From One “Lunatic” to Another

You, Jamesmackenzie, are going to scour the area once known as the Kingdom of Urartu, which now is occupied by eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran, and I don’t care how you do it. You can use Google-Earth or take a jet to do some hiking, but you are going to go over every square foot of that ground before you carry on with your opinion in this website. That is the only way I will accept from you the proof needed that the ark doesn’t exist.

  • Brian Macdonald’s idea of the burden of proof. One can only assume that since he knows the Ark is real, he’s done the same trip and found it.

Way-hey! It seems I’ve trodden on Conservapedia’s resident swabbie’s toes a tad. Enough, in fact, for Brian Macdonald, aka Karajou, to swig back his Mad Dog and fire off a typically bluster-filled – and factually incorrect – posting on his own little blog. Glad to see that my raising of some uncomfortable truths has brought Mr. Anger Management Issues 2011 to yet another vein-popping outburst. Now I know my fellow blogger, Pi, has done an excellent job of responding to Karajou, but seeing as he (Karajou that is, not Pi) still isn’t man enough to open his page for comments and discussion – in typical conservative style – I’ll have to add my own post here.

Of course, when faced with such a towering mishmash of gibbering hatred, it’s hard to know where to start, although the beginning is always the best place. I hope you’ll bear with me – this appears to have turned into quite an epic post, but it’s nice to get the chance to really highlight Brian’s lies and hypocrisy all at once.

That e-mail”

Brian starts of by once again quoting a fantastically over-the-top e-mail that was sent by a parodist, calling himself Jeff Tavolieri, to Conservapedia editor, Willminator, who had a supposed aversion to things liberal that bordered on the hysterical – personally I believe he was just another parodist. The minute he received this mail, he obviously passed it on to the Conservapedia admins, where Karajou fell upon it like a starving dingo on a baby. Let me quote a bit again for you:

“I will lie, revise history, cheat, steal and censor to further our goals. What are you going to do about it? I will stop at no end, but you have to operate within the fictional bounds of your morality.”

Now Brian, bless him, has seized upon this message as fact and proof that the liberals are out to get him. Sadly, it’s actually just proof as to what a sad, old deluded man he actually is – so wrapped up in a cocoon of hate that he’s no longer able to discern fact from fiction. In that respect, of course, he’s just like any other Conservapedia sysop, except Brian wears his hate on his sleeve. Needless to say, by constantly referring back to this – and the fact that Willminator, like anybody else who tires to edit Conservapedia, has been blocked – only serves to call into doubt Brian’s credibility. Not that he has much to start with.

“‘Attacks’ on Conservapedia”

On to the next point. We get the usual “Woe is me! Conservapedia is under attack! Liberals want to destroy us!” Now let me start by saying, that I don’t agree with mindless vandalism, but it’s something EVERY site has to deal with, especially something that can be edited as easily as a wiki… even one with Conservapedia’s paranoid editing policies. I’m also going to say that Conservapedia could have worked and probably had a valid place in the internet… if it hadn’t been run by a bunch of people who are – for all intents and purposes – insane. The slide started with Schlafly’s bizarre and unproven assertion that abortions cause breast cancer. From there is was only a matter of time before the site slide into insanity – by way of such gems as the Lenski affair, Obama is a Muslim-atheist-Kenyan-communist-Maoist-capitalist, “Best” new conservative words, and of course, the shiniest turd of all – the Conservative Bible.

Just to prove what a persecution complex our Brian has, he equates the fact that Conservapedia was caught up in an Internet-wide DDoS attack, with the fact that he drew a rather sad and pathetic cartoon, in which he jumped on the “Atheists are fat! Hur! Hur!” meme of Ken Demyer. Seems our Brian has a very over-inflated opinion of himself.

Strangely, despite all this, Brian is on record as saying:

The recent attacks today are done by people connected with 4channel, a notorious website devoted to internet attacks on anyone.  The IP below is  from Comcast Cable in Logan, Utah, and was used by these three names; I also think it’s the same individual who came in as “CPdefeated” a few minutes before.

Hang on a second… I thought the attacks were committed by liberals, especially those at RationalWiki, with the sole intentions of “destroying” Conservapedia? Good heavens! Could it be that Brian has been caught lying like a cheap rug yet again? Also – who calls it “4channel”?

By this point, Schlafly and his hand-picked goons, including Brian, had not only alienated their supposed target market, they had driven off every editor who tried to work on Conservapedia, leaving behind themselves, several hard-working parodists… and Ken Demyer, who specialises in creating such encyclopaedic content as “Ponies vs. atheism – Ponies win“, “Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?“, “Obese atheists, you can’t run and you can’t hide!” and the wonderful “An atheist trying to stop Christianity” – in which the atheist is depicted as a heroic fireman and Christianity as a destructive fire. Way to go Ken! Of course, you’d be liar and a baby-eating atheist to imply that Conservapedia has become anything but a joke, and is treated by such by the internet.

