The Latest Obama Manufactroversy

I’ve lost count of the ways the dribbling idiots over on the rabid religious right in the U.S. have found ways to display their hatred for the Black Man in the White House. From the birth certificate, to him being a Muslim, to him coming for your guns, to FEMA death camps, to death panel on Obamacare, to conjuring up Hurricane Sandy to win the 2012 election… the list really is endless. And all it is with these mindless bigots is that it’s just an indication that they have no interest in – nor, for that matter, do they understand – Obama’s policies, it’s an almost visceral hatred for somebody who doesn’t look like them and therefore by default, everything he does or says or enacts must be bad.

The problem is that we’re coming to the end of his 8-year term and all the stuff they’ve been howling about hasn’t even come to pass. Hell, the government hasn’t even served wing-nut tax dodger Cliven Bundy a summons yet. Let alone go after the gun-mad idiots that flocked down to Bundy’s ranch, to point their weapons at Federal officers. Although they were all white. Given the recent history coming out of America, if that had been a stand-off with black citizens, people would have died. So, so much for martial law, etc, etc. This means that – outside of their own perceived persecution complexes, the rabid right actually have nothing valid to rant about. So they’re casting the net wider – and in more disgusting ways.

Firstly, we had the whole “Michelle Obama” is / used to be a man bullshit. No really.  Because Obama’s totally gay of course, and therefore could never marry a woman, even for appearances, and so makes to with a (I assume) post-op trans man. This despite him being a closet Muslim Manchurian candidate, who’s so devoted to faith that he even practices that sneaky taqiyya thing they supposedly do, where they can eat port and drink alcohol, to stay in character. Then again, logic never has been the strong point of these maniacs.

But even that wasn’t enough. Now they’ve directed their malice towards the Obama’s two children – Sasha and Malia. Possibly building on from the “Michelle is a man” fucktardery, somebody has been thinking, well if she’s a man, where did those two girls come from? They must be adopted! It didn’t take long before the name of birther extraordinaire and walking piece of shit Orly Taitz turned up either. And of course, she would never go after the children, she’s “just asking questions.”

Which reminds me – Orly, do you give $2 blowjobs round the back of Mid-Western truckstops? Oh, I’m not going after you, I’m just asking a question.

Here she is in an e-mail actually dating back to December: December 2nd, 2013 @ 7:15 am

Nobody is going after the children. It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents? For example, media questioned, whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate. Media reported on adoption of McCain’s second daughter Bridget, on adoption of Romney’s grand children, on birth of two of Romney’s grand children by a surrogate, why not provide an explanation, why there are no birth records of Malia and Sasha Obama in national databases, while all the other records are there. This is particularly of interest, as it was shown that Barack Obama is using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What is going on?

Yes, as always with the maniac, it’s all about the birth certificates. “I can’t find them, there must a conspiracy!” Of course, now that Obama is Pres, all his and his family’s records are sealed, so it’s wonder that she can’t find anything. Apparent, Taitz is also claiming that Sasha was adopted from Morocco… according to a nameless supporter, who worked in the U.S. Embassy there at the time the supposed adoption took place.

This genius even went as far as to search and and because he couldn’t find anything on there, there’s evidently some cover up. Especially as there are no pictures of the Obamas with young children, or of a pregnant Michelle. And the main reason for that is; WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THERE BE, WHEN THEY WEREN’T EVEN IN PUBLIC LIFE AT THAT POINT??? Where are the baby pictures of Dubbya’s twins for that matter? Or a pregnant Laura? Or a pregnant Barbara Bush? Maybe George was rescued from a Romanian orphanage?

Then a picture does show up, of the Obamas walking Malia as a baby:

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia ObamaI bet you know already what the response to this photo is going to be, right?

I’m no photoshop expert, but the figures of Mooch and Barry look too sharply delineated from the background.

 But the real point of this post is to highlight what the rank and file Teabaggers are saying about this. So I donned my hard hat, made sure my desk was well padded, and headed into that cesspool of bigotry, batshit insanity and home of every conspiracy under the sun, the Tea Party Community. And it was every bit as bad as I expected. Under a post headlined: “Evidence Emerges That Michelle Obama Never Birthed Malia And Sasha” – which linked to an article that contained absolutely no evidence at all – there were the following gems:

  •  Fake US citizen Usurper-in-Chief goes hand-in hand with fake family
  • They didn’t have the technology for males to give birth when those girls were born!
  • The sad fact is, nothing about this family is real, and OBAMA has spent millions on Lawyers to keep every shred of documentation hidden or suppressed. Just as there was always rumor about JFK and Jackie it took fifty years before any real testimony emerged that she’d any light on both parties sexual escapades. I don’t think we will ever know the truth about Obama but given who birthed him and who raised him we can be sure it will be tawdry.
  • They seem worse than the Adams Family, nothing normal about them. No photo ops of any family life. Not even a smidgen
  • Obamacare denied medical care to many children of the non elite that makes them fair game, they need to know the POS their parents really are PERIOD
  • This asshole Muslim is an exception to my rules, if he can Taqiyya, so can I PERIOD He attacked our kids via Common Core, Stupid school lunch programs by someone not even a nutritionist, Forcing LGBT BS on our kids in schools, Promoting Allah in kindergarten. YES he attacked our kids.
  • I have said for years that there are only a couple of photos of the girls when younger. And those only after he started his move in politics. There is not one photo of Michelle while preg nor any of the girls before the age of about 4. I don’t know if they are really their kids or not…but it would not surprise me if they are not.
  • Mooch is a tranny, Obama is a fag… Kids were adopted. Jeremiah Wright sets it up with his DOWN LOW Club.

When your support base is this fucked in the head, it’s no wonder vile creatures like Orly Taitz still get to peddle their bullshit. Haters gonna hate.

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  1. stevieb says:

    Hahahaha! Boy- are you in for a shock! Notice nobody wants to bite on your mountain of horsepoo?

    • PsyGremlin says:

      I’m assuming there’s a point to your drivel, or do you just bang the keyboard randomly and post what comes up?

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