Same Old Story

“I can sell you lies
You can’t get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone, anyone, anyone (Chvrches, Lies)

So… Ray Comfort has a new documentary out, called “Evolution vs. God.” As Bananaman himself describes it:

What do scientists from top universities say when they are asked to give the most compelling evidence they can for Darwinian Evolution? This special video download contains some of today’s most explicit “proof” that evolutionism is a religious belief—and the evidence comes from interviews of several of Charles Darwin’s leading modern disciples! An amazing look at modern-day atheism.

Needless to say, Comfort’s fellow charlatans in Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron and Ron Fathauer are all creaming their pants over it, as they engage in sycophantic mutual masturbation. Pride of place to go to Fathauer, who claims:

Dawkins will have a cow.

Yeah. From laughing.

Now, I’ve experienced one of his video efforts before – Genius, which was supposed to be about John Lennon, but which boiled down to Ray doing his usual trick of asking people if they think they’re good, and then telling them they’re going to hell because they’ve told a lie. It was awful, almost unwatchable, and I was pretty sure that we’d be in for more of the same. However, given ray penchant for quote mining individuals, not to mention selective editing of their comments, I downloaded a pirated copy (because I’ll be damned if I give that charlatan a cent), made sure every flat surface around me was well padded and braced myself to watch it.

Evolution Vs God Part 1.mp4Now the first thing that you might notice from the screen grab above, is the fact that Ray clearly hasn’t heard of lapel mikes. Probably because they take too long to put on, and I’m fairly sure Ray conducts his “interviews” half expecting to have to make a hasty exit when somebody finally explodes upon being confronted by his combination of ignorance, stupidity and downright deceitfulness. Instead, we’re exposed to clip after clip of Ray jabbing a big, phallic microphone in people’s faces.

I knew before the video was released that PZ Myers was going to be one of the interviewees, and judging by his reaction to the final product, it certainly seems that by his own standards Comfort had better pack a pair of asbestos undies when he finally shuffles off this mortal coil:

Comfort came to me asking for the evidence for evolution. The way it went is that he would a) ask for evidence, b) I would give him an example (like the research on sticklebacks or bacteria), c) Comfort would raise an irrelevant objection (they’re still fish! They’re still bacteria!), and d) I would explain why his objection was invalid, and how his expectations of the nature of the evidence were wrong. Somehow, though, in the movie (d) always ended up on the cutting room floor, so that he could announce in all of his promotional materials and in the movie itself that I was unable to provide any evidence for evolution.

So yeah, more quote mining and selective editing from a fundie. Why am I not surprised. Still, knowing what to expect, let’s press ‘play.’

Ok, so we start off with said microphone being shoved into people’s faces (including PZ Myers’) whilst they are asked is they are atheists. When one guy hesitates, Ray prompts him by asking “Are you leaning that way (towards atheism) because of evolution?” Because that is, after all, the crux of this effort – for Ray to feel good by pointing out that evolution is the cause of atheism.

Wait… that was weird. We suddenly get the following up on screen:

“Live Science” says of Darwinian evolution: It can turn dinosaurs in birds, apes into humans and amphibious mammals in whales.

Of course, this is once again selective quote mining from Comfort. A quick search on their website, reveals the full paragraph:

Natural selection can change a species in small ways, causing a population to change color or size over the course of several generations. This is called “microevolution.”

But natural selection is also capable of much more. Given enough time and enough accumulated changes, natural selection can create entirely new species. It can turn dinosaurs into birds, apes into humans and amphibious mammals into whales.

This was written in December, 2012, and I’m pretty sure they they realised it was a pretty bad “lie to children” because in an article dated February, 2013, they specifically go on to state that:

Humans did not evolve from apes, gorillas or chimps. We are all modern species that have followed different evolutionary paths, though humans share a common ancestor with some primates, such as the African ape.

So we’re 1:15 in (including the opening title) and we’re already quote mining.

I’ll finish updating this once I’ve brought myself to finish watching, because it’s already driven me to drink.

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