WorldNutDaily roundup – belated Christmas Day special

Sorry I have fallen so unbelievably far behind in my postings on WorldNetDaily, but it has been Christmas, and along with all the usual hectic stuff that goes along with that, Wednesday last week I got engaged. My fiancée is Persian, so I also had to do something about Mithra’s birthday too.

Being so far behind that I am not going to try and post to catch up, but I will give you some highlights:
Pamela Geller got to be the craziest person twice in one day, first with this gem about a reality TV show involving Muslims:

The fact is that the show specifically situates itself as a response to ‘Islamophobia’ – this was clear from the opening moments of the first show. But it is severely misleading, because it doesn’t deal with the kind of Muslims who would ever have caused anyone any concern in the first place. And I have been saying that since the show premiered.

I honestly can’t get my head around the logic of this. A show that counters the kind of Islamophobia Geller spreads is wrong because it is showing Muslims being normal Americans and not the caricature she presents? She got to follow it up with her weekly article:

Why would Obama want to ease sanctions on Iran? He sounds mentally ill. Or he wants a universal caliphate.

Yeah Pam those are the only two options, you are either mentally ill or you want a universal caliphate. At least she has made it clear on which side of that dichotomy she has fallen. Caliphate is the Islamophobic-right’s latest scare-word, they don’t know what it means, but they know what Glenn Beck told them it means. It means Muslims running the world. The Caliphate was the loose political entity that most Muslims lived under from Mohammed until the office of Caliph was dissolved into the Turkish Parliament in 1924. The Caliphate was about as coherent of a political entity as the Holy Roman Empire and at times multiple people or institutions simultaneously claimed the title of Caliph, the Ottomans being the most recent. It pretty much is the equivalent of claiming that Germans want to restart the Holy Roman Empire again, with the difference that the Nazis actually tried it once.

WND is claiming victory over the whole bestiality in the military story they created. Congratulations!

Some Rabbi, who has a book with WND, has been getting a lot of article space claiming that the USA is about to feel the wrath of God like ancient Israel. It has something to do with trees.

I might be being hyper-sensitive, but I can’t help but notice in this video by Molotov Mitch how he picks aspects of African-American culture as examples of things people are getting paid for by the government because they are lazy. Crypto-racism. It has been a while since I noticed it on WND, must be why it is cryptic.

WND learnt that you can’t wish away a sitting president away.

The highlight had to be Larry Klayman’s article which is so over-the-top it is not worth commenting on besides to say such a gross misuse of hyperbole will be the end of civilisation itself.


Where would Christmas be without the hysterics of the annual War on Christmas. WND got into the War spirit by compling its own list, that included such things as decorations being removed as a safety risk. A few years back I remember a similar list containing a store that was asked to move its carol singers because they were blocking a fire-exit – Scrooges. Most of the cases come down to various government agencies not being allowed to spend money on singling Christmas, and hence indirectly supporting Christianity, over other religions that have celebrations at this time of year. WND featured a video by Rep. Scott Rigell, R-Va. where he almost got it right. He filmed it in his own time, using his own resources and posted it on YouTube – none of this was done using official government channels or at its expense. You can exercise your religion and free speech all you want, just don’t expect the government to pay for your pulpit. Despite (or perhaps because of) all the hoopla surrounding this imaginary war, USians are finding Christmas more religious than before. Not bad for a pagan holiday that got appropriated.

Other people practising their own religions however a big no. WND was outraged that the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps are going to allowed uniform headscarves and turbans in addition to their regular uniforms. Keep in mind that JROTC is not actually part of the military, it is a school program sponsored by the armed forces and wearing turbans is not Islamic it is Sikh.

Chuck Norris somehow takes the message praying doesn’t work, stick to conventional medicine and turns it into a testament for Jesus.

Farah thinks Obama is going to lock him up. Don’t get me wrong, I think the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 has some bad elements, but the act contains oversight for indefinite detentions where none existed before. The president has actually had these powers since congress rushed through the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in the week following the September 11th terrorist attacks. The new act codifies the procedures that were already in place and at least we now know that the buck stops with the president for these abuses.

Alan Keyes gets crazy of the day for his wonderful display of hell-fire preaching.


