The Anti-Semitic Nuke Lies Morons Bite Back!

A while back, I wrote a blog post on a bunch of kooks and lunatics, calling themselves “Nuke Lies.” This bunch of mad tinfoil hatters seriously believe that nuclear weapons are some sort of hoax and do not exist. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just the result of normal bombing raids and the mushroom clouds are just plumes of ordinary smoke. Yada yada yada.

However, one of these kooks, calling himself Rerevisionist, is also a Holocaust denier and I quoted this piece of scum as saying the following:

And of course more Jews died in road accidents than of ‘gassing’ during the Second World War.


I’ve just found out that Anders wasn’t even his real name – insofar as Jews have real names

Anyway, it seems as if the crazies… or at least the head crazy over at Nukelies, has stumbled across my humble blog and is spouting righteous indignation and faux outrage over at his blog. I rather like his accusation that I was conducting “espionage”… on a publicly readable forum, and that I’m working “for an agency which seeks to discredit our message.” Buddy, trust me, you’re doing a great job of discrediting your own message, especially when you spout such crap as:

He calls our groundbreaking ideas “madness.” I’m not sure that’s the most appropriate term. Perhaps claiming that atoms can explode into giant bombs is madness.

Here’s the full text of this moron’s spluttering, paranoid reply. The more I read it, the more I think this is a 16-year-old home-scholar who’s found a new project other than Encyclopaedia Dramatica.

The following wryly written wordpress blogger post states “yes, they’re Holocaust deniers too,” referring to all members of this site, including myself – NUKELIES. Psygremlin was a member here who seems to have been doing a bit of espionage.

I, NUKE LIES, will categorically state that I take no stance on the issue of the Holocaust. My disinterest in the topic does not stem from fear. I believe the Holocaust happened, in the same way that 9/11 happened, I’m just not sure what it was. One thing I do know is that it was at least in part sacrifice – just like 9/11 – but that’s all I know about it. People who harp on endlessly about 9/11 bore me, likewise Holocaustmongers tire me with their endless barrage of ultimatums – regardless of what side they purport to take. Most discussion on the Holocaust is engineered provocation.

I have stated before in private to Rerevisionist, and in public on the forum, that NUKE LIES Forum is principally dedicated to asking the question “Do Nuclear Bombs Exist?” I allow free speech on this forum because I am proud to be American and I believe in the absolute importance of free speech. I mention my being American advisedly – for in the UK – America’s closest ally and patriarch – free speech is limited and therefore null. One can go to jail in the UK for “inciting racial hatred” – simply by verbalizing racial epithets. The other Anglospherical countries also have similar speech-limiting laws. The United States is in a dire state, but we are unique in the world in that we still have free speech — for the time being.

If people want to talk about Jews, then they may. But this forum is not specifically about Jews any more than it is about any other denomination. This is not an apology, it stems from my desire to remain free from being bullied around by pseudo-liberal-apologists who never ascribe any responsibility to Jews, and by rabid conspiracy theorists who accuse anyone not on board the anti-ZOG bandwagon of being an agent.

I am not an agent of anyone’s agenda but my own. I will state it differently so that it might sink in: I am not in favor of Jews or Gentiles – I am seeking the truth. I do not like ignorance which I find repulsive. I genuinely believe that nuclear bombs are likely a complete hoax – they simply do not make sense. I edited together “NUKE LIES” because I needed to share my query.

This forum, which is under my control, does not have any official stance on Jews or the Holocaust. But it does allow free speech.

Psygremlin is a liar for posting disingenuous information on our forum, and perhaps he works for an agency which seeks to discredit our message. My motive for asking the question “Do Nuclear Bombs Exist?” is altruistic. I therefore do not appreciated being misled by provocateurs.

Now, I have a very simple response to this. Yes, you have the right to free speech. With that right comes responsibilities. Seriously, why do no wingnut Americans understand this concept? Inbreeding? Dropped on their heads as babies? You might have “no stance on the issue of the Holocaust” and no “official stance on Jews or the Holocaust,” but as the site’s owner you can and will be held responsible for the things your posters say.

So when that malignant turd who calls himself Rerevisionist writes crap like “the gassing stories were always a hoax” then I will hold you equally accountable and accuse you of being equally an equally reprehensible piece of shit, for allowing those comments to stand. Rerevisionist crawled out of the sewer on to your blog, he’s your responsibility, or your name and reputation will be taken down with him. (Is this the bit where I add “We know where you live” in an ominous voice?)

Oh and in response to your “I genuinely believe that nuclear bombs are likely a complete hoax – they simply do not make sense”… E=mc2

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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26 Responses to The Anti-Semitic Nuke Lies Morons Bite Back!

  1. brxbrx says:

    It’s hard to take these people seriously. Maybe they should take a trip to New Mexico to witness the glass sands.
    They should probably also wonder about where their power comes from.

