A post-Saturnalia QE rant

The Xmas cheer has passed, I’m faced with a week of turkey leftovers, and I’m grumpy. I’m also cross-posting and combining posts I made to another blog, because I’m too full of plum pudding to write anything constructive here at the moment.

Except, “Bah humbug!” (which for years I thought was a Jewish holiday)

Part 1

So, the monkeys over at Creation Ministries International have seen fit to pose 15 questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer. By their logic, the fact that people can’t answer these questions, will therefore mean that evolution is false and you’re supposed to fall down on your knees and become a Christian straight away. However, before we we get to the questions and their answers, I think it’s time to look at some of the people pushing this insane agenda.

First up and leading the charge, we have Ken Demyer, probably better known as user:Conservative on racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little rightring hate blog, Conservapedia. A master of disguise, he cunningly poses as user:Question on the “official” Question Evolution blog, where he merely copy/pastes his inane and insane drivel from the pages of Conservapedia.

This is a man who thinks that a fire destroying a house is a good analogy of Christianity, whilst the fireman standing helplessly by, is a lazy atheist. This is the same man who thinks that an encyclopaedia (although I use the term in its broadest possible context where Conservapedia is concerned) needs articles comparing atheists to ponies and bears and god knows what else.

Then again, we are dealing with a mentally disturbed 40-year-old man-child, dwelling in his mother’s basement and with all the social skills of a reticent doorknob. This is a man too cowardly to come out from behind the powers of a Conservapedia sysop and face his critics directly – mostly because he hasn’t got the brainpower to face up to them. This is man who issues bizarre challenges for people to debate him… provided a monetary fee is paid… and then dfoesn’t have the imagination to make up an excuse when his demands are met.

Time and time again he has suddenly become “too busy for an unspecified period” to entertain further discussion and has left websites, such as A Storehouse of Knowledge, where he can’t hide behind the banhammer.

If you’d like to know Ken’s opinion about debate, here’s an excerpt for his most recent blog post on the Question Evolution blog:

The solution to quarrelsome, socially challenged atheists and evolutionists

  1. Bring down the banhammer early and often at Christian/creationist forums and wikis when it comes to these types of atheists/evolutionists. It’s fun and entertaining! Mr. Militant, Rude and Ignorant Atheist/Evolutionists, don’t get sassy with me! Bam! You’re out of here!
  2. If you have a Christian or creationist YouTube channel read this article at Creationwiki: YouTube participant advice.
  3. Require pre-approval of comments at Christian blogs and YouTube channels
  4. Never read more than a few words or sentences of inane and socially challenged atheist/evolutionist comments before deleting them. One Christian, who pre-approves the comments at this blog and who has a great sense of humor, told me he gets a big kick out of out of removing combative, vacuous, rambling, and long atheists’ comments at his blog. The longer the comments of senseless and belligerent atheists at his blog, the more he enjoys deleting them! No doubt these type of comments are full of sound and fury, but they signify nothing and they are summarily deleted.

There you have it, in a nutshell – these people have no interest in debating the facts. Ken – who is ironically VERY socially challenged, throws out cheap insults and actively advocates blocking, reverting and ignoring all those who disagree with him. It’s just the kind of behaviour we expect from somebody used to hanging on the coattails of a bigot, who is appalled that a black man is in the White House.

Then again, you’re dealing with a mindset for whom the following is quite logical:

In a biblical worldview, scientific observations are interpreted in light of the truth that is found in the Bible. If conclusions contradict the truth revealed in Scripture, the conclusions are rejected.

Yes, there’s nothing like exploring science, with the preconceived notion that you’re going to reject everything that doesn’t agree with the garbled writings from a bronze-age myth.

Of course, the irony is is that I could insinuate that Ken fucks his mother, to save paying rent for his basement, and he’ll be too much of a coward to appear here to refute the allegation. The talk page is open, come on over Ken.

Part 2

The funniest thing about the Question Evolution campaign is that no matter how much resident fuck-wit Ken Demyer claims the Question Evolution is going to “sweep across the country” or “smash the bows of the SS Atheism” or “grind up atheism in a meat grinder, or even “squash atheism like a tin can”… it’s done nothing.

Absolutely nothing. The updates we have are along the lines of “somebody has volunteered some time to do something unknown at some unspecified point in the future.” For all Ken’s posturing that ‘atheism will soon become “half a squeak” in America’ (yes, I know, that’s the mental agility of the man), their much-vaunted campaign has done… nothing. I’m sure the fact that it’s being run by a bunch of morons is purely coincidental.

The campaign has been going since at least June 2011, and yet as far as I can tell, all the atheists are still here, evolution is firmly entrenched in science. I haven’t seen a single billboard, advert, news insert, nothing. Even on the creation.com website, there are only 15 testimonials supporting the cause. Of those, I know 4 are fake, but CMI is quite happy to accept totally unbelievable, over the top stories, if it aids their cause.

There also been a number of replies to the 15 questions, all of which have been handily rejected. Not, let me state right now, because they are incorrect, or that evolutionists are indeed stumped, but because of:

  1. The handy catch-all phrase “adequately explain.” This gives them a handy escape clause, as they can say, “No, sorry, you didn’t adequately explain it, next!”
  2. These people have a pre-set agenda – science is badf, Bible is good; anything that contradicts the Bible can be rejected. Or, as Answers in Genesis put it: “In a biblical worldview, scientific observations are interpreted in light of the truth that is found in the Bible. If conclusions contradict the truth revealed in Scripture, the conclusions are rejected.” In other words, if your defense of evolution contradicts the Bible, it’s wrong.

