You can take the thug out of Conservapedia…

… but you just can’t take Conservapedia out of the thug.

I’m referring, of course, to one Terry Hurlbut – he of the amusing surname and batshit insane blog, “Conservative News and Views.” Although he is still an administrator on racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little right wing hate blog, Conservapedia, these days Terry only uses it to link-spam articles on his own little site.

I’ve mentioned Terry several times already, probably giving his outpourings far too much credibility. However, his mixture of creationist bullshit, mixed with raging paranoia, terminal stupidity, pathological lying and conspiracy theorist rantings, do make him somewhat attractive. In an “Ooh yes! Root canal work! Awesome!” kind of way.

Needless to say, Terry is big on the Great Flood as the answer to everything, and is quite happy to shoehorn his bizarre beliefs on to anything, just to prove the Flood happened, be it fossilised whales on a beach or the presence of radioactive elements in the crust. Terry also has the somewhat disconcerting habit of latching slavishly onto anybody that appears to support his bizarre worldview. We saw this first with Andrew Schlafly, in whom Terry can see no wrong and follows around like a little puppy, as seen by his joining Andy in the Colbert Report studios. Even former Conservapedians (one of whom was dating Andy’s daughter at the time) describe Terry as “creepy.”

The latest focus of Terry’s devotion is one Walt Brown, and ex-military man, with a Ph.D in mechanical science, who’s written a book about the hydroplate theory. Put in a nutshell, this theory expounds that the great flood occurred when vast subterranean oceans broke through the Earth’s crust at high pressure and temperature, rising into the atmosphere – and in some cases escaping it, forming the craters on the Moon and comets and water on Mars, etc… yes, I know… – before falling back to Earth as loads of rain. Coupled with massive earthquakes, which would have turned the Earth into one giant nuclear reactor, the vast amount of steam and heat generated by these geysers (not to mention the shock-waves… and that’s before the magnitude 13 earthquakes) would have had the effect of essentially sterilising the Earth for once and for all. Especially when the heat from Terry’s fanciful reactor would be enough to melt to crust at the same time…

The fact that we’re all still here is a problem they happily ignore.

Now Brown (and thus by default Terry) is quote happy to debate his theory with anybody. I’ve tried pointing out on Terry’s blog that debating random people on the internet is not the way to put forward a “scientific” (I use the word in its broadest possible context) theory, but rather that Brown should submit his paper for peer review. Needless to say, said comments were “moderated” out of existence. You see, in Terry’s world, the fact that Brown’s paper would be met by a global cry of “WTF?!” is not a sign that the theory is terminally flawed, but rather that there’s some widespread conspiracy by atheistic science to downplay the fact that he Flood ever happened. And for them it’s far more satisfying to play the victim.

Now, as useless as a debate is, somebody did take Brown up on his offer… and this is where things got a little wonky. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fundie run for cover when their debate challenge has been met. Ken Demyer is a prime example – saying he would be too busy for a variable and ever-changing period of time, when his ridiculous demands for a debate were accepted. However, with Brown and Terry dribbling after him, things took a decidedly more creepy turn.

You see, Brown demanded some sort of verification of identity from his challenger, who we’ll call Mason. All well and fine… except that Brown went on to share all this information with Terry Hurlbut, who then went on to paste it all over his blog, as well as on Conservapedia. Now, we all expect Hurlbut to act like a prize dick, but it’s certainly not the behaviour one would expect from somebody like Brown, who wants to portray something akin to a professional appearance, if he wants people to debate him. Hurlbut defended Brown (surprise, surprise!) by saying that Brown has the right to do whatever he likes with e-mails he receives. However, it is such a monumental breach of trust and faith, that it has (hopefully!) scuppered any chance that Brown had of interacting with anybody else.

He has shown himself to have the integrity and scruples of an incontinent poodle on a croquet lawn. Not to mention he’s as full of shit. We already know Hurlbut to be a lying sack of shit, so Brown is in good company, it seems.

However, the real shit-head in all of this has to be Hurlbut, who just couldn’t keep his nose out of the situation, and still knows how to do the CP sysop jackboot shuffle. Any protests that Mason made on Hurlbut’s blog were handily vaporised, with the only point of view expressed being Hurlbut’s. When Mason objected to Hurlbut posting links to the discussion and his personal info on Conservapedia, Hurlbut referred to him as a “troll” – in true CP fashion – handily ignoring the fact that Conservapedia is run by rabid fuckheads like Brian “I’ll phone your boss” Macdonald, John “ooh, I got guns” Patti and Ken “Gibbering basement dweller” Demyer. Any one of these cretins could easily make use of such knowledge to harm somebody they see as the “enemy.”

