Scum, all scum.

I honestly don’t know what is going on with Americans these days. There seems to be this vast seething mass of intolerance and hatred, fuelled by rampant stupidity and ignorance. It doesn’t help when you have morons (or is it Mormons) like Glenn Beck comparing the victims of the Norwegian tragedy to the Hitler Youth.

You also have the dribbling rabid right, such as Hammond Hank, who manages to come up with such delightful comments on the World Net Daily forums as:

Unfortunately, libtards are like herpes: you can’t permanently get rid of them, they just keep coming back, and they are not only quite annoying, but often dangerous as well.

There’s a wonderful irony about an inbred madman who wants to “permanently get rid” of people he disagrees with, being worried about them being “dangerous.” Although he might just be outdone by the simpering idiot who calls herself Yankee Doodle Sweetheart and who goes on to say:

Hank, your analogies are so entertaining, while at the same time being so wonderfully accurate! Liberals = herpes…. I’ll always picture them now as a big old ugly scabby cold sore!

Immediately following it up by saying that she doesn’t know any “right-wing extremists.”

You can write these morons off as just another example of the really loathesome and bat-shit insane rabid right. After all, these are people who read World Net Daily. However, the reaction of a bunch of really pathetic Americans to the Japanese earthquake was an eye-opener. Far from sympathy, or offers to help, these brainless half-wits could only stop drooling long enough to type words to the effect of “Hell yeah! Payback’s a bitch! How’s that for payback for Pearl Harbor?” I kid you not.

Sadly, it would appear as if this same circle of jerks haven’t managed to Darwin themselves out of existence by falling off water towers, forgetting to breathe, or the dozen of other ways inbred motherfuckers do us a favour by taking themselves out of the gene pool. No, they are still out there, crawling through the sewers and praying for the day that they too might have opposable thumbs.

You see, the USA managed to lose a football (that’s soccer to you heathens out there) match the other day. Ok, it was the final of the Woman’s World Cup, and they lost on a penalty shoot-out to those giants of the game – Japan. (Ok, that was a terrible play on words).  Now I can understand people being upset that their team lost – football fans are a bit strange that way. It doesn’t help when they are also complete morons to boot.

This time round, the thumbless wonders are all about “So those slant-eyed gooks won the World Cup? We still nuked them at Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Send another tsunami!” Again, I wish I was kidding.

The really sad thing is that most of these utter fuckwits (by the way, I’ve named and shamed them in the tags – so when people search for their names, it’ll link here at some point. It’s only fair.) is that they’re young. Seriously, these are people for whom WW2 is a page in their history books – assuming of course that they didn’t drop out of school in Grade 3. When they turned 18.

And yet there is still this thuggist racism that’s the most worrying. I mean English football fans often chant “2 World Wars! 1 World Cup!” at German fans, to which the Germans reply by selling the Brits BMWs and getting rich, but they don’t chant things like “Well, you won again, but don’t forget the Dresden firestorm!” Because even the most yobbish of English football yobboes has more class in his little finger than this collective group of dribbling fuckheads combined. It’s the references to “gooks” and “slant-eyes” that I find particularly disturbing.

Then again, these brainless idiots are going to be frying tomorrow’s Big Macs, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too worried about the “future of America.” It’s also a little bit sad that these fuckheads have to back 60 years to find the last time the US beat Japan t something.

Well, I have one simple message for the brainless, bigotted, racist morons – and that includes Hank and Yankee:

I hope you all develop bowel cancer, and die screaming.

You deserve nothing less.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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11 Responses to Scum, all scum.

  1. brxbrx says:

    Comments sections…
    They make you lose faith in humanity.

    Something about the anonymity encourages people to exude whatever excremental and vile thought might come through their head at the time.
    Generally, when you meet one of these commenters in person, they’ll be far more reasonable and even tolerant.

    • Pi says:

      The worst part is they are not even anonymous anymore, they log in via facebook. I hope none of them ever have to land a big account with a Japanese company when they finally grow up and get a job.

      • Anthony says:

        they have experiments where people would shock puppies to death, as long as they don’t have to look at them.

        i forgot where i heard of these but they were like an updated milgram experiment, sounds like the 80%

  2. PsyGremlin says:

    Sadly, we saw exactly the same thing with the tsunami. It’s just a kind of mindless viciousness, that I can’t recall seeing anywhere else, or anything similar.

  3. Abbey Noize says:

    I had to viciously chew someone’s ass off at work for discussing the same kind of bullshit these Facebook Fuckwits posted. These cockfaces couldn’t even find Japan on a map.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shut up, u should never wish any type of cancer on anyone, no matter what they have done that was ‘wrong.’ ur just as disgusting.

