If you throw him a penny he might sing a different tune

The funniest part of Karajou’s new blog post is that the title applies to him as much as anyone. Hell, he should rename his blog that.

Karajou’s post covers three trivial things:

  1. I have this email where a liberal says bad things.
  2. People don’t like Conservapedia.
  3. Psygremlin has said mean things about me.

I am not going to defend all of Psy’s actions, posting the video of Karajou’s kid was low and WordPress quite rightly asked for the post to be removed. I don’t know all the ins and outs of what Psy has done on Conservapedia either, I have not spoken to him about them. I did know before he was blocked that he was JessicaT, but he is far from the first guy to pretend to be a woman on the internet. Despite having the opportunity to do so in his post, Karajou still has not produced the list of alleged damage Psygremlin is supposed to have done to Conservapedia. As Kotomi/Jessica, he added material to Conservapedia, all of it irrelevant as far as Conservapedia is concerned as it didn’t expose atheists as fat or rewriting movie dialogue in the form of political fantasies.

Now we get to the log in Karajou’s eye. He accuses Psy of being obsessed with Consevapedia. Psy does take a lot of interest in the happenings at Conservapedia, but is that any less healthy than obsessing over a bunch of overly muscled men hitting each other? Or less healthy than discussing what fictional characters are up to on a TV sitcom? Or the celebrities that portray them? Most people have some such triviality they are interested in. However take a look through the ConservaLeaks link Karajou provided. He himself is obsessed with RationalWiki. Not only did he change the design of his blog every time I commented on WIGO talk that I had trouble reading it, he regularly shares with the sysops his fantasies about RationalWiki.

I have come to the conclusion that if a court case happens, it will be started by them. They will file the papers; they will make the complaints, and it will be based in slander and libel. Because they will be the plaintiffs, they will have to bring to a judge probable cause as to why a trial should occur. And they will also have to explain to that judge as to why they felt they had a right to do what they did to our site. I challenged AmesG to do that very thing a few weeks ago. When he demanded I stop slandering him after I made a block with his name on it, I said “If it’s slander, make the most of it!”

So, here’s my idea for the article…

First, we do the history of RW as we know it, how it was created and by whom.

Second, we do an analysis of what they actually accomplished as far as what their stated intention is as posted on their main page, to wit: do they refute the anti-science movement successfully? As far as I’m concerned, their pages aren’t even valuable to a five-year-old, let alone anyone in main stream science. Even that idiot Richard Dawkins – who they actually contacted on his forum – won’t put a link to them on his website.

Third, we describe their hostility against Conservapedia, Creation Wiki, and other websites and blogs that they do not agree with, but we do it using the First Amendment clauses on religion, speech, and assembly. We want to show the readers that they are just another whiney bunch of liberals who hate the thought of Christians and conservatives in their midst. This includes the cyber-terror tactics they admitted to.

Fourth, we get, upload, and include various RW screen shots to support our point; they cannot be links. They have restored the Flippin letter, and we can get that. But we do not tag these images as well; we do not put information as to their origin, copyright status, etc. Just the words “fair use” is all that is needed. My guess is that Trent will be in denial mode again, but will be forced to admit everything to a judge should it go to court. And if it is going to court, I think it’s a good idea to have Trent and his buddies pay for everything to get the thing started. After all, why should we?

Any thoughts?

Yes, get help. Sometimes he is a little more modest:

Question: Can a “cease and desist” order be filed within the cities of New York and Toronto against the law firm employing Grawert, and against McMaster University hosting Toulouse?

His paranoia over RationalWiki is hilarious to read, he attributes every bad MySQL call he gets as part of some vandalism spree we are alleged to be carrying out.

Then there is the email that is suppose to expose the true agenda of liberals. He sent it to every conservative commentator he can find and none of them have repeated it. Why? I would guess that it is because everyone but Karajou can see it as a satire. This email says everything Karajou would like to believe about liberals, it is all there, destroying Christianity, lying, stealing, immorality, everything he wanted to hear. That should have been his first tip off that it was not sincere.

