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It’s winter! Therefore global warming is a lie!!

Ah, fun season! Winter is upon us… well, in the northern hemisphere anyway… and it’s another chance for Conservapedia founder and racist bigot Andrew Schlafly to show the world that he is utterly clueless and a complete moron when it … Continue reading

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Be an atheist, win a jacket!

No, not from us. We’re far too cheap to fling around expensive gifts, and besides we know you all love us for our creative writing, so bribes aren’t necessary to make you visit. It would appear as if Bananaman himself, … Continue reading

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Graphic ideas

If anyone has an idea on what we should replace the sheep with or can make us a picture I would be very grateful. Images should be 940 × 198 pixels. Update: One of our readers, flyer, has kindly sent … Continue reading

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This is why Andrew Schlafly is a (very bad) lawyer

It’s worth mentioning that before racist bigot and Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly went to Harvard to learn how to hate Barack Obama and become a really bad lawyer along the way, his mother sent him off to Princeton to become … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Camping Part 2

Well, well, well… according to my calendar today is 22 October 2011… and we’re all still here. To quote the raving maniac and likely fraud (then again, aren’t all evangelical ministers frauds, out to fleece the gullible?): “The great earthquake … Continue reading

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I was starting to wonder if the joy of writing about Conservapedia – racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little right-wing hate blog – was fading. After all, lately it’s become home to resident man-child Ken Demyer ever-more insane (and inane) ramblings … Continue reading

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So… how well do YOU know your religions?

Ok, a teeny bit of trumpet blowing to kick off this post. I enjoy trivia. Not only do I enjoy it, I’m rather good at trivia quizzes. I seem to have one of those brains that soaks up info such … Continue reading

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