Still’ given the general amount of fuck-all that’s going on with the campaign, it’s no wonder that they go apeshit when somebody actually does something. In this case. a supposedly “13 year old young man” (yes, that’s Ken again) has created a video, extolling the campaign.

Enter Terry Hurlbut – he of the amusing name, batshit insane YEC beliefs (seriously, this is the man who believes that water from the flood cratered the Moon, and that during the flood, the Earth turned into a giant nuclear reactor… but a little wooden boat survived unharmed) and another member of Schlafly’s white supremist hate blog… I wonder if there’s a common thread developing here.

Now Hurlbut, who as a qualified doctor, but now works as a gofer of an ambulance chaser (maybe the power of prayer wasn’t working in the operating theatre) might be more intelligent than Ken Demyer, but he’s just as revolting a person. He regularly deletes comments and blocks users from his own blog, so he’s right at home, both on Conservapedia and with the Question crowd. The fact that Hurlbut was also a member of the Digg Patriots, which actively buried stories they didn’t like, also speaks volumes. So when a scumbag like this speaks up for you, it might be best to back away slowly.

Anyway, Hurlbut is crowing on his blog about how amazing this video is. To quote the man: “Remarkably, his video shows production values that easily rival those of any professional advertising agency. The music alone is worth the viewer’s time.”

Wow. Maybe we should have a look at this work of art.

Don’t worry, I’ve saved you the trouble. here’s a blow by blow description of the video that “shows production values that easily rival those of any professional advertising agency.” Don’t worry, I didn’t give him the pleasure of a visit on YouTube, I simply downloaded it via the link.

Music: Some generic, dramatic, quasi-orchestral piece, probably downloaded from the web. No credit, or source given for the music.

Total length: 1:08

From 0:00 to 0:06 – Question’s logo, the “Darwin with his finger to his lips” picture

From 0:07 to 0:13 – Cut to picture of train tracks with the words “Would you like to stop atheism in its tracks” crammed into the top of the frame. Wait… a cut to the next picture? No fade, or wipe… where are these production values I keep hearing about?

0:14 to 0:22 – cut (again no effects) to a green screen, with a brown stripe at the bottom, and the words “We have 15 questions which stop evolutionists in their tracks”

0:23 to 0:33 – cut (WHAT fucking production values??!!) to blue screen with yellow stripe and the words “This is all part of the Question Evolution campaign.”

0:34 to 0:42 – cut to dark blue screen with white stripe and the words “The Question Evolution campaign ask evolutionist 15 questions. The questions are stumping evolutionists.” I’m starting to get the impression that either this kid is being groomed by Ken Demyer (a thought too horrible to contemplate) or her doesn’t exist and it’s Ken putting this togther.

0:43 to 0:52 – Cut to white screen with black writing “Thanks for watching our video. Please volunteer for this campaign. Merry Christmas from the Question Evolution campaign.

0:53 to end: “For more information please visit: The link is down below.” Ironically the last part is placed under the URL!

Simply put, even for a supposed 13-year-old, it’s awful. And for somebody like Hurlbut to claim it rivals advertising companies… well… the man is either delusional, or lying through his teeth. Knowing him as I do, I’m inclined to go with the latter.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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6 Responses to A post-Saturnalia QE rant

  1. David Pinto says:

    Yessir, that ad sure is a convincing one, innit? Now I know where the word “lame” comes from.
    Reminds of a story — a true story — I read a few years ago about a Jewish girl — guess she was maybe ten or eleven — in a Hebrew class and the rabbi was talking about the Creation of the world. (You know, on the first day, God created … and on the second day, God created … etc.)
    Well, this little girl asked, all innocently, “Rabbi, on what day did God create dinosaurs?” Bad move. The rabbi blew his top and yelled at the girl: “Get out of here!” Well, that’s what the little girl did — and she never went back.

  2. brxbrx says:

    “It’s just the kind of behaviour we expect from somebody used to hanging on the coattails of a bigot, who is appalled that a black man is in the White House.”
    “white supremist hate blog”
    Do you really believe that or are you just saying it to get under Karajou’s and Ken’s, and other Conservapedians who read this’ skin?
    I mean, I imagine that a lot of the hate that rose up against Barack Obama was the result of discomfort at the thought of a black president, but I haven’t seen so much of that from CP. Sure, there was the whole “affirmative action president” thing, but that doesn’t make them white supremacist.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      No, I honestly believe that. Remember I have sent a lot of time around Andy and his cohorts, especially behind the scenes as a fellow sysop on CP. Their hatred of Obama goes way, way beyond party politics. They dislike Obama because of the colour of skin. Conservapedia is run, and exclusively edited by Caucasian men (with a few women). Racist comments are common behind the scenes, even directed at the Asian JessicaT, who was one of the “in crowd” once upon a time. CP might not be actively white supremest, but I guarantee they support their cause.

      And it also makes Karajou mad when I call him out on his racism.

      • Norseman says:

        I remember when wandals attacked Obama’s article and were basically inserting racism. Jpatt would revert, and block them for basically a few hours with “I agree with you, but tone it down” block reasons. No ideological blocks there, no siree!

      • brxbrx says:

        You would know better than me I suppose. I guess I’m just a bit squeamish about such accusations.

  3. Dante says:

    lol I like Ken’s Shakespeare reference

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