Nukes? What nukes?

Every now and again, it is my absolute pleasure to be introduced to something that is so wonderfully batshit insane I’m actually at a loss for words. No, really. I’ve been looking at the latest discovery for a few days now, mostly with my chin hanging on my chest, trying to figure out a way to encapsulate its madness in a few short paragraphs. It’s possible that it might end up taking a couple of posts, even if just to spare my own sanity. However, given that they also appear to be a bunch of sick Holocaust deniers, I’m not going to spend any more time than this, trashing them.

I’m talking about the “Nuke lies” forum (the url of which – nukelies – conjures an image of a kiddies TV show, where furry creatures run around, singing, “We’re the Nukelies…” I guess I did take too much acid as a teen…). Yes, Nuke lies is the home of the “nuke myth dissident community” – the people who believe that nuclear bombs (and possibly nuclear power stations) are all part of some giant hoax.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Finished laughing? Good, let’s carry on.

Having a snoop around the site, it appears to have started in mid-March 2011, and most of the posts come from 4 crazies: Nukelies, the site admin; somebody called mooninquirer; Rerevisionist (who also has an YouTube channel); and FirstClassSkeptic. The latter 2 dominate the boards, having posted easily half of the comments made. sadly, even after joining the forum (purely for investigative purposes, of course!) I wasn’t able to glean any more info on these two, except for Rerevisionist’s list of interests:

Revisionism process: biology errors (‘endoplasmic reticulum’, ‘receptors’); physics errors (relativity confusions, topics e.g. superfluid helium misinterpretation); Shakespeare; Darwin and Wallace; identifying consequences of errors; education mythology; fraud in statistics; differences between religions; history revisionisms; analysis on set theory lines or e.g. L F Richardson; psychology; evolution; Kevin McDonald style on groups; paper money, Jewish influence, science fraud.

Rerevisionist also seems to have a high opinion of the site:

this is a rationalist site, and we believe in evidence.

Why is it that the more batshit insane the idea, the more likely its proponent is going to call himself “rational?”

That said, it would appear as if these people are also lunar landing hoax enthusiasts. Enthusiasts who aren’t shy to keep their opinions to themselves. Here’s Rerevisionist’s review of Heather Couper’s “The Planets:”

This is a Pan book published in 1985, related to a Channel 4 TV series. My copy has a section of an image of Jupiter on the cover. This image in fact on examination is a painting – probably gouache or coloured chalks. The book also contains many standard ‘moon landing’ photos known to be fakes. Ditto with Mars. This is basically a picture book of phoniness, intended, no doubt, to keep funding directed to these people. Worth buying if you want evidence of the corruption of modern science. Also must be an artefact for students of image processing: black and white photography, cine film, digital capture, image processing all have their little tricks and styles of retouching.

A cursory glance at some of the posts seems to show standard wingnut reactions. For example, in a reply to post questioning the amount of radioactivity around Chernobyl, mooninquirer comes up with the following gem:

That’s very compelling evidence of the exaggeration on the part of the Zionists, of the radiation at Chernobyl. Note that in the article, it was the UN, which is anti-Zionist, against reports that included the MEDIA, which is Zionist. I think the purpose of the media whipping up an excessive fear of radiation is to INCREASE the scare power of nuclear bombs. This tactic could NOT have worked in the late 40s and early 50s, because the general public just did not have a conception of what radioactivity WAS, and supposed film footage of atomic test blasts had people going back into the area of the blast soon after.

The Cold War propaganda, which is also whipped up by the Zionists urging the the US to fight the Muslim world, has exaggerated the effects of radiation from a nuclear blast. But, I am also thinking, what about all of those ( supposed ) nuclear tests outside of Las Vegas out in the open air ? That should have been a “Chernobyl” of a radiation hazard for the citizens of Las Vegas. And note that Las Vegas is much closer to the test site in Nevada for these supposed nuclear bomb tests, than the HUGE swath of land showered with radiation from Chernobyl, which was said to be so harmful — going all the way up to Belarus. This is an EXTREME contradiction, and is killer evidence of a hoax.

Yes… I know. We seem to have wandered vaguely off track there, and it’s all the fault of those evil Zionists. This sort of insanity aside, they also have a go at proving that some of the best-known photos of atomic blasts are fakes. For example, this one of the 1946 Baker test at Bikini Atoll:

They claim that the blast is superimposed on the picture, due to the fact that there’s no shadow on the water, or the fact that the surrounding ocean is relatively calm. They also claim:

Note also that a typical US 1940s battleship was about 600 feet long. (Google 1940s battleships if you don’t believe me!) About 5 of them would fit end-to-end into the upward bit of water. Making it about 3000 feet across – about half a mile – and the ‘mushroom’ something like 4 or 5 miles across. One question here is: how could a point source explosion make a column of water of that size all go vertically upwards? It should move out near the edge. It must have been a relatively small explosion designed to go up, I’d guess in shallow water, so the force of the explosives would be directed up. Then the ships added, and the faked horizon effect got by adding photos of an atoll.