Of course, it’s just as likely that there never was any plan to debate – especially when there’s a good chance Brown’s theory could be torn apart. I assume this is why he didn’t agree to a face-to-face, or a live, debate, but rather a recorded telephone debate, which means that he could just Gish Gallop his crap and not have to face being refuted. However, this way, by tag-teaming with Hurlbut to scare off any challengers, they’ll no doubt be crowing about how “evolutionists run away from debate.”

Here’s a thought Terry – get on your knees and be thankful that we give you any attention at all. Nobody else does, certainly not your supposed target market. Then again, we only watch you to see what new insanity you’ll post, in what new way you’ll act like the massive dick you are, and in what new way you’ll throw away the last dregs of your integrity.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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35 Responses to You can take the thug out of Conservapedia…

  1. Kels says:

    It’s quite obvious that Brown doesn’t intend to debate anyone, so long as the playing field is anywhere near level. I’ve been getting the same Ken flashbacks since Geno started trying, and Mason’s experience just underlines that. Not that it’s a surprise, given how ridiculous his model is.

    If he really wanted to respond to his critics, it’d be ridiculously simple to do it on the blog. Terry would happily give him space if he wanted it, hell he’d fall over himself for the chance. But then what would be the point in buying Brown’s book and injecting money into his pocket, which seems to be one of the main reasons for coming up with the idea in the first place.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Indeed. These people have no intention to debate, but to throw out the challenge, couple with ridiculous demands, they cry victory when nobody debates them.

  2. CS Miller says:

    “I use the work in its broadest possible context”. I assume that you meant “word” not “work” and the comment is attached to “scientific”.

  3. Norseman says:

    Just like Ken.

    Makes a challenge in his echo chamber he has complete control over, so when someone steps up to him he can only resort to deletions, bannings, and moving goalposts.

    In the words of one of his esteemed, valorous sysop co-conspirators, Karajou: Man up.

  4. Fergus Mason says:

    Just as an update, I emailed Brown four days ago to inform him that I’m ready to provide the other information he insists on having – my home address (vital for a telephone debate, obviously) and details of my biology and astronomy qualifications (again, obviously vital for a debate on geology…) as soon as he assures me that he won’t pass this information to Hurlbut or anyone else associated with Conservapedia. Brown has not answered this email. I’ve sent a couple of follow-ups asking if he’s still willing to debate; still no answer.

    To me it looks like his bluff has been called and he’s backing out. If his position is that he’s not willing to debate unless he’s allowed to pass on my personal information to uninvolved third parties like Hurlbut, well, I think that says all we need to know about his sincerity.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      I think you put up a valiant effort there, Fergus, but as I mentioned elsewhere, you were always on a hiding to nothing. These people aren’t interested in debating the facts; they want to push their theories as facts, stifle any dissent and cry foul and victimisation when they’re laughed out of town.

      I find it doubly laughable, that they believe God created everything in 7 days, but have to resort to bullshit science to explain away all the other stuff God is supposed to have done.

  5. Kels says:

    Terry has no idea what an asshole he looks like here, does he? The tirades, the accusations of trolling and worse, the “everything legal is mandatory” attitude towards privacy, etc. I mean sure, Creationists don’t have much of a concept of honour or common courtesy, but they should have some idea of how they’re coming off in public.

    I’m giving him too much credit, I suppose.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      It’s a thing of beauty – the more Terry comments, the more he comes across as a massive arsehole. Starting with his “that’s the law in New Jersey, na-na-nana-na” crap, he goes rapidly downhill from there, resorting to the usual name-calling.

      We’ve proven time and time again that Terry is a thick-as-shit thug with no integrity; it’s good to see he’s dragging Brown down with him… although given his actions, it seems they’re cut from the same cloth.

  6. Kels says:

    “diligent journalist”, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Fergus Mason says:

      I did ask the “diligent journalist” how high above sea level the whale fossils that sparked this whole sorry mess were, but that comment seems to have fallen down th ememory hole.

  7. Norseman says:

    I would like to think that the whole article, comments especially, are kept track of in the event of a unfortunate “system error” that somehow deletes the blog entry, and just that entry. You know, God did it.

  8. Kels says:

    Wow. This one has me totally gobsmacked. I can’t imagine so much stupid in a single comment.

    It’s like a singularity of moron.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Terry’s adoration of Dr. Brown is starting to verge on the creepy. I’m guessing that he’s really, really glad he came along, because now Terry doesn’t have to defend his own bullshit anymore – he can just send all his detractors to debate Dr. Brown, and if they won’t then he wins by default.

