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You can’t win against rank stupidity

So, Hurricane Irene is bearing down on New York – the first hurricane to make landfall in that area since Bertha in 1996. It seems to have fizzled out into a category 1 storm, but rather than face a crisis … Continue reading

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I have mentioned this before, but it dawned on me again, this afternoon, just how racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little hate blog, Conservapedia, fails as an educational resource. It’s not just Schlafly’s bizarre approach to education – one in which … Continue reading

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Goddidit again!

Homosexualist! You have shaken your male member in a place where it doesn’t belong. I too, will shake the Earth! One of the reasons that I finally gave up whatever vague religious leanings I did have as a youngster, was … Continue reading

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Smarmy git

There are times when racist bigot and Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly makes my skin crawl. It has nothing to do with his rabid hatred of the poor, black kid who upstaged him at Harvard, nor with his mind-boggling stupidity regarding … Continue reading

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The site is growing rapidly!

Wow, it’s all happening lately. Firstly, our 200th post is just around the corner (this is the 198th) – I’m amazed that I was able to keep it going for so long, without facing Brian Mcdonald in court (ok, so … Continue reading

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Come and see the Idiocy Inherent in the System!

It never fails to amaze me when I consider the hoops and twists creationists put themselves through in order to cling to their bizarre belief system.  A couple of hundred years ago it was perfectly fine to say “God made … Continue reading

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Ken’s Beautiful Butthurt

Conservapedia’s resident manchild and drooling simpleton, Ken Demyer, aka Conservative, really has his knickers in a twist. Not just content with throwing Rob Smith off Conservapedia for daring to intrude on Ken’s obsessive-compulsive habit of creating essays an 8-year-old would … Continue reading

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