Ok, a few things to mention here. We’re looking at the result of a 21kT explosion. Wikipedia (for what that’s worth) tells me the resulting crater and the hollow column of water was 300 feet wide. What they don’t say is that the black smudge on the lower right of the column is likely the battleship Arkansas being upended. Takes an awful lot of TNT to do that. Now, faking a photo is one thing, but here’s the video of it:

Here’s another good example – from the later British Grapple test of how the blast would have looked from the air – the hollow pipe and the white “crack” of the shockwave are clearly visible:

It really is a haphazard, scatter-gun approach to their theory – much as one would expect from crazies like this, but the best is yet to come. You see, if you think about atomic weapons, the chances are pretty good that the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki would come to mind at some point. And so they do here… as proof of the A-bomb myths! The assertion seems to be that these cities were firebombed just like any other Japanese city.

They seem to base their assertion on a few “facts”:

  • Both cities aren’t massively radioactive today. This happily ignores the fact that both bombs were air-bursts, which means in pretty simple terms that there was very little radiactive fall-out, due to the fact that very little dust, etc, was sucked up by the blast. Or, to quote the experts: “About 80% of the total amount of residual radiation was released within 24 hours of the bombing. One study found that a person standing at the hypocenter 24 hours after the bombing would have received only one thousandth the dose of residual radiation that would have been received by a person who was there right after the bomb exploded. One week later, the dose would be only one millionth the original dose.”
  • The Norden bombsight was inaccurate. The people running the site are horrified that reports of the bombing, referred to Bombardier Ferebee “squeezing the release trigger”, because apparently the bombsight was fully automated. Damn the media and their need to inject a little drama into the situation. They also claim that the fact that the Hiroshima bomb exploded 800 feet off target was a miracle – according to them, the bomb had a “50/50 chance of hitting Hiroshima. Needless to say, they ignore the fact that the Nagasaki bomb did indeed detonate well away from the target area, sparing a large portion of the city.
  • The absence of evidence is the evidence of absence. In one post, they question whether eye witness descriptions of the bombing could instead refer to the effects of incendiary bombs.  After reading the account published in the post, FirstClassSkeptic make the following insane statement: “I can’t see anything in this account that proves it was an atomic bomb, and not just firebombing. Also, I expect that accounts that don’t fit the atomic bomb idea have been destroyed. Like if some japanese said, “I stood on the mountain and saw dozens of planes drop hundreds of bombs on Hiroshima.” that record would be destroyed.
  • There’s no photographs of the blasts taken from the ground. Hang on a second – half a city has just vanished in a flash, and they’re surprised that nobody managed to take a snap of the mushroom cloud. Remember, this was a country that was being bombed into submission; I somehow doubt there were many people wandering around with cameras… even if they were allowed to.

That said, apparently there are some picture of the mushroom cloud taken from ground level, including this one, taken by one Seizo Yamada:

Fortunately, our resident handwaver, FirstClassSkeptic, is on hand to solve this problem: “They just look like smoke from a fire. Not really all that big. Not nearly as big as five miles high.

I’ve been treating this as a bit of a laugh, but sadly there appears to be a far darker side to these loonies. I first came across it when reading a post claiming that more Japanese died in the Kanto earthquake than in the atomic explosions. The relevance of this escapes me, but then I came across this little turd from Rerevisionist, who would appear to be a right little Hitler fanboy:

And of course more Jews died in road accidents than of ‘gassing’ during the Second World War.

This malignant excuse for a human being, goes to say in another post:

I’ve just found out that Anders wasn’t even his real name – insofar as Jews have real names

Now, crazies I can handle, fucknuts like this need to have their balls cut off with a broken bottle. Needless to say, I shan’t be giving these lunatic bigots any more attention. Update, yes, they’re Holocaust deniers too – the gassings were just another hoax, according to these fuckheads.

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  1. brxbrx says:

    “Revisionism process: biology errors (‘endoplasmic reticulum’, ‘receptors’);”

    He doesn’t believe in the endoplasmic reticulum? Does he think the entirety of microbiology is a lie? Wtf?

  2. Kels says:

    Take acid, watch Sid & Marty Kroft shows…same difference.

  3. WWWWolf says:

    > this is a rationalist site, and we believe in evidence.

    Sure! They definitely believe in *a* piece of evidence! (Shuddup! It’s a piece of evidence! They provided you with one, now quit questioning its value!) But they do not believe *that one* there. And *this* is probably government propaganda. And *that* there is so often cited by people they don’t like that it just has to be rubbish. And *this* here is also ignored, *just because*.

    > Rerevisionist

    I like that user name. It reminds me of The Mad Revisionist ( …Then I remember this guy is serious, and it make me sad.

  4. James says:

    Yeah but where’s the truth?
    Really, who could say? Who cares? I just believe what the govt tells me.

    Maybe there’s still gold in Fort Knox too.

  5. James says:

    Oh, I’m not worried about that.
    I’m more worried about being ridiculed, which is why I stick to what the govt/media says and don’t try to think too much.

    I am confident my country, the economy, and my retirement is in good hands. If you can’t trust jews to tell the truth, then who can you trust?

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