The idiocy continues

After that exciting buildup Psy gave (thanks for that), you are probably going to be disappointed to learn that the newest contributor is only that other former dictator of RationalWiki, Pi. I have decided to wade into the world of blogging after some deliberation and Psygremlin was kind enough to open his blog to me. Now the number of spelling and grammar mistakes will grow exponential, but still will never exceed Ken’s latest effort “American Atheists organization and their body weight challenges of leadership”. Ahh Ken, like a clogged artery you will always have a place near my heart.

I was planning a longer first post, but this came up this morning.

Whilst polling has shown that birtherism has nearly halved in the general population, it turns out that amongst the readers of WorldNetDaily it is going strong. Today this manufactroversy once again dominates the top of the main page of WND, as it did the day Osama bin Laden was killed, but today we get a poll “At this point in time, where do you think Barack Obama was born?” To which 68% of respondents chose Kenya. This is down a mear 4 points from the previous 72%.

This is actually rather unsurprising news.

Whilst releasing the birth certificate did settle the question for people who had only casually picked up on the meme that Obama was hiding his true place of birth because the friend of a friend they met at a party told them or that guy in the queue at the grocery story had said something. However, people who have fully sold out to the idea, using as their daily news source a website dedicated to dreaming up ways to profit off a fake story of its own creation, will remain unconvinced as ever and see it as part of a larger conspiracy. It is these people who will ensure that this blog will keep going for a long time.

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Normally known as π on RationalWiki. A mathematics PhD student with an unhealthy interest in politics and religion.
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5 Responses to The idiocy continues

  1. P-Foster says:

    Welcome aboard, Pi. I’d like to see a writing plan.

  2. Refugee says:

    Hi Pi! 😀 hmm…. Psy ‘n Pi. i like it! Welcome aboard.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      That sounds like some sort of weird hippy restaurant 🙂 But indeed, a hearty welcome to Pi and I’m looking forward to what he has to offer.

      Good thing he hasn’t read the part in his contract about “minions” and “floggings”…

  3. Kels says:

    Dammit, I thought it was gonna be Human.

    Okay, who had Pi’s name in the pool?

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