Home of the Ideologically Pure

(aka Another One Bites the Dust)

So, Rob Smith is dead – in a Conservapedia sense anyway. Yet another sysop who thought that he knew how to run a volunteer wiki project as something other than a personal soapbox, has been defrocked, although not booted out… yet. Well, it had to happen sometime – you can’t have so many fevered egos crammed into such a small place as racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s hate-blog, Conservapedia, without it eventually boiling over into some sort of drama. It’s been nearly a year since the demise of master troll Terry Koeckritz, left a massive vacuum in the CP hierarchy – and as we all know, nature abhors a vacuum. Well, except the one between the CP sysops’ collective ears, that is. Terry had ensured that CP was purged – either directly or indirectly by his actions – of anybody who was vaguely interested in running Conservapedia as a community and not as a mechanism to stroke one’s ego – Philip Payment, Learn Together, Justine Allen, RJ Jensen, HelpJazz, BrianCo, myself (at the risk of sounding immodest), AddisonDM, Foxtrot, DuncanB, TimS… it really is an impressive list.

It meant that the people left running CP were a collective bunch of ego-driven maniacs, more concerned with strutting around their little fiefdoms on the wiki, than doing any actual work. Needless to say, at some point, somebody was going to cross a line and get stepped on. It was only a matter of time…

If I had to apportion blame, I’d probably start by pointing a finger at resident manchild, Ken Demyer. Now Ken has never really cared about being a team player, nor has he cared about what the other sysops think and say, nor what the social niceties of a wiki are. To be honest, I think that to say he made a ploy for Terry’s vacant position as Andy’s right-hand man is to give him far too much credit. He simply got far to carried away with his usual modus operandi of creating inane essays and deleting every page in sight, and when called out on it, revealed that he is a petty and petulant little bully, completely incapable of rational debate and argument.

Rob’s first mistake – outside of cavorting with those baby-eating liberals at RationalWiki, of course – was creating the Community Portal. Now peons on CP are meant to sit down, shut up and write content for Schlafly. Occasional chatter on talk pages was tolerated… but suddenly here was a place for editors to hang out and talk about CP. And what they talked about most was Ken’s complete lack of regard for both Conservapedia and the other editors – as evidenced by his locking and redirecting of talk pages, as well as the frequent deletion of user’s talk pages and the Community Portal, in order to hide stupid comments and shout-outs he’d made. Rob’s fatal error is was in siding with the users and trying to insist on some sort of integrity from Ken.

Amazingly, Ken caved in and opened his essays’ talk pages to… well, ridicule really. Across the board, his lame attempts at prose, concerning atheists and fat people and in regards to Indian culture versus “atheist culture” were torn to shreds, to which Ken responded in typical fashion – he ran away… and began to plot Rob’s downfall.

Sadly, we aren’t privy to the behind-the-scenes conversations – yet – so we have to go on what was said on CP. Needless to say, given the mix of bully, coward and dribbling moron in Ken, it was blatant that he’d start some sort of insidious whispering campaign against Rob. It was rather surprising when he started to openly call for Rob to be demoted. The really funny part about it is that he kept claiming a number (I think it ended up at 4) of nameless, voiceless sysops supported to him. It should be noted that not a single sysop – with the exception of Brian Macdonald, who shall enter our story shortly – openly spoke their mind. One even told me privately that he “refused to be involved and didn’t care anyway.” You see, being a CP sysop means making sure you’re always in Schlafly’s good books – they wouldn’t dare risk the only bit of authority they’ll ever have in their lives.

Except for CP’s resident swabbie, Brian Macdonald. You see he’s seeing red and frothing at the mouth – well, that’s his normal state of being (must be that Mad Dog 20/20 he has for breakfast) – but this is his chance to get rid of Rob. You see, Rob’s crime has been to hang out with the crowd at RationalWiki. That probably annoys him more that if he were to come home and find myself and Barack Obama spit-roasting his missus. Assuming he has a missus – I can’t see anybody putting up with that monumental boor for too long. The problem is, is that technically Rob is on an even footing as Brian – this isn’t some lowly peon you can shout at and then block.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t try, but Rob – to give him credit – stands his ground. This is where Brian, with a dribbling Ken clutching at his coat tails, resorts to bare-faced lying.

It’s also worth noting that Schlafly, the site owner, had done absolutely nothing up until this point. That’s not unusual – the man couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag, never mind actually managing people. In typical fashion, he stuck his head up his arse and hoped it would blow over. Still, clearly Brian – I doubt it was Ken, nobody listens to Ken. Ever – had his ear and he needed Andy’s help to implement his nefarious plan. Because after several days, Andy suddenly removed some of Rob’s rights – in particular checkuser, which enables people to the IP addresses of those posting to the wiki. This strange move would become clear with time.

