If you film it, they will riot

So… a bunch of allegedly Christian – although the producer apparently passed himself off as being Jewish, which can hardly have helped matters – fuckwits have produced a film that portrays Islam, and the Prophet Mohammed, in a bad light. Sadly, a section of the worldwide Muslim community reacted in a depressingly predictable manner – rioting, damaging property and murdering people completely unrelated to the film.

I say sadly, because this is exactly the kind of response the film’s makers wanted. It’s given the opportunity for smug, bigoted Christians to sit back, point fingers and say, “See? There weren’t any Christians rioting and burning things when “The Last Temptation of Christ” came out!” And they have a valid point… as long as you ignore things like Christians murdering abortion doctors, and threatening teenager Jessica Ahlquist with rape and death, for daring to stand up for her constitutional rights. Given the nature of the people associated with the film – Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (a Coptic Christian, passing himself off as an Israeli-American) and Steve Klein (a wingnut who stalks “radical Muslims” in the USA, and whose groups have been branded hate groups by the SPLC), the rioting was the perfect result of their actions. Not only does it prove the perverted point they were trying to make – which, incidentally, means that the blood of the American ambassador and the others who were murdered is on their hands – but suddenly their z-grade movie has been catapulted into the worldwide headlines, granting it about a billion times more exposure that is deserves.

Of course, the precedent was there. That’s probably one of the reasons why insane preacher Terry Jones – the man who burnt copies of the Qu’ran and hung an effigy of Obama outside his church – jumped on board. We only have to remember the fatwa issued on Salman Rushdie for “The Satanic Verses” – although I have to admit, I can’t say I’m opposed to it. Anybody who writes something that awful does not deserve to live – and the ructions over the Mohammed cartoons.

However, this is not a case of “Islam bad.” It’s a case of people being manipulated to serve somebody else’s agenda. I’m willing to bet, of all those people rioting in Egypt and Libya and Yemen and Sudan, most of them didn’t even know why they were rioting, and certainly hadn’t seen the film. All that most of them knew – probably imparted by the imams at their mosque – was that America had once again insulted Islam. Why else attack the embassies, when the US government had nothing to do with it… unless you believe certain Tea Party morons, who genuinely believe that this was a false flag operation by Obama? The countries involved are hardly the US’s friends at the best of times, and there will always be a mob out there somewhere, ready to be manipulated.

The situation can’t be helped when dribbling idiots like Mitt Romney – the man who might just be the next President – jumps feet-first into the fray, by accusing the Obama administration of “apologizing for our values.” These “values” being a religiously insensitive movie, designed to spark outrage, and which the Egyptian embassy was condemning, in an effort to prevent the riot taking place.

Yet, you might well ask why it is that a section of Muslim society is so intolerant. Why are they the ones doing the killing and burning, and not Christians, or Jews, when something offends them? Actually, let me exclude the Jews from this. Their disproportionate assault on Palestine puts them on the naughty step too.

There’s several reasons why radical Muslims are so intolerant:

  • They’re raised in a culture that shuns external influences
  • They’re raised to believe that their religion is the only religion that matters and everybody else are infidels
  • Authority is wielded by people with religious power, who claim to speak on behalf of God, and who demand unquestioning obedience
  • Religion permeates every aspect of day to day life; the whole concept of “Insha’Allah”, praying 5 times a day, treating their women like shit, etc
  • What education they have – and it’s generally very little – is geared around hammering the doctrines of their faith into their heads

I’m not saying that’s a comprehensive list, it’s just how I see it.

The problem is, this is exactly the kind of society the religious right in the US envisions for themselves. Change “infidels” to “liberals” and “Insha’Allah” to “God willing” and you have the fundie utopia: poorly educated people; raised in a system where religion trumps science; taught to sit down, shut up and believe what your elders tell you; ruled by people who genuinely believe God is speaking to them; and everything else is just liberal multiculturism, or atheist lies, and can be ignored.

Given the current attitude of these people towards homosexuals, women and “people who don’t think like us,” we can only hope that their utopia never comes to fruition.

Because that would be the dead of tolerance.

