Why are creationist doctors batshit insane?

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Seriously, what is it that turns medical doctors – men of science – into dribbling lunatics when they discover the Lord? I’ve spoken in length about Terry Hurlbut and his belief that dinosaurs still live and walk amongst us. Now it’s time to meet another one: Dr. Richard Kent.

Now he describes himself as a retired medical doctor and fair play to him, it seems as if he does all his Bible-bashing for free. I have no idea if that includes the collection tin, or not. Either way, from what you’ll see and read below, this is another doctor that I wouldn’t let near me with a tongue depressor.

Why do I say that?

Well, as you’ll see from the video clip below, this is a man who believes that everything (including humans) was bigger before the Flood. He shows examples of giant insects… from the Carboniferous period, which was quite some time before the supposed Flood.

He also suggests that the greater oxygen levels were why dinosaurs grew so big.

This is where it gets weird – Kent postulates that after the Flood there was less oxygen, which means the surviving dinosaurs (yes, I know, that’s his first mistake there)  had to breath harder through their relatively small nostrils. This resulted in – wait for it – THEIR NOSTRILS BURSTING INTO FLAME (4:10 in the clip) resulting not only in the death of the dinosaur, but also the dragon myth.

But don’t take my word for it – watch it yourself. And remember – this man is a medical doctor.

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7 Responses to Why are creationist doctors batshit insane?

  1. Kels says:

    He and Coke Eyes should get together for drinks. They can talk about doctor stuff.

  2. Pi says:

    Are medical doctors scientists in the true sense? They seem to me to be to biology and physiology what engineers are to physics and chemistry. They are not required to understand how or why something works, only to apply the knowledge they have been given to solve the problem before them.

    Most of the “great advances in science” people talk about are really medicine and engineering as that is what impacts them, allows them to live longer and have cool new things. Science has a long delayed effect on peoples live, the quantum mechanics that was discovered in the 1930’s only started to be used in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

    I think this is why so many quacks are engineers and medical doctors. They are far removed from the actual research. Knowledge is given to them that was discovered by scientist a generation or more before and they are asked to apply it. It sort has a holy writ feel about it, it is true, they can see it working everyday, but they don’t know why.

    Evolution and general relativity don’t factor into everyday medicine and engineering so whilst most doctors and engineers are given a brief introduction in undergrad, it never impacts their work, they never have to test it so to speak so they are free to ignore it. Both engineers and doctors tend to come from wealthy private religious schools and nothing they do in their day to day work challenges the classes they receive at them.

    If you go into the sciences on the other hand you find out you were lied to a shit load and I think that causes you to become more questioning of things you were previously told.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Ye-e-es… but you’d think a doctor would be a bit leery about claiming that breathing rapidly would cause spontaneous nostril combustion.

      We have our own prime example that an engineer does not need to touch sides with reality and I can accept a doctor believing that God put us all together… and made all the things that try and take us apart again – but when they start spouting crap like that, I have to doubt their competence.

      • Pi says:

        I still don’t understand the cranks who feel the have to shoehorn every myth and legend into the biblical narrative. It is like that clown Neihaus who spends more time talking about Atlantis and other Greek myths than he does either the bible or actual physical evidence for a young Earth.

  3. Robbert says:

    If breathing rapidly causes spontaneous nostril combustion, where do babies come from?

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