No, Not Racist At All…

My new favourite wing-nuts over at the Nuke Lies forum are frothing at the mouth again, because I dared to call one of their main contributors anti-Semitic for posting things like “And of course more Jews died in road accidents than of ‘gassing’ during the Second World War” and I criticised him for allowing such garbage to stand.

The site owner is livid that I dare question the right of forum member Rerevisionist (who has been described as “just damn well crazy, and really should be sectioned”) to post his anti-Semetic crap. And I’m a spy and a traitor for daring to expose this. He seems to miss the point that at some point common decency should kick in and certain things should be left unsaid. Otherwise there’s nothing stopping me saying that site owner Nuke Lies is most likely the result of frequent copulations between his drunken mother and a herd of goats.

Still if Nuke Lies wants to defend this sort of stuff, then I feel it falls to me to highlight it. Even if it just serves to fuel their paranoia, because clearly they are onto something BIG and I’m being used by my “globalist employers” to bury the truth about nuclear weapons (or the lack thereof, as it were), along with the US Constitution.

Which brings us back to my new favourite anti-Semite, racist and general crazy person, Rerevisionist – a man who seems to think that belief in the endoplasmic reticulum is some sort of conspiracy. Now, you have to understand that as a white South African myself (albeit one born in the UK, but I’ve lived here long enough to make me African dammit!) this topic is somewhat close to my heart.

Staying true to form, Rerevisionist opens up with “As far as I know Jews control South African minerals” (referring no doubt to the Oppenheimer family, who ironically have recently sold their stake in De Beers. I can assure you, you racist pig, that people like Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa are not Jews.) before posting a rant by the leader of the Australian Protectionist Party, calling for sanctions to be reimposed on South Africa, because under the democratic government, led by the ANC, the “Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin.” Which is, of course, complete and utter crap. Unless you’re a rabid right-winger of the (thankfully) late Eugene Terre’blance mold.

Needless to say, the APP is listed by Wikipedia as being a white nationalist party. Exactly the sort of company I expect Rerevisionist to keep. No doubt he’s a registered member of the BNP, or KKK, depending on where he lives. Either way, he is a thoroughly repulsive individual, and as much as he hates it, so is Nuke Lies for allowing Rerevisionist to use his forum to spout his crap.

However, as with all right-wing fuckheads, it’s the comments that make for the best reading.

Somebody calling themselves FirstClassSkeptic, proves himself to be a First Class Idiot by stating “There weren’t any blacks living in South Africa until the Dutch brought them there.

You know that saying about “Rather let people think you’re a complete and utter tappet, than open your mouth and prove them right”? This is a good example. Just go give you a little history lesson to Mr FCS, the Dutch brought Malay slaves to the Cape, just the like English brought Indian slaves to Natal.

Rerevisionist nails his white hood to the mast with the following bit of stupidity:

I don’t know about blacks in South Africa; it was famous for bushmen, I think, rather than ‘negroes’, with a lifestyle rather like Australian aborigines, but there couldn’t have been many of them.

Negroes? Really? Of course, names like Chaka, Dingaan, Cetshwayo, Hintsa, mean absolutely nothing to ignoramuses such as these.

And despite all his blustering protestations, our friend Nuke Lies shows that he’s aligned with them by adding “Wow. That is profound hypocrisy” in reply to Rerevisionist’s comment “You might have missed the point here – that Australian group is a nationalist party, and they are more or less mimicking the rhetoric against South Africa under Apartheid. Why is their call, against anti-white racism, unheeded now?”

It’s exactly the same kind of thinking we see with the religious right in America – they equate the fact that other people are enjoying the same rights they always have, with a loss of their own rights.

Which makes them stupid, as well as insane. Not to mention racist anti-Semites. Yes, I’m looking at you Nuke Lies.

