Whoring yourself

Terry Hurlbut. What can one say about the man? Well, he is – or rather was, but more on that later – Conservapedia’s resident wing-nut when it came to young earth creationism and Teabagger bullshit. This is also the man who believes without a shadow of a doubt that the Flood happened, that all the animals on the ark were vegetarian and lived off breast milk and that the entire would turned into a giant nuclear reactor, during the flood, which is where all the carbon 14 comes from today. And yet, a few people in a wooden boat survived unharmed.

Oh yes, he’s also the self-proclaimed director of the Conservative Bible Project, who was going to translate the original Greek using Google Translate and a pocket dictionary.

And he’s one scary-ass looking bloke too. Seriously.

Terry Hurlbut - Fair use for commentary or parody

Terry Hurlbut (Fair use for commentary)

Those are the kind of eyes that have Idi Amin going, “Whoa, there! You’re a little too intense, buddy.”

Now, I’ve used the past tense to explain his participation on Conservapedia, because it has been a while since he’s actually done anything worthwhile there… “worthwhile” being a subjective term when describing Conservapedia at the best of times. Terry used to save some of his best bullshit for his emissions on Examiner.com, a site which paid its contributors based on page views. Now Terry saw no problem in using Conservapedia as a link farm in whoring out his Examiner blog postings. Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?

What made it even funnier was that Terry uses his own articles not only as sources for front page “news” stories, but also as references in articles he writes. And being a Conservapedia sysop means he can do so with impunity. So much for “Everything you post must be true and verifiable”… and so much for the “Trustworthy” encyclopaedia.

Well, it seems as if everybody’s favourite Mr Scary Eyes has taken things one step further.

He;s joined up with one RoseAnn Salanitri – a fellow Teabagger fruitcake, who looks dangerously atheistic around the hips (Hey! They made it an ideological issue, not me!) – on a new blog, given the grandiose name of “Conservative News and Views.” One can only assume this is something he’s picked up from Andrew Schalfly, in that they presume to be speaking on behalf of the entire conservative movement. Maybe bowel movements, but that’s all. And such broad aims – they plan to write about Accountability, the Constitution, Creationism, Education, Family, the First Amendment, Teabagging (no, not that kind!) and even money matters. The latter is vital – because the dollar is going to collapse any day now, so all the right-wing fuckheads has better buy gold. Strange, wasn’t Glenn Beck also involved in hawking dodgy gold schemes? Hmm… must be a conservative thing.

Now, Terry & Co need visitors to their blog and what better way(in their mind anyway) to do it than to bombard Conservapedia’s main page with crappy news stories, all of which link back to Terry’s new blog and articles written by them. Here’s a few examples:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And here he adds a classic double-down.

There’s so much wrong with this practice, it’s hard to know where to begin.


It’s a blatant slap in the face to Schlafly (assuming he still harbours the notion he’s building an encyclopaedia, of course), because Terry’s actions reduce Schlafly’s main page to nothing more that a blog summary. It’s an abuse of Andy’s trust in Terry – especially when Terry is using Andy’s site to earn money. Using, self-referencing, unchecked, and unquestioned sources casts all sorts of doubts on their claim to be the “Trustworthy Encyclopaedia.”

Then again, it’s not like Andy & Co have ever worried about being trustworthy before.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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  1. Ah, give him a break. At least he hasn’t used a conversation over dinner as a citation.

  2. Huw Powell says:

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    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

  3. WWWWolf says:

    So: Conservapedia is a site that has been vehemently rejected by the mainstream conservatives and Christians. Folks that run the site have come there because they’ve *ahem* had a few problems putting their ideas elsewhere.

    It raises the question: If Andy gets a clue and boots TerryH, where would he go? “Certified to be too scumbaggy for Conservapedia” isn’t exactly a shiny badge…

  4. Will Blass says:


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