  2. ADK says:

    They’ll claim E=mc^2 is a hoax, or isn’t real, or some kind of “not applicable” or something. But that’s what denialism is, it’s seeing the same conclusion regardless of what evidence is presented to you. We get the term “blind faith” from the fact that if you see exactly the same thing regardless of what your eyes are actually looking at, you’re effectively blind. So show them pictures of nukes going off, show them the physics, the radiation readouts, the money plowed into it, the applications, the fact that radiometric dating has been someone buggered by us detonating so many of them… well, it ends up a bit “Dragon In My Garage” doesn’t it?

    There is an excellent book by Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox deriving E=mc^2 from base principles in the most lay terms possible, and I would recommend it, though it may still be a little advanced for *ahem* some people.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      I suppose we’re fortunate that there only appears to be three of them actively posting, but their special kind of denialism is right out there. Nuke Lies might just be an idiot with no grasp of physics (I wonder what he’d make of the Oklo reactor), but that other idiot Rerevisionist doesn’t seem to believe in anything – from nukes, to the Holocaust, to moon landings, to pictures of Jupitrer, to the ‘endoplasmic reticulum’ – which he calls a “biology error.’

      It makes me wonder how these idiots get out of bed in the morning. Still, at least they’re more articulate than Gene Ray.

      • swiss1970 says:

        hi i actually no nuke lies personally, and believe it or not hes a nice guy..
        THO his views are disgusting, racist, and insulting!!, i have told him this lots of times in prvte emails, as surprise,surprise im barred from there site lol…,oh he no longer speaks to me lol…then again i did ask him if his mental health was ok lol…!!!
        AS for that confused pensioner,rerevisionist, well he is just damn well crazy!!!,and really should be sectioned!.
        YOU said exactly the same as i did ,to nuke lies that as the owner he has a responsibilty,for his website…but he was to arrogant to take notice!!
        It is no longer about nukes , it just a site for racist people to air there vile views…

  3. P-Foster says:

    “I suppose we’re fortunate that there only appears to be three of them actively posting…” This is something I’m actually thinking about more and more–how the internet works to level out the crazy. People who we shouldn’t pay any attention to (these guys, Andy Schlafly, User: Conservative, etc) because they are either profoundly stupid, mentally ill, or of no social or political import whatsoever end up taking up way more space in the public discourse than they warrant. If I saw a guy on the corner handing out pamphlets saying that nukes didn’t exist, that abortion causes breast cancer, or that atheism was linked to obesity, I might mention it to my buddies at the pub during a lull in the hockey game we were watching, and it would be forgotten–as it should be–by the time play picked up again, ’cause it’s really just random stupidity. Thanks to the Internet, though, stuff like this is taking up as much of your, mine and Brx’s time as is, say, some local political issues that actually matters.Three relatively interested and intelligent people who could be spending time reading up on issue X that matters are instead reading about people who are completely delusional and totally unremarkable except as a curiosity….I’m not blaming you for posting about this, Psy–hell, I’m a guilty of it as you are; but it does say something about the world more broadly, and how new tech changes what we mean by ideas like “news,” “knowledge,” etc….

    • PsyGremlin says:

      I think there’s a couple of reasons for it.
      1. Less personal. It’s easier to go after somebody you disagree with online, with the element of anonymity that comes with it. Going after somebody on a street corner or in Hyde Park could get nastily personal, but online it doesn’t matter so much.
      2. “Somebody is wrong on the internet.” ’nuff said.
      3. Entertainment value. All this is is the electronic version of paying to watch the inmates in Bedlam.
      4. Sorting the wheat from the chaff. yes, there are a fair number of loonies, who don’t warrant our time, but then there’s places like WND, that do have a following. But I’d rather open a vein than be exposed to them too often,
      5. It’s easier to write about “bad” news than good news.

      • brxbrx says:

        It’s the anonymity. People can say whatever they want with few repercussions, and it brings out the worst in us.
        People say the worst, vilest things that come to mind on the internet. The best examples would be comments sections, where the basest slurs manifest from people reading the article or post.
        And more than just the anonymity, the internet allows people with these disturbed minds to come together, coalescing into grimy edifices dedicated to whatever hatred or nonsense that would normally get them laughed at or ostracized in real life.
        I think what would be a great thing is if everybody had an absolute online identity, like in real life, and sites had the option of mandating the openness of this identity. Sites like 4chan would choose anonymity, and people would go there for that, and news sites might force commentators to use their real names as a disincentive to saying vile, inflammatory things. Of course the idea requires more fleshing out than what is in the few previous sentences, so don’t get too internet with the criticism.

      • ADK says:

        I think that works backwards too. Few people write on Nuke Lies, yet few actively commit such “espionage” against it. More important issues also attract more attention and will have more people talking about it, it’s more difficult to say something new and interesting unless you find your niche. RW has plenty of people who could competently talk about bigger issues, and often enough we do, but it’s the niche cranks that generate the attention because you can get that other stuff elsewhere.

        Also, there’s a “fair ground curiosity” aspect to it all. Which is probably the better explanation.

