More Christian Bigotry and Crocodile Tears

I see the right-wing, fuck-head, fundie media is up in arms again. They’re bleating, pounding their chests and making the most of their deep-seated persecution complex… and all because – so they say – a group of Christians came under attack for exercising their precious First Amendment right to act like a complete prick.

Now, if you believe sites like World Net Daily, Legalize Jesus, and Radical Islam, the poor little Christians were merely professing their faith in public. The problem is the public place just happened to be the Dearborn Arab Festival. As a result of this, they were pelted with stones, bottles and eggs, by the Muslim participants of the festival. There was also pushing and shoving involved.

Now, once again, I’m not condoning the reaction of those members of the Muslim community who responded to these so-called Christians (although I think “hate-filled bigots” is a far better  title for these morons) with violence. Sometimes it is best to turn the other cheek – if nothing else, it gives you the moral high ground.

However, what were these poor, pious, persecuted Christians doing that brought the wrath of Allah down upon them?

Well, rather than doing a little pious preaching, these bigots – apparently members of the anti-Islam group “Bible Believers” – seemingly set out to provoke the Muslim community. How else can you explain banners such as “Islam is a religion of blood and murder” and “Muhammad is a liar, false prophet, murder, child molesting pervert.” Oh yes, and let’s not forget the pig’s head on a stick and the shouts of “You’re going to burn in hell!”

And one wonders why the targets of their hatred reacted as they did. Instead of using the opportunity to engage with people different to you, they went out of their way to a) prove that they are mindless, hate-filled bigots and b) provoke a sadly predicable response.

And yet, they bleat that their First Amendment rights were being infringed. Well hello… there is such a thing as hate speech, and this qualifies. In fact, what they did is something akin to pitching up at a Holocaust memorial, wearing a “Hitler was awesome!” T-shirt.

For that matter, I wonder how these mindless, inbred fuck-heads would react if somebody turned up at their church, wearing a “There is no God” T-shirt?

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