WND’s signature birtherism was back Monday, a completely irrelevant case dealing with the Secretary of State in Indiana with legitimate questions hanging over his election got about two lines of mention in an article in that was on that very subject before it dissolved into another Obama is ineligible wankfest. WND also got its knickers all wet over lone crank Ron Polland, who WND described as a “researcher”. Polland has “launched” Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service challenges (read filed nuisance complaints that will get thrown in the bin) against FactCheck.Org because they are violating their tax-exempt status by being partisan political for saying things Polland didn’t agree with. The thing in question, is of course, that Obama’s birth-certificate is real. How shockingly partisan. You see the genuineness or falsehood of Obama’s birth-certificate is not an objective fact, it is a political position, and anyone telling you that it is wrong to believe that it is fake is trying to censor your opinion and is violating your First Amendment rights. Fantasy hero of the new-right Sheriff Joe Arpaio is wondering why the Federal government is tiring of him overstepping his authority on immigration and attributes it to him overstepping his authority in investigating Obama’s birth-certificate. One does have to wonder exactly what it is that a group of volunteers in a county sheriff’s office in Arizona can determine about birth certificate held by a state agency in Hawaii, but I suspect that they just read WND for “facts”.

I might owe Chuck Norris an apology, I was shocked to learn the man actually has a military background. This week I learnt that he guarded air force bases in South Korea in 1958, after the war. He was discharged in 1962, thereby missing the opportunity to fight in the next one. But props too him being and Air Policeman is more military work than I have done. However Chuck once again took the opportunity to make it clear only Christians are allowed in the Armed Forces anyway.

The Shroud of Turin was back on the mainpage Monday, with the shocking revelation that scientists in Italy reproduced it using ultra-violet light. According to WND this is proof of the Resurrection, because where would medieval forgers get an ultra-violet light? As the link to Alan Boyle that WND was kind enough to provide pointed out, just because you can make something one way, doesn’t mean that is how it was made. In the face of people declaring it to be the burial cloth of Jesus, the best piece of sanity came from WND commenter Donald Buckley:

Religious relics are a dangerous thing…to believers. In the Old Testament God commanded Moses to make a brass serpent and place it on a staff. A judgement of poisonous snakes had come upon the Israelites in the wilderness and many were dying from their venomous bites. At the command of God any who looked on the brass serpent survived. This was a stunningly clear picture of salvation by faith alone. Many years later King Hezekiah had to destroy the brass serpent because people were worshipping it and not the Living God. The brass serpent had become a substitution for God Himself. Jesus said that only those who know Him personally will be allowed by Him into heaven. He made no mention of belief in any religious relic, statue, picture, whatever. Jesus, to whom ALL authority in heaven and on earth has been given, said, “You must be born again.” Take care of that issue and let the shroud be whatever it is.

From an actual American Protestant position he is correct, it is a piece of cloth.


Farah was back in the fantasy world that he can make the last three years disappear with his own reading of the constitution. Farah (and a much larger proportion of people for that matter) fail to understand that the law exists beyond statutes and the constitution, most of it is case law and precedents stretching back hundreds of years before the US even existed. Natural-born citizenship, or jus soli, is a concept of English common law that mealy states if you are born in a country you are a citizen of that country and United States v. Wong Kim Ark affirmed this. Farah’s fantasy that if he could some how find Obama ineligible the last three years will be scrubbed away also fails the bullshit test because of the de facto officer doctrine, another law that exists in no statute, but only in precedents. In a nutshell it says that so long as the person exercised the duties of the office correctly, the fact they were ineligible from holding it is irrelevant with respect to the decisions they made or orders they gave. This doctrine steams from cases where people in the armed forces, or even judges, have been incorrectly appointed in the past. Terry Lakin threw away an 18 year military career because of this.

Pat Buchanan asks “Whose country is it, anyway?” It belongs to all your fellow citizens, even the ones you disagree with, grow the fuck up and learn to share it.

WND is looking for a new Washington correspondent to draw mockery from the press gallery and a new manager for the WND Superstore. Having previously tried to purchase items through their service a blind chimp will probably qualify for the job. First there was a problem processing my payment with PayPal, which placed a two month lock on my account preventing me from removing an expired credit card from the payment options list. This ended up being resolved by me emailing my credit card details to them (I had the sense to secure my connection, but did they?). I tried to buy something recently from them, but I had forgotten my password, every time I tried to recover the password I got the message my email address was not registered on the system. So I tried to create a new account using that email address. Guess what? It was already on the system and I should use the password recovery if I have forgotten my password. Aagggh!


