Don’t mess with the Birthers

At this point Jerome Corsi and WorldNetDaily have egg on their faces. After chest-beating about Obama’s birth certificate for years he has finally called their bluff and released it. Rather than retreat they have gone on the attack. The cynic might point out that this is because Obama released his birth certificate only weeks before Corsi was set to release a book full of fantastical ideas such as Obama’s real father was not Barack Hussein Obama Sr. but a young unnamed black man from Kansas. The cynical might also point out that this manufactured issue is the only thing that keeps WND “relevant” and paying the bills. The website seems to be in financial troubles as they regularly have begicles from their managing director. I am going to be generous, I am going to say that Farah and Corsi actually believe this nonsense.

If you cast your minds back to over a year ago you may remember when Orly Taitz had found “Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate”. This was big news for WND they even went as far as to say:

WND was able to obtain other birth certificates from Kenya for purposes of comparison, and the form of the documents appear to be identical.

This turned out to be utter bullshit because the fake was based on an birth certificate from South Australia. Corsi is back visiting this issue again today. His fact checking has not improved one iota. He states that the birth certificate was based on a fake from the “Thebarton Community Hospital, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia”. Now last time I checked Thebarton was not in Queensland. Last time I went out there, which I do semi-frequently as it is home to the best bar in the Southern Hemisphere, it was just outside Adelaide. In fact it reads on the birth certificate Thebarton Community Hospital, Mile End. Mile End is a reference to a unique feature of Adelaide that its parklands confine it to being one square mile, it is also the name of the suburb south of Theberton, both of which are on the western edge of Adelaide.

Other than being a way to continue to embarrass himself again, why has Corsi had this horse exhumed and his best flogging stick taken down from the top of the wardrobe? Because he is going to out the anonymous person who posted the pictures of the fake who goes by the online pseudonym PJ Foggy. He doesn’t even profess to be the person that created it, all he did was post the pictures showing that it was fake and he is about to get dragged across the front page of the internet’s toilet, WorldNetDaily. Why is he doing this? To quote Corsi:

he has played (a role in) interfering with attorney Orly Taitz and others who have brought court cases seeking to contest legally Obama’s eligibility to be president.

That is right, if you send an “attorney” a fake document and they don’t verify it but instead proceed to submit it to a court, you are the one that has fucked up. I know in Corsi’s ideal world you would not have to do any fact checking, but if you are going to be filing Federal Court cases you might want to check that the documents you receive anonymously are real beyond your wish for them to be.

There is no journalistic integrity in tracking down and smearing PJ Foggy. PJ Foggy did nothing more than embarrass Taitz and WND. An embarrassment they could have avoided if either a) they bothered to see things beyond what their fevered imagination would like to be true, or b) weren’t second rate hacks punching above their weight. No, this is a witch hunt. The birthers are wounded and are lashing out. They are trying to stop other people from mocking them by plastering private details about them on the front page of their webshite. It is not going to work.

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  1. A new witness has come forward to offer testimony that President Obama was conceived in a Waikiki nightclub. SHOCKING developments at

  2. April says:

    Good article – interesting!

  3. PsyGremlin says:

    I think it’s also funny that Corsi and WND are going from “We have a number 1 best seller on Amazon” to “oh noes, my book isn’t selling because Amazon have sneakily released one with a similar name and that’s what comes up on the searches…”

    But as you say, WND has hitched its wagon firmly to the birth certificate sage and once that becomes a non-event, they’re going to be left looking stupid. Well, more stupid than usual. Plus you might find they paid for Corsi’s book to be published, so have a vested interest in it selling.

  4. PsyGremlin says:

    I had to laugh at Corsi’s article – first he ends with the ‘Media wishing to interview Jerome Corsi…” like that’s going to happen.

    Then, directly below where he says “Brisbane, Queensland”, the picture clearly shows ‘South Australia.”

    This could be a fun thread to follow s Corsi tries to cover up the fact that he’s a complete numpty.

  5. PWEOTWEB says:

    Birthers remind me of the chart in that episode of Family Guy saying “Average | Retarded | Creationists”. I wonder where we can fit in Birthers on that.

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