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Normally known as π on RationalWiki. A mathematics PhD student with an unhealthy interest in politics and religion.

Greens Ink

After getting my morning coffee I began flicking through “Australia’s premier broadsheet”, The Australian. In a time when the newspaper industry is losing circulation, ad revenue, cutting staff, cutting page size, and most importantly, losing influence, The Australian is still … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a little bit racist…

The wordpress blog known as WorldNetDaily blew the dog whistle gently today with an article entitled ‘I voted for Obama because’s he’s black’. Not an article as such, just a link to an article on the only website with lower … Continue reading

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Guilt Trip 101

Creation Ministries International’s Question Evolution! contains some dodgy things, besides that the “15 questions evolutionist cannot answer” have in fact been answered. This leaves champion of the cause Ken DeMyer now having to preface it with “15 questions evolutionist can’t … Continue reading

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The new look WND looks suspiciously old

WorldNetDaily has launched its new look website, and well, here it is: Look familiar? Yep it even has the sliding article thing, but unlike Terry’s it works. WND of course had a poll on its new look. Option two was … Continue reading

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WorldNutDaily roundup – belated Christmas Day special

Sorry I have fallen so unbelievably far behind in my postings on WorldNetDaily, but it has been Christmas, and along with all the usual hectic stuff that goes along with that, Wednesday last week I got engaged. My fiancée is … Continue reading

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WorldNutDaily roundup – 20th of December

Due to my incredible slackness last week I am going to be punished with double posting duties. I am will do a bi-daily round-ups of today’s and last week’s as punishment. Last Monday Last Tuesday This Monday This Tuesday

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WorldNutWeakly roundup – 11th of December

In a commitment to blog more often, every Sunday (my time) I will present you dear readers with a round-up of the stupid, the inane, and the ridiculous at WorldNetDaily. This will save you, the reader, from subjecting yourself to … Continue reading

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