Ray Comfort’s World of Wonder

Either Ray Comfort really is a complete ignoramus, with absolutely no understanding of how the world around him actually works, or he is a first-class fraud, happily pissing on the pig-ignorance of his flock and treating them with the contempt they deserve. Sadly, I feel the latter the true, because I find it hard to believe that somebody can be so consistently, fantastically stupid, as still manage to get where Comfort has. Then again, Louie Gohmert is in Congress, and might even be the next Speaker of the House, so who the hell knows?

I haven’t followed Comfort that closely of late, because, let’s face it, there’s only only so much stupid a person can face, and after his last “movie” turned out to be an almost exact replica of every other “movie” he’s ever done, it’s clear the man is a one-trick-pony, whose sole interest is fleecing his gullible flock for money, and has no interest in converting the non-believer. The only way Comfort could really become interesting, is if he followed in his little partner Kirk’s footsteps and started making “proper” movies. I’m sure Ray would have no problem pushing Kirk’s last effort off the top (or bottom, as it were) of the worst movies of all time. Surely, 2 hours of Ray pushing a phallic microphone up to random people’s mouths would be worse than “Saving Christmas,” right? Right?!

Still, one of Ray’s recent posts turned up on my timeline, that displays this apparent complete lack of understanding wonderfully. Not to mention the complete inability to actually make a point. Then again, having seen how his flock respond to whatever Comfort posts on his Facebook page, dribbling and simpering wildly, without ever once going “Hang on…” – then again, any dissent to Ray’s Word is most likely a banable offence these days. One thing Comfort doesn’t like his having his Word questioned:

RayIt’s hard – nay, impossible – to actually derive any sort of meaning from what he said. Starting off from the implication that having faith means happily ignoring the “look left, look right, then look left again” rule we had hammered into us from childhood, to the fact that we might all be insane and so shouldn’t trust ourselves… just a book written by Bronze Age goat herders. Or Ray Comfort, which is an even scarier proposition.

However, it’s his second paragraph that I want to focus on, where he displays yet more ignorance about the world and its workings (stepping up from his “gravity doesn’t exist in space” post from 2014). I find it hard to believe that Comfort and see that familiar “water” mirage on a hot road and firstly not know it’s a mirage and secondly, not know that it has to do with the refractive index of hot air, and the “water” is actually a reflection of the sky, because the hot air at the surface of the road is bending the rays of light reaching it, far more than they would be bent by the cooler air they pass through. Then again – just re-reading that explanation, I can see what passes for Comfort’s brain oozing out of his ears.

Likewise, his idea that the sky being blue is somehow our eyes “fooling” us, whereas, anybody with half a rain knows that it’s because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light, and so that’s what reaches our retinas. Of course, when the sun is close to the horizon, the blue light is scattered too much, hence we see red and orange sunsets and sunrises.

And as for the bit about Australians standing upside-down… well, like I said at the start, there’s only so much stupid you can take.

It’s not magic, it’s not our eyes playing tricks on us, it’s not a sign of dodgy faith and it’s certainly not a sign of insanity.

However, posting shit like this, is a sign of insanity (not to mention Ray’s target audience):

how-do-you-explain-a-sunset-if-there-is-not-god-2Also, THERE!! THERE!!

Oh good grief, I give up.

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