Bryan Fischer sees being a lesbian as an abuse of power…

… or something.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Bryan Fischer, he’s a fantastically bigoted and homophobic wingnut, who’s currently the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the equally loathsome “American Family Association.”

Just go give you a potted summary of what this creature thinks his version of politics and Christianity are all about, here’s a few examples:

  • Fischer thinks that Anders Behring Breivik’s analysis of the Muslim threat to Europe is “accurate” – although equally ironically, he goes on to call Breivik a “jihadist” for killing 80 people. Presumably because in what passes for Fischer’s mind, a fundamentalist Christian cannot be a terrorist.
  • The US’s First Amendment doesn’t apply to Muslims. Or Mormons, for that matter. As this dipshit says,

“The First Amendment was written by the Founders to protect the free exercise of Christianity. They were making no effort to give special protections to Islam.,The Founders were not writing a suicide pact when they wrote the First Amendment.”

  • Of course, as with most so-called people of Christ, it’s when he turns to homosexuality, that his true bigotry comes to the fore. He’s called for is to be criminalised, with compulsory reparative therapy for gays, and has basically spouted the worst kind of bigotry associated with the kind of homophobe who is one day caught in a public toilet, blowing a well-built young man. Time will tell.

Fischer is also one of those idiots whose need to express his outrage often comes at the expense of engaging his brain. Following the news that Texas governor, Rick Perry, had been indicted for “abusing his power” – something I thought most politicians did naturally – Fisher took to Twitter, to express his outrage… er… not at thew finding, but at the sexuality of the DA, Rosemary Lehmberg, prosecuting the case:

Twitter_BryanJFischer_I_ve_just_received_credible_..._-_2014-08-16_09.10.55I’m not going to go into the background of the case; you can read a good summary here, but the basics are the following:

  • Lehmberg, a Democrat, was arrested for DUI
  • Perry, claiming she had lost the confidence of her electorate, demanded she resign her post
  • Lehmberg refused, (rightly) realising that Perry would appoint her successor, and as her department included the Public Integrity Unit, which investigates the ethical breaches of state politicians, didn’t feel like ensuring control of this went to another Perry crony
  • Perry first threatened, and then withheld funding from the Public Integrity Unit, using his personal veto to “zero out the Public Integrity Unit’s budget.” It seems that in Texas, even the dick moves are bigger.

However, one has to wonder – outside of his being a bigoted fucktard, that is – just how an entire Grand Jury handing down an indictment, is an abuse of power by a woman? Even if she is a lesbian. For that matter, the sleazebag makes it sound as if he’s done some super sleuthing and uncovered evidence that she bats for the other team. Of course, all Fischer had to do is turn to Google to find that Ms Lehmberg has been proudly out for years – going back to 2008, as my own brief sleuthing could find.

Then again, we already know his opinions about homosexuality, but it seems our finest mind of the 14th century, also isn’t too keen on women holding public office, or being in the military, preferring them – as with most conservative idiots – to be convenient breeding machines for the menfolk. So, naturally, one can envision a bigot like Fischer frothing at the mouth, when confronted with an uppity, gay woman pulling the rug from beneath a pillar of the conservative movement. Then again, if somebody like Rick Perry is indeed a pillar of the conservative movement, then they have far bigger problems that seeing some of their stars falling foul of the law.

But what is interesting is that Fischer doesn’t say just what abuse of power Lehmberg has committed. For him, just being a lesbian – or most likely, a woman – in a position of authority, is an abuse of power for him, because in his bigoted, backwards mind, they have no right to be there. Then again, his own “credible” source has let him down. Besides being the catalyst for Perry’s comeuppance, Lehmberg had nothing to do with the Grand Jury indictment – that being lead by court-appointed special prosecutor Michael McCrum.


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