However, let me digress for a moment, and give Brian some credit. He did at least try and water down the abomination that is Conservapedia’s Barack Obama article, even going as far as to explain his efforts in the secret, admins-only chat rooms (more on these later) and in fairness, the article did at least look reasonable, even if the contents were still bat-shit insane. Needless to say, Schlafly reverted his work, complaining that Brian had dumbed down the article. Brian has also been quite vociferous in his objections to the Conservative Bible. Of course, in neither case has he actually opposed Schlafly, because it’s clearly far more important for Brian to wield authority on a second-rate, back-water blog than actually display integrity or a backbone.

Oh yes, we’re also still waiting for Schlafly’s “record number of visitors” that you so blindly – and idiotically – defended.

“Lies” aka the Ballad of JessicaT

All right then, let’s get down to the meat of the matter.

Lying atheist lunatic thugs... kawaii!

Sadly, from my dealings with Brian, it appears as if “lies” is the only word he knows with which to describe the perceived wrongs against him. He doesn’t posses the mental capabilities to process the information in any other way, which becomes even funnier, when you analyse the web of lies he spins to try and justify his moral indignation.

Now, I’d like to start by saying that yes, posting a screencap of the video (not even a link to the video was posted)  of Brian’s fat kid was out of line and I appreciate the criticism thereof. (You see Brian, some people can take criticism without falling over and frothing at the mouth.) However, I felt it necessary to prove what a pathetic hypocrite Brian is. You see, he became one (or rather a bigger one) the minute he jumped on Ken Demyer’s “Atheists are fat! Hur! Hur!” bandwagon with a cartoon lampooning PZ Myers and evolution. The minute he made weight an ideological issue, all bets were off. Was what I did a dick move? Yes. Was it deserved? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Damn straight.

Oh yes, I’d also like to know just how a video that is a) freely available on YouTube and b) the link thereof was freely e-mailed to me by somebody I knew, can possibly be “stolen.”

Unless you’re a liar like Brian Macdonald, of course.

On to JessicaT. Now here again, it gets a bit strange. And as the only word Brian can conjure up is “liar” I suppose I should say that I guess I did lie that I was a little Japanese girl. The rest was all true – he can’t complain about the user name; after all “JessicaT” as a user name bears as much resemblance to my own name, as “Karajou” does to Brian Macdonald – and at least my user name met Conservapedia’s “use your real first name and initial rule” – something Brian seems to think he’s above. Ok, so now that we’ve clarified that, let’s go back to the weirdness.

For a start, the persecution complex is showing again, as Brian confuses “criticism” with “attacks” – it really is becoming a case of the “fundie who cried wolf” when every time your stupidity, insanity and lies are pointed out, it’s an attack and people are trying to steal your bodily fluids. Here’s a hint: You want me to stop “attacking” you? Then stop acting like such a douche. Or at least learn to tell the truth sometimes.

Jessica’s endorsements by Brian

I think now is a good time to point out that on at least two occasions Brian openly endorsed Jessica for the position of sysop. The first came after I sent the sysops a proposal on how to operate their “abuse desk” more efficiently and fairly (CP’s response, via the creepy Geoffrey Plourde, was to burn and lock the page) , to which he replied:

Kotomi/JessicaT has done everything to be a major, possitive contributer to the site.  Let’s do two things here: listen to what she has suggested above…and maybe make her a sysop?

After that, then-administrator (before he resigned in disgust at Schalfly’s reappointment of Terry Koeckritz) TimS suggested Jessica’s promotion, to which Brian replied:

A big YES!

Now, one has to ask Brian the question that besides my identity, just what lies was it exactly that earned me my promotion? As far as I can tell, it was as the result of good, hard, honest work. Unless… he was supporting me BECAUSE he thought I was a sweet, innocent, attractive Christian Japanese girl. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say that Brian’s frustration comes from the fact that he – along with Ed Poor and Ken Demyer – had a crush on Jessica and he’s now over-compensating drastically, having found out that it was actually a guy he was dreaming about.

Admittedly, he did withdraw his support when he found out that Jessica, as Tokyo Rose, was posting on RW – because in Brian’s eyes, that’s a sin that far outweighs any good work you might do. I wish I hadn’t deleted the mail he sent me, asking me not to post on RW. It was really creepy – something along the lines of me (as Jessica, remember) feeling safe and relaxed in my bath at home, never suspecting that somebody had broken into my house and was about to do terrible things to me. Somehow, this dirty little fantasy of Brian’s serves as an analogy for editing CP and RW at the same time.


Let’s get back to Jessica and Conservaleaks.