About PsyGremlin

PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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28 Responses to No, Not Racist At All…

  1. swiss1970 says:

    HI. again..Please m8 dont insult jesse/aka nuke lies.. he is a decent guy,his parents arent goats/sheep hearders etc, lol…Yes what he lets on his site is disgusting, but then again they all are to be fair…i suppose he feels obligated to post such rubbish on his site, i believe in karma m8,that silly old tw.t will get his cumuppence in hell when he gets there,(soon i hope). he is an english man (rerevisionist) and should no better, his views are to be honest UNBELIEVEABLE!! if it wasnt such a serious topic ,it would be laughable… he does not represent the english/american view.. just his own crazy thoughts…
    as for jesse, YES he should be aware of what is on his site, but i suppose that comes with experience in life/people, which albiet hes travelled,yet he has no idea how to deal with real life & people in general…
    keep me posted psygremlin…

  2. swiss1970 says:

    im sorry m8 if i offended you, by sticking up for “jesse”, not jeff lol.. i really do agree with everything you have said!!! that asshole rerevision(wat ever) is a disgrace to the english people..i seriously hope he meets the devil. cos u no what,he actually deserves worse, he is a joke on the human race,unfortunately he has the will to wind people up,tho he does disgrace himself in the meantime!!( please ignore spelling mistakes,my keyboard is sticking!!!) i have never ever come across a cochroache (cant spell it ),like revisionist be 4,and i really hope i never have to again,he is totally repulsive,arrogant,idiotic but really fucking senile lol.. needs committing!!!
    has he no morales in life?,or consideration for other people? very confused old man(lonely as well). pathetic..
    HEY tho on another note,jesse,aka nuke lies is a very nice guy,his views are wrong, but thats his own choice!!! if you actually spoke to him personally i think you would agree with me,(tho he doesnt speak to me any more,personal nowt to do with websites.). he is a genuine guy,and it does hurt me to see him slated in public.tho yes it is his own fault.. you can have a decent conversation with him, as long as you antisemetic,zionist,anti gay,anti black person lol..joking,he really is none of that,he only cares about nukes?? what the fuck can they actually do about it anyway,iff its true or false??why waste time worrying?lol hey ho thank fuck im not american!!!,they are such drama queens!!!

    • PsyGremlin says:

      No, not offended at all. My attacks (if that’s the right word) aren’t really directed at him, but at that Rerevisionist scumbag. Although given Jesse’s remarks in the post mentioned below, he doesn’t seem to be much better.

      • swiss1970 says:

        yes i do kind of agree with you, tho i think he doesnt have his own opinions,(damn keyboard still syicking,bear with me lol) , i have noticed that he doesnt really make any statements but just agrees with what that sick fucker (excuse language,but he vexes me!)
        says, like he will be told off if he doesnt,!!! its a real shame,because he is a very intelligent man, a bit radical i agree, but in person he is the most innofensive,and sensitive person i have ever met,which is why im so shocked at his website!!!,
        I just wish he hadnt ,ever let him self go so low as to there level,he doesnt deserve that label (crazies) ,but he brought that on himself!!!
        As for our favorite loon, well he must have had a very sad life in the hitler youth!!!, i would shoot him before i would lower myself to even acknowledge him,,,,

  3. Disseisitus says:

    Ouch, these guys are really the sewer pipe that keeps on giving at the moment. Just had a look round that thread, 1 link later I find this – – I personally regard the flat earth wiki as one of the finest sources of comedy available but this isn’t crazy enough to be amusing while still being crazy enough to be worrying.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      It’s very much a “bottom half of the internet” experience. The sad thing with these people is like you say – their brand of crazy and stupidity isn’t of the amusing variety. It’s just a kind of dull, sullen ignorance of the world around them.

      That said, that link (thank you!) is full of what-the-fuckery.

      FirstClassMoron steps up to the plate again with the classic: “And all of the oldest skeletal remains are of Caucasian. So who where the real ‘native Americans’? According to the bones and the artifacts, the Europeans were here before the Asians.” I think that’s even worse than his “the Dutch brought blacks to South Africa.”

      And as for ewing 2001, he (or she) takes the English language outside and shoots it with this monstrosity of a sentence:

      “Specific transhumanist fascists -turning into bionic fascists mapping out coOpted activists in socNetworks, not linked to any specific culture, having actors in charge “playing politicians” incl. realityTV-Media- “gigs” as in Merkel visiting China and “pleading” for monetary assistance or fake candidates in the USA on behalf of Gingrich vs. Romney pretending democracy is still alive, while one of the biggest lies in history, the alleged nuclear bomb [plus follow-up phony nuclear technology, nuclear medicine etc…] are still circulating for constructed mass anxieties in the brain of mass sheeple.”

