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Ken Demyer – Shoot the Teachers!

Wow… just wow. We all know that Ken Demyer, Conservapedia’s resident man-child and the world’s worst debater hates evolution – mostly because he doesn’t understand it – but even by his standards, he’s sunk to a new low. Not content … Continue reading

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A post-Saturnalia QE rant

The Xmas cheer has passed, I’m faced with a week of turkey leftovers, and I’m grumpy. I’m also cross-posting and combining posts I made to another blog, because I’m too full of plum pudding to write anything constructive here at … Continue reading

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I was starting to wonder if the joy of writing about Conservapedia – racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little right-wing hate blog – was fading. After all, lately it’s become home to resident man-child Ken Demyer ever-more insane (and inane) ramblings … Continue reading

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Brian Macdonald Loves Bestiality…

…or at least Ken Demyer’s insane outpourings on the subject. Every time I think Conservapedia couldn’t get any worse, I get proven wrong – a fact that makes me very, very happy. Resident man-child Ken Demyer is still on his … Continue reading

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Stooping ever lower

I’ve spoken at length about Conservapedia sysop Ken Demyer’s bizarre editing habits and his likely descent into some kind of mental disorder. For a long time Ken was happy to merely toy with his “masterpieces” on CP – atheism, evolution … Continue reading

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Ken’s Beautiful Butthurt

Conservapedia’s resident manchild and drooling simpleton, Ken Demyer, aka Conservative, really has his knickers in a twist. Not just content with throwing Rob Smith off Conservapedia for daring to intrude on Ken’s obsessive-compulsive habit of creating essays an 8-year-old would … Continue reading

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Home of the Ideologically Pure

(aka Another One Bites the Dust) So, Rob Smith is dead – in a Conservapedia sense anyway. Yet another sysop who thought that he knew how to run a volunteer wiki project as something other than a personal soapbox, has … Continue reading

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