No True Scotsman

Before I begin, for those of you who don’t know, the phrase “No True Scotsman” is “a logical fallacy by which an individual attempts to avoid being associated with an unpleasant act by asserting that no true member of the group they belong to would do such a thing.” (Shamelessly culled from RationalWiki’s article thereon) A good example of this is all the frantic back-peddling by gun lovin’ Christian fundamentalists in the US, when it turned out the gun lovin’ Norwegian madman turned out to be one of them.

And now on to the first of our crazies. I’ve blogged about Alexander Cornswalled before, the self-described Midwestern Conservative Christian, with some… shall we say strange ideas. He’s a fundie and a birther, and ironically also an exile from Conservapedia. The latter because Ed Poor 0bjected to Alex calling “My Neighbour Totoro” demonic. Then again, Alex also believes that Pokemon are the modern day incarnation of some Roman cult, so nothing really comes as a surprise.

And to complete the scene-setting, our crazy for the day – Dennis Markuze (aka David Mabus). Markuze is a religious crank – with possible mental problems – who is a compulsive stalker of atheist bloggers, foremost amongst them, the irrepressible PZ Myers. In his many and varied posts, he’s made threats about decapitation, execution and even genocide. This isn’t something new – Markuze has been doing this since the late 90s. Apparently his cyber-stalking and non-stop posting on people’s blog has resulted in him being banned by most Canadian ISPs and he’s generally made a nuisance of himself. As PZ so eloquently puts it:

the crazy spammer who repetitively and obsessively sends email and posts on forums and comments on blogs, with lunatic accusations, deranged claims of prophecy, threats, and random Depeche Mode videos

As PZ explains in another post, when he collected the various insane writings and death threats of Mabus and presented them to his local police, they formed a “small 61 page book.” That’s some impressive wingnuttery going on right there.

The problem for Cornswalled appears to be that Markuze/Mabus is only attacking evolutionists/atheists/scientists – and this makes him unhappy. You see, it’s fine for people like Cornswalled and his ilk to pour scorn and derision on men like PZ Myers, but gods forbid that anybody take them up on their word. There’s only one reason Mabus could be doing this… in true “No True Scotsman” fashion, he’s a deep cover liberal, deliberately out to discredit Christianity. As Cornswalled says:

My theory is that Dennis Markuze is not the deranged madman he pretends to be. If he really were as violent and bloodthirsty as he claims, why would he attend and atheist convention with a backpack capable of concealing a bomb and do nothing but run? The answer is simple. David Mabus (Dennis Markuze) is a deep cover liberal whose goal is to mock conservatives and make us look like psychotic lunatics.

Alex, I have news for you – you guys are already doing a great job of coming across as psychotic lunatics – you don’t need deranged lunatics like Mabus to tarnish your reputation. In fact, I’d have to say that your surprise at the fact that Mabus didn’t conceal and detonate a bomb, hidden in his “backpack capable of concealing a bomb” speaks volumes about your own state of mind. It hints at a blood-lust that’s frankly a little scary.

And just how does Cornswalled know that Mabus is a deep-cover liberal? Simple – the Montreal police haven’t – or rather hadn’t – arrested him yet. So, let’s see – he’s made vague threats against citizens of another country, has committed no acts of violence, and if anything, the police see it as a personal dispute. It would be like Conservapedia’s resident swabbie, Brian Macdonald, claiming an international conspiracy, because the police in his hick Tennessee backwater, failed to take action because I said something nasty about Brian on this blog. Then again, certain US conservatives seem to be big on getting the police involved at the slightest hint of them being slighted.

As Alex puts it:

I suspect the Montreal police are taking no action against him, not because they’d rather he snap and kill someone first, as they claim, but because they already KNOW he’s an act. The only rational reason for the Montreal police to take no action against a man who has been issuing death threats for ten years is if they know he’s a fake and are in on it.

Sure, Alex – the police have nothing better to do than support the rantings of a “deep-cover liberal” – even by your standards, that’s pretty out there. It’s also fairly typical of people like Alex’s state of mind – it’s not enough for them to write Mabus off as a sad, probably mentally ill, individual. Oh no – they have to brand everything bad “liberal”… in this case a “deep-cover liberal”, but no true Christian would ever say anything bad about an atheist or evolutionist, right?

Oh yes, and on Aug 17th (a week after Alex’s post) Dennis Markuze was arrested by Montreal police, but it took 5,000 signatures on a petition before they did.

Finally, Mabus even graced Alex’s blog with his presence – one assumes that one as obsessed as he, Googles his name quite frequently. Beisdes having a dip at PZ Myers 9on a totally unrelated blog, of course), he also posted the following, which gives you a good indication of his writing style:


what’s the harm of atheism?

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