      The mind boggles. I suppose their one saving grace is they are at least a small, isolate bunch of lunatics, rather than, say, the crowd at WND. They’d probably be quite at home on Metapedia, or Stormfront, except for the fact that they’re insane.

  4. Norseman says:

    I found this pretty telling:

    NukeLies – Siteadmin
    Rerevisionist – Siteadmin

    Might as well regard it as Andy and Conservative, being that Andy is the site owner and lets Conservative say whatever the fuck he wants with impunity, only because Conservative at one point agreed with Andy’s extremely narrowed view of something. Only in this case, NukeLies admits (more or less) that Rerevisionist’s views are “different”.

    And like Conservapedia, NukeLies will find his forum being populated more and more by like-minded individuals discussing their racist views than his original intention of nuclear hoaxes.

    Wish I could visit South Africa. I’d love to visit a diamond mine, Jew-controlled or not. 😛

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Take you to see the Kimberly Hole, that’s something to see. Just don’t plan on taking home any “souvenirs.” I went to visit a platinum processing plant once and you get weighed going in and weighed going out, and god help you if you put on weight during the visit!

    • swiss1970 says:

      hi i totally agree ,with everything you have said!!! and i have told jesse aka”NUKELIES”,
      THAT his website is no more about nuclear topics,than it is in cookery has been over run by racists,who have found a site that they can shout there vile views, and get away with it…ITS a shame because i no that wasnt his intention,when he created his website…

  5. Kels says:

    Speaking of “oh no not racist at all”, did you see this gem over at Terry’s place? And since it got posted after Terry started moderating comments, it was definitely posted by his choice. Looks like Terry and NukeLies have quite a bit in common.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      wow… just wow. Bickel is a nasty piece of work, I’ve crossed swords with him before, Tonto might (very small might) just be trolling… but as you said, Hurlbut moderated those comments and saw them good.

      • Kels says:

        It keeps getting better, with Terry not advocating genocide in “the usual sense. Guess he’s cool with variations, though.

        • PsyGremlin says:

          Heh, guess who the JT is that egged him along on those comments.

          • swiss1970 says:

            hey it seems NUKE LIES.. has shut its website down?? and Jesse has removed all his videos, its a shame because he really believed in his views and i no he didnt want that racist shit… but im glad because at least ,he wont be ridiculed on line now, its either shut down or hes barred me even further lol…

            • Norseman says:

              Their monthly bandwidth limit is like 5 gigs, so they probably exceeded the amount already. Well, that was the reason before, but now FireFox can’t even find the website anymore…

              Didja know, Rerevisionist has a YT channel? Same handle name.

              • Anonymous says:

                hi norseman…
                thanx for your reply… yes i new that idiot rerevisonist had his own “HITLER YOUTH ” SITE lol, tho i would never view it…its just a shame m8… that was jesses pride and joy, but he destroyed it for him, with his endless barrage of racist remarks!!!, i agree with people having views, thoughts etc, but when they are racist like his,i find it irresponsible to post on line like he has…
                i seriously do feel for jesse at the moment, he has taken the shit for that silly old man, and look what happened…
                thanx m8 for your update…

  6. PsyGremlin says:

    Indeed it does seem to have vanished. Clearly my globalist employers have read my memo and taken steps to avoid this expose of the Truth. I’m not sure if it’s due to bandwidth, however, I mean come on, just how many visitors do those loonies receive? Normally, you get some sort of “bandwidth exceeded” message, but this seems to be the whole site is shut down.

    Maybe Nukelies threw all his toys out of the cot – he seems like that kind of guy – and decided that if he can’t have free speech on his terms, then nobody can. Maybe he realised RRV had been trolling him all along, and left in a huff. Maybe the Anti-Defamation League got hold of him? Who knows. It’s a shame, because take away the racist ranting and they were a rather special kind of crazy.

