The new look WND looks suspiciously old

WorldNetDaily has launched its new look website, and well, here it is:
The new WND
Look familiar?
Terry's mess
Yep it even has the sliding article thing, but unlike Terry’s it works.

WND of course had a poll on its new look. Option two was “WND is now the most contemporary website on the block”. Sure. Only a few seconds of rummaging through the code confirmed that WND, like Terry, is using an instillation of WordPress, although WND does not acknowledge this anywhere on the front page. So much for “the most contemporary”. On the other hand, it is kind of sad seeing someone doing a better job of what Terry is desperately trying to do, although WND did have professional help.

Well Terry I will give you some free advice to improve your website’s look:
There it is.

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9 Responses to The new look WND looks suspiciously old

  1. brxbrx says:

    What would removing the forward slashes do?

    • CS Miller says:

      Very little – HTML comments are , // is in Javascript, C++, C# and other C-derived languages (but not C itself, officially). Text in the section should not be there, but is ignored by most browsers, allowing all sorts of sloppy coding.

      • CS Miller says:

        arghh, the comment wasn’t escaped by the submit form. It is <!– This is a comment — >

  2. P-Foster says:

    Posted this on the wrong story, sorry guys:
    WND redesign: Where are the polls? It’s my favorite part of the website. Has Farrah done away with them?

  3. PsyGremlin says:

    I think it’s a tradition or charter or something (with apologies to R Rankin) that is if you want to be a wing-nut, you must employ bad web design and be technically deficient in maintaining said site. After all, you’re too busy informing the world about The Great Evil to worry about things like coding…

    I still think the best example of this (outside of Timecube) has to be the “Creation Museum and Taxidemy Hall of Fame of North Carolina”

    • Pi says:

      Wow, looks like they were mugged by a homeless geocities site developer. I notice they have only 5 questions and not 15 questions that evolutionists can’t answer. But reading them I realised they were basically the same CMI has just diluted them furter.

      Terry’s make me laugh as he started with the same basic template WND did, but bodged it up so badly. Terry clearly did his own coding based on some half remembered html from a decade ago.

    • Pi says:

      BTW it is nice to see someone else read Rankin, he seems to be one of the more overlooked humourous fantasy authors.

      • PsyGremlin says:

        I can tolerate him in small doses. His special kind of weird does appeal to me, but I generally need a long break in between books. I also find I have the annoying habit of growing heroically big hair and saying things like “I am the stuff of legends” after reading his works.

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