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PsyGremlin is a former Conservapedia sysop (although the position was earned nefariously), stand up comedian, DJ, and is currently a self-employed financial adviser, who impersonates a responsible adult at least 5 days a week. However, highlighting and poking fun at the crazies out there remains his first love. Well besides pork crackling. And custard. And cricket.
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2 Responses to If you film it, they will riot

  1. artsey says:

    As long as you’re talking about it you might as well know the facts. The eastern roman empire stood when the western roman empire fell due to the successfull eastern rebelion. The east and the koran has taught its people that “the west” is an enemy to be feared and shuned ever since. They’re fighting an imaginary enemy that fell a thousand years ago. They were the hight of cilvilization until the industrial revolution in the west. Then we, who they had seen for a thousand years as dark ages degenerates, reappear with steamships and mass produced firearms. It would be like australian aboriginees suddenly appearing in America with starships and warp drive. We wouldn’t be very happy about it. Especially if rich aboriginee oil companies colluded with rich Americans to force us to sell the only thing we have to sell at cut rate prices and foment turmoil and death to prevent the non rich from doing anything about it. Just ask a simple question. Where’s all the money coming from for all that turmoil? Who gains? The oil companies gain. Turmoil in the east, price at the pump goes up. Oil prices go down and price at the pump goes up “to compensate for lost income”. And we all buy it. It’s a false flag attack alright and the real attacker who pays for it has fooled everyone.

  2. Summer Seale says:

    Agreed with most of what you wrote this time, except the part about Rushdie and Israel.

    I actually really enjoy reading Rushdie. Also, Israel doesn’t “attack” Palestinians for religious reasons. The religious morons in Israel would, of course, very much like for that to happen, but it hasn’t happened. Israel is a mostly secular society, if you believe the figures (and living here now, I can attest that my anecdotal evidence says very much the same – depending on the areas in which you happen to be). Israel is, by and large, a multi-cultural society. You don’t only have Jews serving in the military or living and working in society. You also have Muslims, lots of atheists/agnostics, Baha’i (here in Haifa, at least), Buddhists, Hindus, and others. While Israel is a “Jewish” state, and the majority religion is “Jewish”, you would be very surprised that most people here can’t even define what a “Jew” is, other than having been born to Jewish parents, or having converted. And even the converted part sparks outrageous debates.

    Remember that Israel was founded mostly by openly declared atheists. Theodore Herzl, the man who wrote the paper on Zionism and started the official movement, was an open atheist. He absolutely loathed religion and even religious people. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, was not only an atheist, but a leftist communist as well. There were, naturally, some religious people, but almost none of the religious orthodox minded took part. In fact, it was the left and atheist/secular/agnostic Jews who made Israel “happen” – the religious were vitriolic in their opposition of a “Jewish state” and literally declared it to be a “blasphemy” against the Torah. There is a very famous book and film which highlights this divide, based on the life experience of Chaim Potok, called “The Chosen”.

    In fact, the orthodox had absolutely no regard for Israel until after 1967, when Israel took the West Bank and Gaza strip. Suddenly, the ultra-orthodox saw a chance to try to live out their messianic biblical dreams – most of them still not serving a moment of time in Israel’s military, and using Israel for their own ends. Most Israelis do not support them or approve of them. There is, in fact, a huge debate now going on in this country where the military is demanding service from the religious just as anyone else.

    Most Israelis are absolutely fed up with the ultra-orthodox for various reasons. They don’t pay taxes, many don’t work and receive welfare from the state, and almost none serve in the military. To top it off, they try to tell everyone else what to do when they contribute literally almost nothing to society.

    Unfortunately, because of their birthrate (due absolutely no contraceptive use whatsoever – just like in the Muslim world), they are rapidly growing and becoming a real thorn in the side. I dare say that it will not be long before they are given a set of ultimatums about their parasitic way of life in this country. Because of this, they have started to push back in political ways and play all sorts of dirty little tricks to try to enforce their own rules in different places in this country – none of which are appreciated by the public at large. I believe that this will ultimately show in a very drastic way during the next election.

    However, putting all of that aside, Israel is not a state looking to kick out Palestinians for “religious reasons”. The situation with the Palestinians is far more complicated than that and does involve religious hatred, but not so much from the Israeli side. Most Israelis would rather not actually go to the military. To them, it’s a real pain in the ass which they are forced to endure for decades of their lives, on and off, and they prefer doing other things that we prefer doing as well.

    It would be rather nice if the Palestinians actually got their act together and figured out what they actually want to do with themselves. As it stands, there isn’t anyone for Israel to make peace with. They’ve tried with Abu Mazen, but he speaks for a minority of Palestinians and has almost no power outside of his enclaves. The people who hold political power are the Hamas, who refuse to recognize Israel for entirely religious reasons, and therefore are not exactly worth talking to. So I’m not sure that Israel *can* actually do anything for the moment, aside from bide it’s time and wait for the Palestinians to figure out as a nation where they actually want to go. The sad fact is that I think it will take a real all out Palestinian civil war to settle the issue before they can ever actually get to making a real deal with Israel. While I don’t exactly have much sympathy for the Palestinians at this point, I don’t exactly relish for them to endure that sort of event. But regardless of how I feel about it, or anyone else for that matter, I don’t think it’s avoidable – just as confronting the growing religious community is what Israel will soon have to do.

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