    Thanks for the heads up on RRV YT account. If I can stomach it, I’ll swing by and see what he has to offer.

    • PsyGremlin says:

      Argh! Just looked at the idiot’s channel and he has videos by David Irving and Nick Griffin up. Say no more.

      • swiss1970 says:

        lol psygremlin… he is a vile person!!!!. but who else can we put down, if idiots like him are still robbing the air we breathe!!!, i find him amusing now, tho very evil …

  7. PsyGremlin says:

    hah! God Like Productions discover Nukelies,

    Hilarity ensues.

    • swiss1970 says:

      hmmm mate he seems to have deleted this post!!!.or maybe just to me, cos he knows who i a am!!, im gutted dont care who no,s jesse is a good guy!!! he was just led astray by idiots.., hes very intelligent man. views radical lol.. but hes so not racist.. psygremlin.. if you ever spoke u would agree…but as for loopy tunes, do you think hes been sectioned????

      oh i hope so lol..
      let me no…

      • PsyGremlin says:

        It’s not gone, but for some reason GLP seem to have blocked a whole bunch of IPs. I have to read them via a proxy.

        • swiss1970 says:

          awww m8, thanx but you no what im so shit on computers, i dont even no how to post a pic yet lol…
          IT is closed down m8, our fave idiot turned on jesse!!!,called him a liar,and said basically jesse was a fraud?, im worse than you for espoinage lol..and he jesse,had decided he had enough,and wont restart his site… its a shame really…
          keep ya posted tho fella lol…even tho its 8.15am in uk… unheard of me bieng alive this early!!!!

          • PsyGremlin says:

            Really? Damn, I would have liked to have seen that. That’s the problem when you have people like RRV hanging around – they have so many crazy toes that sooner or later you’re going to step on one, no matter how you try not to.

            I wonder if the racist objected to Jesse’s “We’re not racist” post?

            • swiss1970 says:

              i really dont no m8, but i did get an email off jesse( tho it wasnt me ok lol).bit of espionage you taught me well !!our fave loopy tune did apolgise to people, little to late,and hey we now cant see the c..t grovel.,because he shut the site down!!!!,apparently jesse cant do it on his own?? i dont no i cant even change the time on my laptop lol…
              but i do feel sorry for jesse… look what that idiot did to him,not only his website,but his credibility!!(ok i no your gonna say something about his credibility).. as you say tho to many toes etc lol..

  8. artsey says:

    Absent comments about the nukelies site owners mental state or mixed specis heritage a couple of months ago I rationaly pointed out some simple mistakes he had about shadows in some pictures used to dispute the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima (I posted before I was approved for posting so the posts are not visible). “bridge shadows I pointed out were soot deposited by winds from the firestorm after the bomb. “Wheel shadows wrong way around” I pointed out could be simply proved to be right way around by simply cutting out a paper wheel and duplicating the shadow. “Shadow of mushroom cloud in wrong place” (the bomb was dropped in the morning so the shadow “shoud” not have been directly below the bomb cloud) I pointed out this was incorrect because the shadow was not cast by the sun on the bomb cloud because the bomb was so bright that all light in the video was from the bomb itself and the shadow under the blast cloud was cast by the lower part of the cloud illuminated by the brighter upper part of the cloud. I also pointed out that the same effect could be seen in other bomb videos and pictures. As he has now closed the site I think I can take credit for posting some reasonable dispute that showed him how he was mistaken about what he obviously considered to be compelling evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh god are these fruit loops at it again under a different forum??. they are just brainwashed delusionals.. there is so much evidence that how can it possibly be made up..
      i just cant comprehend there existence in life??, cruelty, murder, bombs etc.. happened get over it. no matter what rasce,creed sexuality etc.. its still absolutley unforgiveable.. these idiots have never got the concept of true life and live behind computer screens.. there not worth the time of day, they are more evil than they realise…

  9. Werner Coetzee says:

    “Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin.” This is true. Not only for Afrikaners, but all European-looking groups; and to a lesser extent other non-black minorities and foreign black Africans. Please research this in more depth. We need all the international awareness we can get.

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