Karajou ends his post by stamping his feet about how he is not going to open up commenting on his blog. That is his loss. He will never build a blog with a respectable following without commenting, the same way Conservapedia failed to be an encyclopedia without editors. So go ahead Karajou, keep making one post a month on the same old tired done to death stories about the liberal assaults that exists only in your mind.

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11 Responses to If you throw him a penny he might sing a different tune

  1. Refugee says:

    Hey! He quoted me – from this blog. I’m famous… lol. I found KJ’s blog post interesting, it’s always enlightening to see how someone else views something. However, I cannot agree with him when he says about members of RW: “they even resorted to extortion, threats, harassment, and cyber-terrorism”. Certainly not. The person who is known for this was their very own CP-Sysop, TK. He constantly threatened and harassed people, and on more than one occasion, even tracked down personal information about an RW member and called them at work.

    • Kels says:

      Yeah, every time I’ve seen someone on RW try to post stuff about people’s families, addresses, and other stuff that can be found about them on Google, the response has been “Not cool, dude”. There’s not a culture there that really approves of that kinda stalking, and it’s pretty much always done by someone Unclear On The Concept.

  2. Refugee says:

    The second statemnt I disagree with is about Conservaleaks, Karajou says: “it was a thug who broke into the Google group account and posted it out in the open” No, not true. TK had been passing along info from the very beginning. How conveniently Karajou forgets that TK maliciously opened their first private group to everyone when he was removed as a sysop by ASchlafly. TK deleted all the other CP Sysops as “group owners”, leaving himself as the sole person who could change readability, then added RW members. At the time, fellow CP-sysop TerryH was going to bring legal action against TK for making his private info public. TK laughed about this, he got enjoyment from it. This behavior was a pattern for TK. So for Karajou to think someone broke into the google group – No. It was TK who provided the info.

  3. Refugee says:

    The 3rd statement I have to refute: “it was on his site (this site) that he was forced to remove stolen video of my son.” No again. Not stolen. TK passed along that link to your son’s video on the day you sent it to the CP Sysops long ago. And Psy didn’t post the video, just a screen shot. So wrong, on so many counts. I do think KJ’s Popeye icon is cute though. lol.

    And finally, Jessica/Kotomi’s contributions to CP were really good, high quality and informative. She (or he) was the best thing to happen to CP in a long time.

  4. Pi says:

    As a reply to all three. It is hard to tell if a) Karajou hasn’t got his facts straight, b) is so twisted up in hate against RationalWiki that he believes his story to be true, or c) doesn’t care if it is true or not and will lie anyway. I am leaning towards b).

  5. PsyGremlin says:

    Lol, I was wondering when Karajou would “man up” and spout his usual bile – glad to see he hasn’t disappointed. If Pi doesn’t mind, I might just do my own post here, to refute the swabbie.

    Just at a glance I can see it’s full of his usual bull-shit. This should be fun.

  6. Norseman says:

    It’s amazing how Karajou encourages people to read the Conservaleaks, then goes on about how hateful and damaging the users from RW have been. He has fantasies of taking the cabal (THERE IS NO CABAL!) to court and winning, or disrupting their lives outside the internet, while trying to act as the victim because some anonymous person says he’ll take a dump on CP? Oh, man, the irony is delicious here.

    Imagine Andy, Karajou, zombie TK, Ken, Ed, and TerryH taking dumps on CP in public for all to see, when some random guy comes by and threatens to draw smiley faces in their gigantic pile of shit. That vague threat somehow rustles Karajou’s jimmies

    Now after being told to man up (didn’t I say that?), he makes a post on his blog, while simultaneously locking his doors and windows, shutting the blinds/curtains, and turning off the lights. Brilliant!

    U mad? U mad, bro? O yea, u mad.

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