Graphic ideas

If anyone has an idea on what we should replace the sheep with or can make us a picture I would be very grateful. Images should be 940 × 198 pixels.

Update: One of our readers, flyer, has kindly sent me some of his nature photography. So whilst we work out the perfect banner for the blog, I have chosen a nice picture of a penguin he sent us. Because my girlfriend likes penguins. And I guess some of the people we write about on this blog are very black and white if you need a better reason.

On an aside, why are people voting on this post?

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6 Responses to Graphic ideas

  1. brxbrx says:

    So you mean like a mascot? Oddly enough, I’ve never noticed a sheep here.

    I’ve no suggestions. Maybe a platypus, because the idea of it is absurd? Nah. Don’t listen to me, I’m never helpful.

    • Pi says:

      I was looking at pictures of tea-partiers earlier on wikicommons. I am jealous of the freethoughtsblog This Week in Christian Nationalism picture add Farah and Schlafly and it would be perfect for this blog.

      • PsyGremlin says:

        Maybe we should try and cobble together a sort of gallery of fools – Schlafly, Bachmann, God hates fags guys, a montage of loonies.

        Of course, that would that somebody with far better graphics fu than me.

  2. flyer says:

    how about something along this line:

    makes me think of schlaffly…

  3. flyer says:

    … where could i mail image submissions to? (totally different style, more nature photogfraphy…)

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