      His latest: “If anyone wants to assert that a shale bed absolutely, positively requires millions of years to deposit, let him apply to Dr. Brown to debate the issue. I don’t accept any of those uniformitarian paradigms at face value. Not anymore, I don’t.”

      Ironically this is in reply to somebody suggesting that Brown table his theory at a conference. And his “I reject that” defense really gets on my nerves – the man is more close-minded than Schlafly.

      • Fergus Mason says:

        “he can just send all his detractors to debate Dr. Brown, and if they won’t…”

        Or more likely if they CAN’T, because Brown stops replying to their emails. This is the 11th day since his last message to me, but in Terry’s mind it’s me who’s backing out.

        • Norseman says:

          I am greatly amused by the latest comments mentioning his censorship of comments he doesn’t like, and he completely ignores that point every time.

          He offered the debate, and yet he can’t even stay honest enough to publish truthful comments. Shockofgod, NephilimFree, and Ken would be proud. I’d lol if someone mentions that to Terry and he gives them praise.

  9. Fergus Mason says:

    On the twelfth day of silence Walt Brown sent to me,
    No emails.
    No assurances, no debate plan, no proposed dates.
    And no apo-ology!

  10. Tomathy says:

    So wait, conservapedia isn’t satire?

    • Fergus Mason says:

      No, satire’s either amusing or makes a point. Conservapedia is just tedious filth.

      • Tomathy says:

        This depresses me, I had always thought it was a really dedicated satire site trying to point out the lunacy of some Americans. I’m saddened to think that these people firmly believe the theories they espouse.

        • PsyGremlin says:

          There’s a small, but ever-dwindling, group that are holding out for the day when Andrew Schlafly takes off the mask and reveals himself to be Stephen Colbert,.

          • Kels says:

            Anyone who’s read his old stuff knows that, like Ken, he’s been at this far too long and far too consistently to be a Poe. It just ain’t believable any more.

            I kinda wish he was more open to debating his loony ideas like he used to be in the old RogAndy days though. He’s far more entertaining when he’s trying to explain his loony ideas than when he’s just tossing them out without argument.

  11. Fergus Mason says:

    Still no word from Brown; that’s 13 days now. In my opinion two weeks is plenty of time for him to either give me his assurance that he’ll stop forwarding everything I send him – including my personal information – to Hurlbut, or to explain why this behaviour is necessary to set up a debate. Therefore I’ve informed him by email, and also posted on Hurlbut’s blog, that if I haven’t heard from him by midnight GMT on 30 December (just over 30 hours from now) I’ll regard him as having withdrawn from the debate.

    I’ll leave it up to others to decide what that would mean for the credibility of the debate offer and of Walt Brown himself.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      As has been said, there’s never been any intention by Brown to debate. Notice how he’s stayed conspicuously clear of the chatter on Terry’s blog. He has shown tremendous bad faith in his dealings and you’re better off walking away from it. Terry, of course, will claim victory, but if he does, I’ll be sure to slap him down from here.

      • Kels says:

        Meh, if it were me I’d just walk off and let Terry say what he wants. It’s not like anyone worth worrying about will listen to him, and the scorn of someone like that isn’t strong enough to hurt my pride.

        A lot of people stick to arguments that have long since proved pointless, because they can’t bring themselves to walk away. Hell, that’s the reason people like Terry taunt so much, so you won’t “back down”.

        • Fergus Mason says:

          Probably good advice. However it really irritates me when windbags like Kendoll or Brown bleat on about how no “evilutionist” has the courage to debate them, then run screaming like schoolgirls when their bluff is called. Fucking hypocritical cowards.

  12. Fergus Mason says:

    OK, the deadline’s passed and still nothing from Walt Brown. I have posted the following comment on Terry’s blog, although it’s not likely to last long there:

    “OK, that’s official.

    I regret to have to announce that despite my repeatedly stated willingness to debate him on his hydroplate “theory,” Dr Walt Brown has failed to answer any of my emails for the last two weeks and in doing so has frustrated all my efforts to find a way forward with the organisation of the event.

    I thereby regard Dr Brown as having voluntarily withdrawn from the debate. I will not publicly speculate on his reasons for doing so.

    If Dr Brown wishes to reconsider in the future and resume discussions I will of course be happy to listen to him, although naturally I will require appropriate assurances as to his commitment to the process and his handling of any personal information I send him.”

    • Norseman says:

      You went through a lot of shit just to be treated like shit.


      • Fergus Mason says:

        Yes, well, who expects decent behaviour from creationists anyway?

        On the bright side, given his blatant cowardice in simply ignoring two weeks’ worth of emails it’s going to be quite hard for Brown to claim that I’m the one who backed out.

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