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Change, they say, is as good as a holiday. Not that I believe the lyin’ bastards, of course. The only thing that’s as good as a holiday, is another holiday. Preferably involving white beaches, cocktails served in coconuts and a … Continue reading

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This can’t be healthy…

We’ve been referring for some time to the fact that Conservapedia acts as Andrew Schlafly’s personal echo-chamber – a perception that is reinforced by his chorus of mindless, spineless goons, who echo everything he says. Or certainly don’t argue much … Continue reading

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Psst! Karajou! Your slip is showing…

I do so wish Conservapedia sysop Brian Macdonald, aka Karajou, would emerge from his anti-intellectual rabbit hole and update his blog again. I know his ADD has kicked in and he’s busy creating useless stubs on all the world’s birds, … Continue reading

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Man on a Mission

Conservapedia sysop and everybody’s favourite swabbie, Brian Macdonald, aka Karajou, appears to have another bee in his bonnet. These happen now and again and he switches from “block-everything-that-breathes” mode into “Oh-wait-this-can-be-so-much-more-than-an-I-hate-Obama-wingnuts-club” mode and realises the he’s supposed to be working … Continue reading

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Back to the nuttiness

Right, let’s leave the bile of RationalWiki behind for now and wade back into the warmer waters of general nuttiness. I’d like to present today a gentleman by the name of Alexander Cornswalled, who describes himself as a “Midwestern Conservative … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Camping

Well, as 99% of sane people knew all long, the 22nd of May has dawned and it seems as if we’re all still here. I wonder what’s going through Christian preacher Harold Camping’s mind right now. You know, the mad … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering…

… Just how Japanese Game Show insane Conservapedia has become lately, let me present this bit of evidence: Yes, that’s right. George W Bush, the Greatest Thing Since Reagan, the Defender of the American Way of Invading Other Countries, for … Continue reading

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