  5. Chandler_R says:

    There’s a massive disconnect between the violent rhetoric of your post and the nature of some of the comments seen in the picture. I find it hard to believe that an individual that would refer to themselves as an intelligent, tolerant, and I suppose accepting member of society would lump pure hatred and racism with a non-violent comment about World War II. Your comments fall along the same wave as the individuals that you are accusing of such bigotry. If this were done in an educated and calm manner, your point might have been accepted. However, your colorful language and violent tone fail to give your post any heir of legitimacy.

    Certainly, some of the posts that were displayed were offensive and uncalled for. There is absolutely no reason for using derogatory or offensive language towards any people group, yet it is something that all people groups have been guilty of at some time in their history. Unfortunately, Americans have a dark history of using such terms, typically derived from some form of hardship or social change. (Hardship: WWII (Jerry, Gook, etc…). Social Change: Rampant Immigration (Wet Back, Chink, etc…) There is no excuse for these references to a people group to be accepted or used, and people truly show their ignorance and intolerance through their usage of such terms. Yet, some of the posts that you referenced did not use such language, nor mention the massacre of innocent Japanese civilians during the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, you found it appropriate to attack even the individuals that made a simple reference to WWII. A war that Americans did not start, did not want to be involved in, yet were thrust into battle by the attack of innocent, and many off duty, American soldiers. People are slow to forget when they are attacked. Why would the Germans want to chant about World War I or II? They were in the wrong, and were the violent hand that murdered millions of innocent human beings. Why would the Japanese want to remember WWII? They launched a surprise attack that led to the eventual destruction of their empire. However, the British and Americans can find pride in their nation as millions of them laid down their lives in defense of what was right, in defense of innocent humans, and in defense of democracy and freedom.

    No nation is perfect, but a nation must remember both its mistakes and it victories, anything short of that would truly be incompetent. Some of the Facebook posts you referenced were disgusting and wrong. This is a modern mistake. Liberty cannot thrive without tolerance and equality. We are all human, equal, and deserving of rights and respect, regardless of ethnic origin or nationality. However some post were neither offensive nor racist, but a simple reference to a time when America won. When we won something much more important than a World Cup final. A reference to a time when a whole nation stood together in defense against evil, which is what the Japanese Empire was during World War II. Grouping these two different posts together is not insightful, but frankly quite ignorant, and has made you guilty of the very thing you are accusing others of being. Bigotry on the offense of bigotry is still bigotry, and quite hypocritical. Your language, tone, and violent comments are just as bad as some of the posts that you referenced, and you failed to delineate between satire and genuine racist violence.

    There is a major difference between a comment mentioning a victory the United States had over Japan after just being beaten by Japan at a sporting event, and a blatantly violent and racist comment made towards the Japanese people referring to death, tsunamis, and ethnic slurs. The two should not have been joined, as they are fundamentally different. National Pride is very different from Ethnocentrism and racism, and the two must not be confused. However, this is exactly what you have done, and will most likely continue to do anytime an American chants “USA!” So, in that case, I’ll take a #2, extra pickles, hold the mustard.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Wrong. In fact, not even wrong.
      I have no problem with having national pride in a sporting team. And the attack was certainly not directed at Americans in general, rather at those brainless morons who choose to equate a sporting defeat to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as those who see a natural disaster as some sort of divine retribution for an event that’s 60 years old. If you can’t see the difference, that’s your problem. I would do exactly the same, if the Japanese mocked the USA over 9/11 because they lost a sporting event. The difference is, they won’t, because they have class and a quiet dignity.

      So, with all due respect, take your righteous indignation and shove it up your arse.

      • Chandler_R says:

        I completely agree that some of the comments that you mentioned are unbelievably disgusting and racist. I have a hard time believing that individuals are willing to use such racist and violent language at all, but especially in response to a sporting event, it seems barely significant. However, not every person that you tagged equated the loss of a sporting event to the death of millions of people. Not every person you tagged mentioned tsunamis, bombs, or death. Some of the post were a simple recognition that America does not always lose, and were done in a clearly satirical manner. Yet, you attacked them as though they were calling for the States to bomb the Japanese again.

        Now, I don’t believe that the Japanese people as a whole would accept comments about 9/11, the same way Americans would not accept the comments about the tsunami. However, there will always be individuals in a society that go outside of what is accepted and embarrass the rest of us, every society has them. Grouping non-violent, non-racist, and non-offensive comments with the truly grotesque is where I find issue, though. You attacked people in an aggressive and violent manner, regardless of the nature of their particular Facebook comment. You categorized all of the individuals together, used violent and offensive language, and became exactly what you were accusing others of being; ignorant. You passed judgment on individuals based on one post. Certainly some of the posts deserved judgment, most of them seemed to be written by complete bigots. However, others, particularly those that neither mentioned death nor racist language, should not have been attacked in the same manner as the others.

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