      • swiss1970 says:

        oh m8…he has just totally slated you AGAIN, on there silly website… now promise me you wont get upset/lose sleep… free speech ? the only people who talks to them is the little people in there heads!!!!.

        • PsyGremlin says:

          Oh whee! It seems I have touched a nerve. Yes indeed, we have free speech, but HOW DARE you criticise us!! Apparently I’m bashing America now too. And I’m a “traitor.” Who knew? I wonder why wing-nuts are always so angry.

          Best of all our friend Rerevisionist has come up with another racist tirade that is worthy of comment.

          I think I’ve found a new nest of nuttiness to poke with a big stick.

          • swiss1970 says:

            lol there just a load of fruit loops… its a shame because i no JESSE, VERY WELL!!!! AKA nuke lies.. and he really is a nice guy… but think he has just completley lost it..for a 37yr old man he should have more in his life!!! but hey ho he is american lol…
            i just find there comments very racist,untrue, and to be honest offensive….
            i dont object to anybodies , views to be honest, but i find these to be so repulsive,and have no context to nuke lies!!!!
            hope you dont lose sleep ,you TRAITOR lol… there paranoid….

    • brxbrx says:

      Truth be told, I hardly ever pay attention to local politics…

  4. Norseman says:

    Oh shit, they’re onto us, Spy (I mean, Psy)!

    I’ll call the agency right away and destroy documents pertaining to the absolute truth of NukeLies. Government funding will cease payment to this blog. Any and all acknowledgement of affiliating with the U.S. government will be denied and disregarded. You are on your own in your endeavors. Godpseed! 😛

  5. Robbert says:

    Funny how a-holes like these always seem to think the right of free speech applies only to them. “I can say whatever I like, I have free speech. But don’t you dare criticise what I say!”

    • Random Surfer says:

      The irony of free speech is they are free to say that other people shouldn’t have free speech, including – but my no means limited to – criticizing their speech.

      • brxbrx says:

        Did they say we weren’t allowed to criticize them? That doesn’t seem to be the case. They’re just mad at us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good. Flipping. Grief.

  7. jeff says:

    there were no gas chambers until AFTER the war, when the russians built them, and even they weren’t gas chambers.

    one of the biggest lies since ‘he died for our sins.’
    assassinated by bankers, more likely.

  8. swiss1970 says:

    hhhm deffo got another wackjob psygremlin lol… no doubt another yank!!!, these crazies keep me sane!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well, I would highly recommend the revisionist idiot be sedated and committed somewhere secure. During a debate with me, he personally insulted my family and wished cancer on me for not sharing his obsessive ‘Jew baiting’. It didn’t occur to me at the time if he thought cancer was another non-existent Zionist conspiracy. This ‘man’ purports to be an intellectual in his 60s, yet when faced with evidence that doesn’t support his theories will respond like an infant. Additionally and probably unsurprisingly, he spreads his anti-semiticism and also attempts to ‘groom’ unsuspecting females in a well known free chat room in the UK in a most arrestable fashion. I personally have no respect for his particular brand of hatred for pretty much everybody on the planet and would suggest the site be closed down. His level of inarticulacy and misanthropy is indicative of a very low IQ, ‘little man syndrome’ and possibly a disturbing mental illness.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Is he still spilling his crap all over the place? I know he had a YouTube channel, but hadn’t really followed him to other websites. He really is a vile little man and your summation is right – like so many others I’ve come across – his age seems to far exceed his rhetorical skills.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes. he is personally insulting towards all that cross his path with scepticism and almost certainly lacks the requisite skill for discussion, flamboyantly displaying his woeful social inadequacies for all to see. He is so shamelessly vain, he is incapable of realising his demeaning behaviour to others alone is enough to persuade people to treat him with contempt. I can’t imagine how he has escaped the attentions of the Social Work Department, the auspices of the Mental Health Act or the Police thus far.

  11. Anonymous says:

    OH lord are the crazies back lol… love it,
    there views are so unreal its hard to even read them without pissing meself laughing..
    tho give JESSE WAUGH, site owner his dew, he does not and is not involved with this site anymore, threw all his toys out of the pram in a hissy fit,cos nobody agreed with his racist views lol..but that senile old man from blackburn in uk ,well words cannot not describe him… god imagine having to have to go for a pint with him,let alone be chatted up by him on his uk porn sites, ewwww thought makes me shudder!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    you no the most contradicting thing about these crazies?? jesse the “site owner” is actually gay, which hey i have no problem with,,but if u read some of his comments about aids bieng a manmade disease,how would he have coped bieng a gay jewish man in nazi europe???
    plus i no for a fact he was not in newyork at 911.. as i no him unfortunately personally.. the whole site is fabrication of strange people…. last heard of he joined the new age cult in sommerset uk, along with eating fruit only!!! (tho pardon the pun hes ate plenty of fruit in his life, as i no for definate,unfortunately.)
    strange people..

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