Unfortunately, it was a thug who broke into the Google group account…

It’s when I read things such as this that I actually begin to wonder if Brian is on some serious medication, living on another planet, or just a pathological liar. Personally, I incline towards the latter. I wonder just what definition of “thug” and “break in” Brian is using when you consider that a) I was chosen to be a administrator by the other admins, although Schlafly had the final say and b) it was openly discussed that I be invited to join the he Zeuglodon Blues chat room, by none other than Schlafly himself. Given that I had deliberately avoided going the Bugler route of sucking up to Schlafly,  acting like a bully and parroting everything Schlafly said, I earned that promotion based purely on the quality of my edits and contributions to Conservapedia – which were good, solid, accurate contributions. And certainly of a far higher standard that the multitude of empty, useless, bird templates Brian has been creating on Conservapedia.

So, once again, I ask the question: “What actual damage did Jessica cause CP, besides highlight what a dick TK was? I’d like to see a list.” Compared to a Bugler, a RodWeathers or a Terry Koeckritz, little JessicaT was a pillar of the community. Her biggest crime was trying to treat the other editors like human beings.

Ok, so there’s Conservaleaks, which Brian describes as “records of private communication, fun banter, some regular chit-chat, and many discussions of the ways and means of protecting Conservapedia from the thugs that try to damage it.”

Let’s have a look at some of Brian’s “fun banter”, shall we?

There’s another thing we could do: remove on sight any new user who comes in via RIPE in Europe, the Asia-Pacific network, and the Latin America network. We’ve had nothing but trouble from those users.

Brian on Darwin: One side states that he died a Christian; the other states he died an…well…he’s now roasting at 450 degrees since 1882. Which one is valid? Could both accounts be included?

Brian being classy: It was physics – and not God – that created the universe, according to scientist Hawking. Now, I wanted to put my question to him in this fashion on the main page, but it possibly might cause an uproar: “Stephan Hawking says God wasn’t involved in creating the universe; it was physics. Well, Steve, if you know that much about the universe, then try getting out of your wheel chair!”

Still think Brian isn’t bat-shit insane? Try this: This video of the demonstrations in Egypt is pretty interesting, as well as very ominous. At the 1:17 mark something shows up in the video that could either be a reflection of a flag, an image of an individual on horseback deliberately-placed via Photoshop…of it could very well be the first appearance of the “Pale Rider”, aka the Fourth Horseman of Revelation. To me, this is just more evidence – rider or not – that Jesus is coming back with the next few years.

These are just a few examples, further reading can be done here, here, here, here and here. Certainly, if this was the kind of hate-filled, mindless drivel I was spouting, I’d also be embarrassed to have it aired in public. Conversely, I saw it as my duty to highlight just what kind of people are running a site that purports to be “family friendly” and geared towards educating children.

But back to the “thugs breaking in” – I have one simple question for Brian. Even if I did act without the collusion of long-term parodist and troll Terry Koeckritz, just how exactly can you explain how the contents of the Special Discussion Group, The Zeuglodon Blues (post Jessica), the Fab Five, or the Conservapedia Group were leaked, seeing as I was never a member of those groups.

I know it must hurt when you realise that I was right all along when it came to the late, great Terry (as I was with Bugler and RodWeathers) and I know no Conservapedia admin is man enough to admit they were hoodwinked, but to resort to such pathetic lies to cover your ass? Really, you disappoint me.

Anyway, I think I’ve carried on long enough poking holes in Brian’s sad, pathetic bluster. Once again, he isn’t man enough to open his page to comments. Then again, given the picture of the tissues of lies and delusions this man weaves around him, actually commentating on his page wouldn’t help.

I do hope that’s clear enough for a little man like him to understand.

PS: It’s also worth noting that Brian deleted and locked his talk page on Conservapedia on the 25th of June, using the excuse that he’s “on vacation.” However, he’s carried on editing uninterrupted on Conservapedia and found time to write his love-letter to moi.

I think it’s less a case of somebody being on vacation and more a case of him lacking a spine.

PPS: It’s “Psy-cho” if you’re trying to make a point, Brian. Sheesh. “Psy-co” makes me sound like a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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  1. Pi says:

    Still it is nice to see he is taking a vacation.

  2. Genghis says:

    The only things Karajou appears to have vacated are his senses.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      The funniest bit is that nothing he rants about is new – the most recent complaint he has is probably at least 3 months old.

      It’s almost as if he’s been sitting brooding in impotent rage, slugging back the Mad Dog 20/20, until he eventually builds up enough steam to vent his real and perceived slights.

  3. Norseman says:

    That girl is so kawaii! ❤

    Actually sounds like Karajou had a thing for JessicaT (BASTARD! SHE'S MINE!) and he felt so betrayed, everything about her has now become fuel for the fire of his rage. I mean, he was all about promoting her, and now he can't even give any details as of what "damage" JessicaT has done to Conservapedia.

    "It was really creepy – something along the lines of me (as Jessica, remember) feeling safe and relaxed in my bath at home, never suspecting that somebody had broken into my house and was about to do terrible things to me." – Awww yeah, do want moar. :3

  4. brxbrx says:

    4channel, lol

    that’s precious

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