

    I would suspect she’s never been banned because banning her would be a tacit admission that CP no longer has anything to do with homeschooling and really is just a blog for Andy and his minions.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Good point. I think she’s also a bit like the old DinsdaleP – hold a mirror up to them, ask questions, but don’t step too far out of line so they have an excuse to block you. It’ll take a parodist like TK or Douglas to finally remove her. Then again, the only rights she does have are edit rights (granted in 2007) so clearly they don’t think much of her.

      In fact in the great sysop debate (http://cp.noym.net/f10bbe861e1bb6aedf1e674aba293b1e) they more or less declare her – surprise, surprise – a liberal.

  2. Will Blass says:

    Why do you speak of Terry Koeckritz as if he was a true Conservapedian? I thought it is clear that the “fascist bully” façade was part of his evil plan.

    • cpmonitor says:

      But the very fact that he was allowed to carry on like a fascist bully is an indication of the culture of the site and as such, he fit right in.

      If Karajou’s a true Conservapedian, then Terry certainly was too.

      • Will Blass says:

        Er… it was a façade, wasn’t it?

        • cpmonitor says:

          Not entirely. Terry was a thoroughly horrible person in real life, not just on CP, but witness his actions on HoN or with his family. CP just provided him with a perfect vehicle for him to be his malicious self and yet not stick out.

  3. Pi says:

    Karajerk is too thick to CTRL+C, CTRL+V, he probably uses the right-click menu.

    • cpmonitor says:

      Drop-down menu, surely. Being able to hold the mouse and right click would require opposable thumbs.

  4. 3.95 says:

    good old hsmom. makes sensible edits. how has she lasted this long?

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