Is WorldNetDaily long for this world?

I haven’t blogged here in a few weeks, and my other blog is still born, because I have been occupying myself with that working thing that gets me the money to do that eating thing I enjoy so much. Also beer, more beer than food really. It is through the great gracious benevolence of WordPress (and Psy) that this blog exists and that I may type on it at no expense to myself. Whilst speech maybe free, microphones aren’t.

However all is not well in Wingnutopia either.
Regular readers of WorldNetDaily would notice that from time to time David Kupelian, the managing editor of WorldNetDaily, will pop up and ask for people to subscribe to WorldNetDaily’s main money making arm Whistleblower, a hard-form, hard-right magazine written by the journalists of WND. He was back at it the other day. What took me by surprise is that he has only had two articles since his last beg in December last year. The begathons are fairly typical, discount subscriptions, other products WND produces thrown in as free gifts, nothing that would not do your average infomercial proud.

Not long after Kupelian’s last begictle, WorldNetWeekly was launched. All the shit you could get for free repackaged into a weekly email. No printing costs, no original content, nearly pure money in the bank (I assume someone gets paid to edit this).

Now I don’t want to beat on WorldNetDaily because running a website as popular as theirs is going to be costly and providing news content is their business. I suspect that most of the hits to WND are probably gawkers looking for better free laughs than The Onion can provide, so those hits aren’t being translated into revenue. However some of their money making techniques are a little questionable and there has been questions hanging over WND from the start on where the money to found the website came from. They have direct donations, again I have no problem with this as there are multiple ways to fund a website and asking the users for donations is one of the better ones.

On the other hand there is also the rehashed birth certificate campaign and the legal defense fund.

The legal defense fund has some merit, lawsuits are costly, but at the end of the trial, if WND is successful, they have the opportunity to recuperate legal fees and so this will be money in the bank. They claim never to have lost a law suit, this is true, they settle out of court. They are now on the attack, suing Esquire for US$120 million. Both amounts of money are ridiculous and I doubt WND payed out anywhere near $165 million and are undeserving of $120 million because they would not make nearly that much money in order to have lost that from the satirical article.

The billboard campaign is tacky. I have hinted before my suspicions that WND maintains this farce as a means to remain relevant, similar to what Farah did with the Western Journalism Center and Vince Foster’s suicide, only this time for profit. The billboards effectively act as free advertising for WND. Getting your deluded readers to pay for your own advertising under the guise of political activism? Genius.

But there are darker days ahead for WND. A new conservative news website is on the rise. No, not that poorly coded mess. Glenn Beck. Beck has just parted ways with Fox News after they called his bluff and refused to pay him what he was asking, knowing full well none of the other networks will touch him. Beck has recently rented WND’s email list to spam them his new online GBTV. With name recognition and a sleek new website Beck will be stealing WNDs genuine readership soon. The always questionable Alexa has WND ahead on hits for now, but that gap is closing. Beck will also have the ability to draw larger direct sponsorships instead of having to rely on the online advertising companies WND does, which fills the screens so full of little flashing ads that opening the main page nearly causes epileptic fits.

So what does the future have install for WND? I for one hope that it keeps going. There is no greater source of inanity on the web, Conservapedia doesn’t really come close. Also if CP were to close down most of the sysops would find another place on the web to keep smearing their fæces. Who on the other hand would give Jerome Corsi another job? I echo the sentiments of Ed Brayton:

I really should send Joseph Farah a gift for putting together a publication that goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide me with maximum fodder for this blog.

It is time to support WND. I myself have purchased this lovely back issue of Whistleblower. I can’t wait to read all about the big issues in science written by such luminaries as Corsi, Farah, Jack Cashill, and Alan Keyes. Why would I want to subscribe to New Scientist after that? I ask you all to join me in buying a piece of tat from the WND Superstore and keep this train wreak going.

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  1. PsyGremlin says:

    I think 2 things will influence WND – their continued birtherism could drive away all but the most wingnut of wingnuts, and the loss (with costs) or dismissal of their court case.

    WND had a following while Beck was on high-profile Fox. I’m not sure if his new site will make a big difference, but it’ll be interesting to see. It might also result in WND becoming ever-more crazy to continue to reach their ever-more wingnut audience.

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