Trail blazer Terry’s new PIDOOMA journalism

Terry Hulburt was back on Conservapedia the other day pimping the website of the two forward slashes. His highly sensational headline spoke of the possibility of Obama using race riot as a campaign strategy. Unbelievable? Not for a man that believes dinosaurs swim and possibly walk amongst us.

Looking at the article itself we find out that this information is third hand at best. Terry is quoting from a news poster called “Ulsterman”, who gives no further information about himself or his supposed anonymous source inside the White House. “Ulsterman” claims to have just a single source he calls “Insider”, but Terry is positively in love with what he is saying and so dreams that “Ulsterman” has a network of influential connections.

He says that one person, in a high place in the White House staff, feeds him inside information on what is going on in the White House. Whether he really has only one source, or several, no one can (or will) say independently of Mr. “Ulsterman.”

Terry never stops to consider the possibility that Ulsterman has no sources and he is pulling it directly out of his arse, or that the source is a bullshit artist. No Terry is convinced because the guy said that there would be a scandal and now there is.

As I said in the article, that source, whoever it is (or they are), predicted—successfully—that a big scandal would break two years before it did. The name of that scandal is Operation Fast and Furious. I’d say that’s enough to take this seriously.

Really, there was going to be a scandal during the Obama administration? That is not so much a prediction as a forgone conclusion. There have been scandals in the White House before there was a White House to have them in, starting with the XYZ Affair during the Adams administration. Just back in May this year people were remarking how unusually scandal-free the Obama administration has been. So we have an anonymous source written by an anonymous guy backed up by the vaguest of predictions. When queried on this Terry descends into the most rank hyperbole imaginable:

But I thought that Barack H. Obama was Different! I thought He was the Messiah, the Black Christ Who would lead the world to a New Enlightened Future! Not for him the breath of (gasp!) scandal! He was Perfect! Men like you said He was Perfect!

It amazes me the Cult of Obama that exists only in the mind of the right. This is nothing particularly new, it is something of a trait amongst conservatives to see things in terms of personalities. More words have been expelled by creationists attacking Darwin himself than putting together a coherent and logically consistent alternative hypothesis to evolution by natural selection from a common ancestor. This fixation on people rather than their ideas, would seem to me at least, be why conservatives are so under represented in academia and so over represented in talk radio, cable news and pop political books.

The three page interview with “Insider” is somewhat interesting to read not because of what he says is “revealing” about Obama, a lot of it we have heard before, but it gives an interesting insight about those long forgotten malcontents the PUMAs. Try to remember when reading that this person is a Democrat working in the Obama administration.

First off…the Black Panther thing…(long pause) We, I…I fucked that up. Not just me, but I am to blame for that in part. We showed our hand way too early…we got caught flat footed on it. That case had the potential to be much bigger. We fucked it up. The launch was all wrong. Looking back – whataya gonna do? Spilled fucking milk. But let me make this clear to you right now – Gunrunner is way bigger than the NBP scenario. Way bigger. It is an operation that has gone into full government cover up at the highest levels. THE HIGHEST LEVELS. You got that? I told you months ago that “we got them”. They fucked up. They took the bait and ran with it. And they know it now. But you gotta understand here…you gotta realize, that once we reach a certain stage, we become almost totally dependent on certain people in certain positions of power to now take the ball and run with it. That is almost always the case. And if they drop the ball, if they back off, if they make a deal – it’s over. Done.

Nice. He would rather drag his own party down than let Obama get on with being President.

No…what I will say is that those are two of the three tactics we are engaging in against Barack Obama’s re-election – continuing to push Eric Holder out of the DOJ, securing a primary challenger, and the other thing…it relates to a staffing issue. The loss of a critical member of the Obama staff. A resignation that will further the growing perception that the Obama White House is a place of internal disarray – which it absolutely is. And this event will also be a signal to those in the Democratic Party that Barack Obama’s re-election is not in their best future interests. It is time we cut our losses and begin the rebuilding process sooner rather than later.

It is nice to see that the Republican Party is not the only safe house for nutters who would rather drill a hole in the bottom of the boat than let someone else hold the rudder for a bit.

Terry did manage to get away from race baiting long enough to lecture people on the topic of feminist theory. Given Terry has as much experience being a woman as he does being black you can imagine the kind of empathetic things he had to say.

A week back now Terry was more entertaining when he was late to the blog rush to complain that Rick Perry had been called anti-science. He once again committed that most laughable of creationist projections by claiming that supporters of the standard evolutionary model have a political agenda. The comments section is impressive with Terry trying to advocate complete privatisation of all scientific research worthy of a blog post of its own, however it is the political conspiracy stuff that is the topic of the moment. Obama’s science czar John Holden has been a boogie man of the right for a while now because back in the 1970s he made premature predications about the world’s future population and means of possibly controlling it if necessary. Terry repeated the false claim that Holden advocated adding sterilants to water. When called out on this Terry responded with:

PolitiFact is good enough to quote the book Ecoscience, of which Holdren was a co-author. Their excerpting was accurate enough, and includes the full context.

But I reject their evaluation. The tone of the book was, “Gee, it’s just too bad that we can’t do such-and-such.”

You see even if Holden never actually said it, it is still true because it is the vibe of the thing…

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  1. PsyGremlin says:

    I get the impression, from the occasional times I bring myself to read his blog, that Terry is going off the deep end at an increasing rate of knots.It’s not so much what he believes in, as just what he’s prepared to use in order to justify his beliefs.

    I suppose we shouldn’t be too worried, this is, after all, a solitary wing-nut right-winger, preaching to his friends. In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting more “liberals” read him, than his target market – a bit like CP really. But Terry’s writing is definitely becoming more deranged – gods know what we’ll see when Obama wins a second term.

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