With the end of the year coming and the dreaded Year 2012 just around the corner, WND has decided to get in on the actions with a book by Tom Horn called Apollyon Rising 2012. The usual supernatural woo, the guy has gone through and picked a whole bunch of stuff from various cultures that he interprets as pointing to the end of the world on December 21, 2012. This book seems to tie into the One World/anti-Christ conspiracies with the glowing eye on US currency thing decorating the cover. WND is flogging five more books like it. It is Y2K all over again. January 2013 I will be picking these books up for $0.50.

Pamela Geller is upset that Republicans with moderate views still exist. Or maybe that she is a second rate blogger and doesn’t have a syndicated newspaper column like the woman she is critiquing, I don’t know.

In other shocking news, religious people use the bible to oppose homosexuality.

Crazy of the Year goes to the man WND styles as A Voice of Sanity, Robert Ringer, who wants to start nuking people, because that will scare China and Russia. Yes, because once the nuclear armed China and Russia knows that the US are happy to fire theirs off at the slightest provocation they are really going to be put them in their place, no chance at all of a pre-emptive strike next time there is a little tension between them and the US. For Fuck’s Sake how could the man live through the Cold War and think this would be a good idea? He actually thinks using the most expensive weapons in the US’s arsenal would save money and win them praise around the world as liberators by nuking Tehran, thereby allowing all the newly dead student protesters to be free. Ringer’s child-like dreams of the US showing the whole world what is what is so staggeringly naive that it in not worth dwelling on, only to say that it was slightly more moderate versions of this mentality that dragged the US into the clusterfuck that would become Iraq.

That is it for this year. Sorry for the slow rate of posting, but reading through WND is depressing. The vitriol and hatred they show for their fellow Americans because they don’t have the same political or religious views they do, or just because they swing a different way, is soul crushing. I can say from having read it everyday for three weeks that it is a cesspit of hatred created by a man that is either delusional beyond belief or will tell bold-face lies because it earns him a buck. I hope you all have a good New Years and I will see when I build up the strength to go for another expedition into Wingnuttia.

Thanks to CS Miller for highlighting errors in the original article.

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  1. brxbrx says:

    The crazy person quote font is hard to read for me. Does anybody else have trouble with it, and would our beloved bloggers π and PsyGremlin consider changing it? Thank you.

    • Pi says:

      Yeah, I am going to fix that, I just wanted to get the crazies class in so that when I fix it updates along them.

  2. brxbrx says:

    Also, this pic ( looks like somebody tore out a bit of someone’s cardiovascular system.

  3. CS Miller says:

    Although I don’t really know you, let alone your boyfriend, congratulations my man! (Fiancé is masculine, fiancée is feminine)

    Thank you for the lengthy dissection of WND; although I’m not an American, it is good to know what the American right is thinking.

    Typos of the week –
    “Ottomans being the most resent” is probably “recent”.
    “Some Rabbi, who has book with WND” – “a book”?
    “Chuck Norris somehow takes the message pray doesn’t work” – “praying”
    “he can make the last three year disappear with his own reading of the constitution” – “years”
    “which placed a two month lock on my account prevent me from removing removing an expired credit card from payment options list.” – “preventing”, “from the payment”
    “but I had forgot my password” – “forgotten”

    All praise Tpyos!

    If you don’t want me to list some of your typos, please say so.

    • Pi says:

      Okay thanks for all the typo correction, especially in French.

      I need a proof reader, after 3 hours if writting it gets hard ti do it yourself.

    • brxbrx says:

      in English, they’re both the same.

  4. WWWWolf says:

    > at times multiple people or institutions simultaneously claimed the title of Caliph
    …and when nefarious people wanted to become Caliph instead of the Caliph, unbelievably crazy hijinks ensued…

  5. brxbrx says:

    Je veux etre calif a la place du calif!
    Anybody recognize that? RIP, Goscinny

  6. PsyGremlin says:

    Congrats on the engagement Gentleman pi! Wishing you many, many happy years together! (PS Thank you for showing Ken we aren’t all single, socially-inept, obese, short losers! 🙂

    • Pi says:

      Thanks. My failure to convert her to atheism shall forever be a stain though. I guess I will just spend more time in the gym with my exercise science.

  7. P-Foster says:

    WND redesign: Where are the polls? It’s my favorite part of the website. Has Farrah done away with them?

  8. PsyGremlin says:

    Wow… just read the Klayman article. There’s a whole bunch of crazy wrapped up there. “Just as I was instrumental in exposing the bribery of the Clintons by China” Really? Last time I checked “expose” didn’t mean “rant about some bizarre conspiracy theory on a crap website.”

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