It’s Only Free Speech If We Like What You Say

Only the rabid racist right-wing fuck-heads over at “news” agency World Net Daily, could start an article with “Well, it’s Free Speech Week” and then go on to say why everybody in the media who says things they disagree with should be tried for treason.

Admittedly, most of my time in looking at WND has focused on their racist conspiracy-theorist-in-chief, Jerome Corsi, and his ever-more bizarre claims about Obama. I see we’ve moved on from Obama is a Marxist Kenyan, to Obama is the illegitimate child of Frank Lloyd Wright, to Obama is a drug-dealer and Obama has a secret gay life. Of course, chief whack-job, Joseph Farah, is quite happy to keep Corsi around, because he gets to sell Corsi’s books and he attracts fellow bottom-feeders to Farah’s little KKK hate-blog.

So it comes as something of a relief that I can have a look at another of WND’s contributors – Erik Rush, a man I would describe as ‘well-balanced” only because he appears to have a chip on both shoulders. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the man, he’s a black conservative pundit, and former club musician (which gives him about as much credibility as Chuck Norris, when it comes to commentating on conservative issues), whose claim to fame seems to be that he broke the story of Obama’s link to nutty Rev. Wright. Now, please don’t get me wrong – I’m not being disparaging of Rush because he happens to be a black man on the side of a bunch a people who would probably lynch him, given half the chance.

I’m being disparaging of Rush because he’s a twisted little moron, who, like most right-wing fuck-tards, doesn’t understand his own Constitution and certainly doesn’t understand the concept of “freedom of speech.”

In his latest barely-coherent piece on WND, Rush makes the usual, unfounded right-wing claim that freedom of speech is under attack. Remember, he’s saying this on a site that has just published an “article” insinuating that the President is gay (because in the twisted conservative world, that’s as bad as keeping your daughter in an Austrian basement and raising a family with her) and in a country where the Supreme Court said that Fred Phelps and his spawn have the right to act like sub-human scum at the funerals of the country’s military heroes. Just once, I want one of these paranoid fuckheads to actually show a clear, concise example of where their freedom of speech is being infringed.

Likewise, I have yet to see a single example of how “progressives have “progressed” America dangerously close to being a Marxist-socialist nation.” It’s the same vapid, ignorant, stupid comments I have seen from umpteen vapid, ignorant, stupid right-wing idiots. Not one of which has provided a single example – not only of the Marxist take-over, but also of the fact that they even know what the definition of Marxist is.

It’s from here, however, that Rush takes leave of reality. Firstly, he plants himself in a world where Romney wins the election and America needs to be rebuilt… from the disaster brought about by the last Republican regime, I should add. Rush laments the fact that mainstream media has been taken over by ideological liberals and socialists and has therefore “disqualified itself as the impartial government watchdog it once was.” Given that Rush is writing for “OMG-Obama-Is-Every-Bad-Under-The_Sun-Including-AIDS-And-Athlete’s-Foot Daily”, one has to wonder just what Rush considers an “impartial government watchdog” to be?

In fact, he goes on to suggest that the media’s relationship with Obama amounts to “treasonous collusion.” Of course, this would imply that Rush does not consider Obama to be the democratically elected President of his country – something which in itself, could be seen as treasonous. What example does he give of this “treasonous collusion?” Candy Crowley’s interjection during the second debate, where Rush’s golden boy, Romney, was lying to such a degree that the moderator of the debate had to step in with some fact-checking. Unprecedented? Maybe. Warranted? Certainly. Given how the GOP have built a campaign on lies – both Romney and Ryan – one would think it’s a good thing that the media is calling them out on it.

But no. Conservatives like Rush are so twisted that they cannot possibly see how their golden boys can do any wrong. A glaring example of this is the fall-out after Ryan was caught staging a fake photo-op at a soup kitchen. Rather that have a dip at Ryan for the cheap – and dishonest – publicity shop, they chose instead to withhold funding from the soup kitchen in question. Once again, good Christian values on display.

Rush goes on to claim that the action of a pro-Obama press are “seditious, anti-American policies” – mostly because they don’t agree with his own twisted mind-view. Then again, we are talking about a man who calls Glenn “Obama’s taking 34 warships with him to India” Beck a “nascent media mogul,” so it’s fairly clear that the man clearly has no sense of judgement.

What makes his post doubly laughable – in the light of his bleating about his freedom of speech being eroded is that he goes on to say “I believe it will be necessary to codify – or reaffirm – the nature of crimes against the Constitution and the American people. In this manner, we can thwart the designs not only of the press, but all global socialists operating in America.

In other words, we must take away the freedom of speech of people Rush deems to be anti-American, i.e. everybody he think are liberals, or socialists… but they’re the same to him anyway. At no point in his rant do we get a clearer insight into what passes for his mentality – everybody who doesn’t think as he does, is the enemy, and must be silenced. Of course, according to Rush, this is all set out in the God-given rights in the Constitution (which clearly Rush either hasn’t read, or doesn’t understand) and Rush and his ilk should therefore be able to silence everybody who disagrees with their point of view.

However, he gives us another glimpse into his sordid little mind at the end – he advocates the open political disenfranchisement of “liberals, progressives, socialists and Marxists” because in his world, why should people who don’t think and vote like him, have a voice or a vote.They are only interested in rights for themselves and those who think like them.

There’s a word for people who think like that – fascist.

One bright light, however, is in the comments section, where – for once – the bottom half of the internet, Farah’s usual drooling fans, haven’t come out in support of Rush’s drivel. Instead, it would appear as if Rush is being roundly condemned. Until, of course, WND censor the comments…

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