There was a user called TracyS who was giving Ken a hard time, and from whom Ken had run away, rather than debate her. Now Tracy is from good old S.A> and so was duly blocked by Brian as a sock of myself. Because ALL South Africans are me and ALL Germans are Sid. That’s the kind of mentality you’re up against. I thought I’d drop Brian a friendly line and inform him that I wasn’t Tracy (but she is somebody I know) – this is where Brian’s plan kicked in. He reblocked her… as a sock of Rob. Now, Rob no longer had checkuser, so couldn’t contest Brian’s barefaced lie. But she wasn’t the only victim. Karajou went on a blocking spree, citing “sockpuppet” as the reason. Two of these were HarrisP and JenniferD – both specifically blocked for being socks of Rob. Tracy tried again, but was once again blocked for being a sockpuppet.

Now there’s a catch here. That lying filth, Brian Macdonald, can say what he likes, but Tracy certainly was not a sock of Rob and I, in fact, was JenniferD. So his accusations of them be socks of Rob Smith are patently false. Also I have one reply to his assertion that “checkuser works”:

If checkuser works, liar, please explain how Rob was in Johannesburg, using a dial-in connection to Conservapedia? Not a proxy, a direct dial-in ADSL line. You can’t, because you know you are lying. It doesn’t help when that drooling simpleton, Ken Demyer, crawls out from under Brian to post things like “Given RobS’s recent behavior (annoying/pestering sock of TracyS and about a dozen other socks I have been told, etc. etc…” Yes, the “annoying pestering sock” from whom you ran away, you pathetic little man.

The funniest bit came when Brian vented his spleen all over Rob’s talk page. In typical CP sysop style (at which Terry was such a master) he still manages to suck up to Schlafly, whilst frothing at the mouth:

The last I heard, Andrew Schlafly was in charge of this website, not you.  When you let trolls and vandals come in with impunity, when you let them edit with impunity, when you blame sysops for the conduct they have taken, when you refer to this website in vulgar language on another website, when you blame me for the vandal attack on another website, when you refuse to get you act together and get your facts straight, it’s time for you to go.  I am fed up with the hate and discontent you have brought here.  Resign from the site, or be thrown out. 

I’m not sure if Brian is just stupid or has a really short memory, but it’s amazing to watch him go from “Schlafly in charge of this website” to “resign or be thrown out” in a few sentences. Also, as much as Brian likes to rant about the hate of others, this is a man who needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror – this is a man with a lot of hate in his life – and clearly no outlet for it.

To make it even more fun, Brian – seemingly thinking he’s now in charge of the website blocks Rob – firstly just after posting the above screed, he throws down an infinite block, stating “Intimidating behaviour/harassment: You are leaving this website” – clearly “irony” just one of many words Brian doesn’t understand. This is followed by a second infinite block and the message, “Get out of this website, Rob Smith; go make your false accusations elsewhere, like you do in RW.”

Because, Brian is big on debate, you know. It’s far easier for the moron to shout at people, than to actually think.

Still, it’s all done and dusted now. Schlafly finally pulled his head out of his arse, and stripped Rob of all his rights “pending possible further review” – we know that’s not going to happen.

Well, at least the void left by Terry Koeckritz has been filled – by a pathological liar with anger management issues and a dribbling moron. Given that the only additional remaining active sysops area delusional lawyer, a middle-aged man with an unhealthy obsession with teen-aged girls and a man who thinks dinosaurs are still alive, I can safely predict that with the last bastion of normality silenced, we can expect much more insanity from CP.

After all, they have the management team they deserve – all pure conservatives in the Andrew Schlafly mould. And they sided with Ken. God help them all.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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3 Responses to Home of the Ideologically Pure

  1. WWWWolf says:

    > You are leaving this website

    Why am I picturing Conservapedia people singing death metal?

    Karajou: ♫ You will submit to the decoupage! ♫
    Andy: ♫ The death knell! (Death knell!) ♫
    Rob: ♫ Down with the decoupage! ♫
    Ken: (Posts a random tangentially related YouTube link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V72NKRyX1NA

  2. Pi says:

    “last bastion of normality” Rob? Is that a stretch? I would say that Rob is closer to reasonable and sensible than the other CP sysops, but he is still unreasonable and speaks incoherent bull. I am still wondering if this is not some larger game to Rob, he enjoys his little wiki-politics. Maybe he has realized there is not much going on at CP and is trying to set himself up else where as the guy that tried to make a difference but failed.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      I guess it is a bit of a stretch – I mean ideologically Rob is as nutty as the next man over there – but he’s certainly the last person who would attempt to inject some sort of normality into CP’s daily operations. From now on it’s the Ken and Kara show – and they couldn’t give a shit about the editors.

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