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Due to my incredible slackness last week I am going to be punished with double posting duties. I am will do a bi-daily round-ups of today’s and last week’s as punishment.

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The children were under attack again by being taught things that didn’t gel with WND’s particular view on the world. The article, that required the most bold headlines possible. was aout the attack on Judeo-Christian values in schools. Before WWII anti-Semitism was a Christian value, when did this hyphenation come about? The article is about a report that has the audacity to point out that white, wealthy, Christians have historically had a privileged position in society and we intricately think of these people as “normal” and that care should be taken when forming curricula, performing counselling, and teaching to reflect that people of other backgrounds exist. Of course this ruffled the feathers of the white, wealthy, Christians at WND.
The oppression of Christians in Amercia continues unabated.
If that was not horrifying enough, a children’s news magazine had a report on the topical issue of the #OccupyWallStreet movement. Oh the humanity, when will it end? The reliable source for this article was a Connecticut father called Edward, who “told WND his alarm comes from his perspective as a conservative independent.” Oh no, his child learnt about something he did not approve of. This is not the first time WND has reported on Scholastic magazine (I dimly recall this magazine from my childhood). Five years ago Scholastic exposed its poor innocent readers to life in a Madrasa in Pakistan. Good white, wealthy, Christians should rise up and make sure their children are not exposed to anything they are not already use to, lest they don’t grow up the ignoramuses their parents are.

Farah claimed credit for Gingrich’s comment about the non-existence of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people are relatively new, most historians placing the creation of their national identity in 1834 when revolts began against the Ottoman Empire. Farah is correct that there has never been an autonomous political state of Palestine despite the popularity of, and shift towards, nationalism during the 19th and 20th centuries. There also has never been an autonomous political state of Bavaria, but I would like to see him go to Munich and tell them there is no such thing as a Bavarian and that they are just Germans. Farah also claims that Palestinians are just Arabs, this is also true, like Italians and French are just Europeans. For a guy of Lebanese and Syrian decent he seems ignorant and flippant about his own ancestry. Given the number of things Farah is ignorant of maybe even himself should not have been that big of a surprise.

The highlight of the day had to be double entendre that would have made the writers of Are you being served? go: “that is fucking tacky”.

If you want to see something actually funny, WND is still trying to flog Herman Cain’s book This Is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House. Well thought out title.


Apologies if you have seen this before, but this was a thing of such idiotic beauty it is worth looking at again. On Tuesday plastered across the top of the page was WND’s headline “NFL fans wonder where Obama’s REAL birth certificate is”. Um no they didn’t.
Dumb fucks
The bi-line read “Nationally televised football game features surprise for Obama”. The fact that it is a domed roof stadium should be the cause endless mockery. If I could have cropped the picture to show the full dumb-fuckary of it that picture would be our new banner, but take into account this was a night game, played in the evening, the television cameras are not even there yet. Looking at the stadium, there is more than a few square miles of parking still free in front of the stadium, I am guessing that only early tailgaters and other diehards got to see it.

Trump is trying to draw more attention to himself by offering money to this dead and buried issue.

I don’t know if this is legal, but Michael Savage offered Gingrich $US1M to drop out of the presidential nominee race. I am pretty sure the law takes a fairly dim view of people trying to influence elections trough bribery.

Lester Kinsolving, the guy who is still a member of the Washington press core despite working for a ninth-tier organisation, defends his stupid pursuit on the prohibition of bestiality being removed from the Uniform Code of Military Justice (see last week) when Article 125 was repealed. This was a none issue from the get go, as Stars and Stripes explains, service men/women are actually charged under Article 134 for “all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces” if they are found buggering sheep. Another WND beat-up caused by poor research? How shocking.

If it wasn’t already clear that WND can’t tell fact from fiction, they stuck one of their stupid “Breaking News” animated gifs next to a plug for their online tv show.
Um, no.

…and this week


Farah has produced his best article of the year, because instead of reading Farah, I got to watch Steven Colbert. Farah stamps his feet a little because he is being laughed at. No mention of this blog, even though we laugh at Farah far more than those big shots in the media 😦

What is strange is that a company that prides itself on the claim of “the largest online independent new source” and has such disdain for the mainstream media, giggles like a schoolgirl when it gets a mention. This time they are boasting that someone noticed Farah’s idiocy regarding Palestinians.
Go, Farah. Go.

Chuck Norris has to win an award for the stupidest man on the planet. In his latest article about Defense Department attacks on religion (read Defence Department won’t let Christians do what ever they feel like), he cites amongst his examples:

The Pentagon releases new regulations, forcing chaplains to perform same-sex “weddings” despite their religious objections (September 2011).

