Well, at least we know where Andrew gets it from

So… Phyllis Schlafly, mother of Conservapedia founder Andrew, was promoting her new book on American Family Radio. That’s probably the ideal platform for Ma Schlafly, given her stance on homosexuality, abortion, the fact that women should stay at home and have babies (ignoring the irony of saying this, while she was out earning an income, being the US’s conservative moll) and stating that marital rape doesn’t exist, because a wife cannot say “no” to her husband. Given that she openly campaigned against the equal rights amendment and the AFA seem to be against women’s voting rights, it would appear as if she’s right at home there. You have to remember, the AFA are the guys who think that Jesus’ teachings show he was in favour of the Second Amendment.

Like her son, Phyllis doesn’t much like President Obama. It probably stems back to all the money she spent on getting Andrew is Harvard education, on to have that nasty affirmative action student go on to be president of the HLR… not to mention President of the USA. All this while her son teaches home-schooled children in a church basement. Yes, I can understand Phyllis being bitter.

That doesn’t excuse her, however, for lying like a cheap rug.

You see, she was on the radio to talk about her new book “No Higher Power” which claims that President Obama is attempting to remove Christianity from the public space. Clearly, Ma Schlafly is not only unaware of the whole “separation of church and state” thing, but is prepared to lie to make her case.

In the first instance, she claims that President Obama drops the word “Creator” every time quotes from the Declaration of Independence. All she’s doing here is repeating the crap spouted by Christian historian David Barton, which has been refuted (or refudiated if you prefer) countless times in the past. As Ma Schlafly said:

For example, every time he quotes from the Declaration of Independence, he omits the word “Creator.” That’s very strange; we all know what the Declaration says and he just omits that.

Every time? Really?

A quick Google search shows me of at least six occasions in 2010 alone, where Obama quotes the DoI, including the words “endowed by their Creator:

One has to wonder – can people really be this ignorant of the facts, even now, or are they simply engaging in an outright pattern of lying, in order to push their anti-Obama agenda?

Not to be outdone, Ma Schlafly’s host, Tim Wildmon, joins in the lie:

W: I remember the first year he was in the office, he did not recognize the National Day of Prayer in a proclamation – oh, excuse me, he didn’t have any kind of public ceremony …

S: That’s right, he didn’t have anything at the White House, which all the other presidents have done and he said he would pray in private.

No, that’s not right. The National Day of Prayer was only created in 1952 and to date, the only President to actually host anything is George W Bush, who believed that God told him to invade Iraq, which makes you wonder just how effective the Prayer Days really are. For that matter, I think the Bible is full of anecdotes about how Christians are supposed to pray quietly and show off their religion to all and sundry. One wonders who’s calling it right here?

However, Ma Schlafly doesn’t stop there, but rather decides to plunge head-first into mindless stupidity. She said the following:

You were talking a minute ago about Arlington Cemetery; if you haven’t been there, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of all the crosses there and I just wonder if the day is going to come when they want to take down all those crosses.

Ok, let me pause for a moment to show you some pictures of Arlington Cemetery:

Now, there’s two possibilities here:

Firstly, maybe I’m looking at a different part of Arlington Cemetery… the part that doesn’t have crosses, or secondly Ma Schlafly has been caught in yet another lie.

You see, Schlafly has dredged up an old urban legend – dating back to at least 2003, according to Snopes.com- which lays the blame for removing the crosses on the ACLU. Not only that, but the original photograph accompanying the mail, shows a war cemetery in France, over which the ACLU has no juristiction anyway. That’s not to say the ACLU haven’t been to court over having crosses removed – the two best known cases are the crosses in the Mojave Desert and on Mount Soledad. However, in both these cases the crosses were neither headstones, nor located in a federal cemetery.

So, it’s bad enough when you have to resort to bare-faced lying to try and make a point, but when you can’t even do some rudimentary fact-checking to give your lie some semblance of credibility… well, that’s just pathetic.

Still, at least now we now know where Andrew Schlafly picked up his habit of spouting utter crap as fact from.

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