La la la la I can’t hear you

It lasted a while at least. Terry Hulburt, the modestly named editor-in-chief of the modestly named Conservative News and Views, has metaphorical speaking stuck his fingers in his ears, closed his eyes and is going to pretend you are not there. The post is classic Terry, he can’t stay on topic for more than one sentence going off on peculiar, non sequitur tangents about anything that passed through his approximation for a mind at the time. The “reasoning” for closing off commenting on his blog is pure Schlafly; “2+2=4”, “you can only debate someone open to the truth”, e.g, what he is saying. So debate is now restricted to people who agree with 99.9% of Terry’s views and won’t laugh at his belief that plesiosaurs live off the coast of Alaska.

Terry pretty much admits that the site will become an echo chamber. This is not true, it always was an echo chamber. Not only has Terry insulated himself from dissenting opinions on the web, but in his very thought process itself. Take for example NASA’s latest discovery of amino acids in a meteorite. This contrary to what I was taught just 10 years ago when I started at university. We were always told that the universe is a reducing environment, where entropy always wins out and the only chemicals you will find are water, carbon dioxide, cyanide and ammonia, because they are the simplest and represent the lowest energy state. The explanation for how more complex chemicals formed was basically: we got lucky. The justifications given was based on experiments that were preformed showing that you could make more complex chemicals in this reducing environment by boiling the liquid and partially distilling it. Now we have evidence that such processes do actually take place, on meteorites in space no less. Not for Terry of course. He sees straight through this and claims that it is evidence for the hyrdoplate and lunar bukkake theories, despite the fact they violate the law of conservation of energy.

Terry has quite remarkably built a house of cards that is suspended in midair. He is careful to make sure no one goes near it and for its safety Terry must once again close the door to the room he keeps it in because he noticed that it was beginning to wobble.

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10 Responses to La la la la I can’t hear you

  1. brxbrx says:

    Please proofread your next post.
    If you like, I’ll do it for you. I won a spelling bee in fifth grade.

    Do it for the children.

    • Pi says:

      I read it a couple of times, what did I miss?

      • brxbrx says:

        Now I feel like a stooge. The first time I read this, I remember seeing a number of glaring errors. And yet, now, I see nothing but a decent entry. I’m sorry, Pi.

  2. CS Miller says:

    “belief that plesiosaurs lives off the coast of Alaska”

    You’ve a singular/plural disagreement there. (Or whatever it is called; I haven’t studied formal grammar, I just know what looks wrong)

  3. PsyGremlin says:

    It’s such a typically Terry/Conservapedia mindset thing to do – even his “Hit the road, Jack” is a typically rude response. As you said, I’m amazed that he even opened it for comments to start with.

    If Terry is going write about dinosaurs living off the coast of Alaska, or frozen water impacting the moon, then he should be able to back up his claims, instead of hiding in a self-made echo chamber. It smacks of intellectual dishonesty, but then we are talking about the man who was going to translate the Bible using Babelfish and an English-Greek pocket dictionary.

    I think his little teabagger buddy, Rose needs to climb down off her high-horse too. It’s not about being a “forum for liberal views”, it’s about accountability.

    However, in typical conservative style, they’ll circle the wagons and keep chanting their mantras, holding off the questioning voices surrounding them.

    His blog has lost the little bit of credibility it once had – it’s now just another outpost for far-right nutters.

  4. brxbrx says:

    So anyways, as to the actual content of your post, yeah, it seems they just want the place to be a conservative circle-jerk where they can’t be challenged as to the veracity of their claims.
    “This site was not created to persuade those of differing beliefs but to strengthen the resolve of those who are like-minded.” This is from RoseAnne, one of their writers.

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