He then links to an article by the Washington Post which states in the second paragraph:

Defense Department guidance issued to military chaplains said they may participate in ceremonies on or off military bases in states that recognize gay unions. Chaplains are not required to officiate at same-sex weddings if doing so is counter to their religious or personal beliefs, the guidance said.

Bolding is mine. I don’t really want to go through Chuck’s list of complaints, although I do like the $80,000 Stonehenge-like worship site for “earth based” religions. I couldn’t find who paid for it, but assuming it was the Air Force as some blogs are claiming (unlikely) it is a damn sight cheaper than a new chapel would be. I am just generally annoyed that Chuck Norris, the man who plays dress up soldier in movies, is going to complain that men and women who are actually serving their country are given a space to practice their religion is somehow and attack on religion. Most of Chuck’s complaints are that there is finally a crack down on government money being spent proselytising to the troops. Chuck is quick to play the “Founding Fathers” card:

In many respects, we need to turn back the clock in America to our founding principles, values and liberties, and those include the intricate and pivotal role that religion and Christianity played in our early republic. It is not time to flee religious liberties but re-embrace them, especially during this sacred Christmas week.

I can tell you one military-minded Founding Father that didn’t think much of Christmas. George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware took place on the night of the 25th of December, 1776. That is right, Washington had his troops spend their Christmas packing boats, so in the freezing cold dead of night, they could cross an icy river to attack the Hessian troops garrisoned in Trenton. If you are interested in actual religious freedom in the US military I can’t recommend enough the blog Rock Beyond Belief. It is written by Staff Sergeant Justin Griffith, a man who failed his mandatory Spiritual Fitness test and was told to start a blog talking about his faith.

The Salvation Army were in trouble because they have taken a reasonable compromise position on abortion. That is two armies WND is pissed off at now.


Tuesday WND announced that they were changing their name. They are also going to make some improvements to the design of the website, which given that it looks like it was coded in the nineties shouldn’t be too hard.

In what might be a sign of things to come Farah’s latest column has a video of his column being readout. Maybe WND has realised that reading is not one of its target audience’s strong points.

Obviously the whole birth-certificate thing is not working out as they have dug up an even older conspiracy about Obama, that he campaigned for Kenyan politician Raila Odinga in 2006, apparently raising US$1M for him. Snopes explains why this is bullshit. Apparently “Obama helped place [Odinga] in office in a power-sharing agreement in 2008 after supporters of Odinga’s losing presidential campaign sparked deadly rioting”. In 2008, before he was president. Odinga has now hired a political consulting firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner or GQR. Their links to Obama is clear: Obama is a Democratic Party president; Greenberg has another firm, GCS, with former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville and former John Kerry presidential campaign adviser Bob Shrum; Clinton and Kerry were also Democratic Party presidential candidates; ergo Obama is helping Kenyan communists.

The PUMAs have resurfaced. PUMAs, or People United Means Action, or Party Unity My Ass, are Hillary Clinton supports that never quite got over it. They are dreaming about all the things Hillary would have done differently, and apparently, political realities would have never entered into it. Nice to crazies on the left get some space on WorldNutDaily too.

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  1. brxbrx says:

    Is there a Bavarian Liberation Front I’m not aware of that makes for a fitful comparison to Palestine?

    • Pi says:

      I take it you have never been to Bavaria (which is what they call it by the way, not Germany), you can and will get into a fight with someone if you insist that the place is Germany.

      I was amused when I was in Vienna and ordered a beer, the bar tend looked shocked and said “that is a Styrian beer”, I had no fucking idea where Styria was and why asking for their beer was offensive to Austrians. Later I found out that what we call Austria are actual the three kingdoms of Austria, Styria and Tyrol. It doesn’t matter that you can catch a bus to some of these places, they still think of them as separate.

      • brxbrx says:

        I didn’t know it was that serious. Thanks for the info, and for the excellent blogging. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that way back in the day there was an autonomous Bavarian state. This was back when Germany was divided between small kingdoms, duchies, and principalities.

        • Pi says:

          It has spent most of it history as either a duchy or a state of the Holy Roman Empire. When it was a kingdom from 1806–1918 it was part of various German confederacies.

        • WWWWolf says:

          European geography and nationality semantics are definitely serious business. One of the leading sources of silly edit wars in Wikipedia, you know. =)

          • Pi says:

            I have often wondered if we will see a return of some of these smaller political entities under the EU if there is greater economic, and more importantly, defence integration. If they are getting from EU membership what they use to get from their federation, why not pull out of the federation and join the EU as a separate member?

    • Pi says:

      BTW that was our 1,200th comment.

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